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16 de novembro de 2019

So far this app is great... will check back in a week to update you all. I have had my campaign set up manually, so after a week I'll try to allow the app to do it automatically.

Keep The Family Close LA
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 1 hora usando o app
4 de agosto de 2019

Just started and just want to wait and see how it goes. The installation went great and there were no problems.

Países Baixos
37 minutos usando o app
Data de edição: 10 de outubro de 2019

Just installed this app for my store which was pretty well explained and easy to do. Just wondering if there could have been a bit more information regarding the ads of the other stores such as: showing one image or multi view... what is the suggestion, what are the effects of either option on my store? Obviously we don’t want to lose potential customers by showing too many ads. I also noticed single view and multi view can be switched off, again... what are the effects that this might have on my own store, by not showing partner ads? I am looking for more than just impressions & would really like to see some visitors coming to my store. I feel like this app is a great addition for my store and will give it a few days to see if it will do the trick. Thank you for your help & assistance, it is extremely appreciated!

Eco, Love & Other Stuff
34 minutos usando o app
30 de julho de 2018

Just started but no extra sales yet, we'll see

31 minutos usando o app
10 de julho de 2018

awesome! Easy to use, I am looking forward to new changes in my online traffic.

Ketuo Knife
Estados Unidos
30 minutos usando o app
13 de maio de 2018

So far so good, very easy to set up. Once I analyze the results I will be able to update my review

Luxxe Locks
Estados Unidos
28 minutos usando o app
16 de agosto de 2018

seems great so far!! promise to update my review down the road

Deal Maxx
Estados Unidos
24 minutos usando o app
4 de setembro de 2018

So far have had a great experience, has brought traffic to page just as promised.

Estados Unidos
12 minutos usando o app
21 de setembro de 2019

this application looks good for beginner less effort, let us see the result, currently using free plan

11 minutos usando o app
Data de edição: 11 de março de 2021

I got charged $19.99 for installing, uninstalling the same day? please explain sixads, I didn't even use it and I want my money back! Updated** Sixads got in touch straight away and refunded me. There really should be a mention of the monthly charge that Shopify will incur. So that's why I've changed from 1 star to 4

The Wrecking Pit
Estados Unidos
6 minutos usando o app
sixads deixou uma resposta 11 de março de 2021


Just pinged you on private email. No need to worry - we'll gladly refund you. It's just how the Shopify payment system works.

Romas Juskevicius