Facebook, Google Channel+Feeds

Facebook, Google Channel+Feeds

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Instagram, Google, Facebook Reach & Retargeting, Shopping ads.

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Ads on Fb, Instagram & Google

Use sixads targeted Facebook, Instagram, and Google ads to drive returning paying customers to your store and generate new leads

Improve campaign ROAs

Have a real human (our growth expert) audit your existing campaigns for FREE. Implement needed changes & watch your ROAs improve

Scale ads quickly & profitably

Get an experienced PPC PRO to run ads for you. Ad account & tracking review, custom strategy, 1-1 coaching, campaign setup & management

Om Facebook, Google Channel+Feeds

Wasting time trying to figure out how to use Facebook, Instagram and Google ads? Watching hours of tutorials, draining your budget testing ads that won’t sell?

Accelerate sales by putting your products in front of millions of shoppers who want to buy what you sell. Use sixads automated Facebook, Google, and Instagram ads.

How we help you sell?

Fast and simple ad set-up

Forget about manually uploading photos and videos or writing ad headlines for multiple products. sixads does all that for you. In just a few clicks, approve personalized ad visuals, copy, and targeting. Then let advanced algorithms run high-converting ads for you!

Drive profits with targeted ads

You may have created the best ad ever, but if your sales funnel is no good, chances are, you won’t sell consistently and your business won't grow. Sales funnels are the secret to converting ad-spend into big profits. sixads analytics will track your store visitors and their every move. Algorithms will target these audiences at the right time with a series of engaging ads, including dynamic ads, until they convert. You minimize your budget waste, while your store visitors buy your products, and return to buy again.

Save time with an all-in-one ad manager

Say goodbye to the headache of managing separate ad accounts. Easily connect your Facebook and Google ad accounts to sixads and let advanced algorithms run optimized, high-converting ads for you. Don’t have a Facebook or Google ads account? sixads sets them up for you in minutes! Don't have a Facebook pixel? We create one for you and connect it to your online store.

Save money with automated ad management

When a product in your store sells out, sixads automatically stops corresponding ads. None of your budget is blown. If your product pricing, image, title or description changes, your ads are instantly updated! No need to worry about Google Shopping Feeds and Facebook Product Feeds. sixads creates and updates them for you.

Run paid ads like a pro!

sixads analytics tool shows you which ads are selling better on Facebook, Instagram and Google. You can choose to scale your better performing ads on and limit or stop advertising on channels that are not performing well.

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Paid plans starting from $14.99/mo, based on chosen features.

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Seneste anmeldelser

Valdez V’ogue

Awesome team and developers, they went above and beyond to ensure my problems are resolved and I'm now a happy customer.

Loud Sisters Shop

I have had a great experience with SixAds. Since starting work with them a month ago, traffic and sales in my shop have improved significantly. More importantly, however, my conversion rate has gone up a lot! I am also seeing more engagement on my social media platforms. SixAds is always available for answering questions and I really appreciate the great customer service. Looking forward to continued growth of my shop with their help!

Udviklerens svar

17. november 2021


Thanks a lot for kind words! We are very happy to be growing together with you.

Best of luck!
Romas Juskevicius
CEO and founder of Sixads

Fleet Shop

I used this app but unfortunately, it's not what it promises my 12 years old Facebook Account was disabled as soon as I installed and created the campaign. support is not replying I contacted Facebook and they confirmed that using https://sixads.net/ for creating ads violated their term of use and policy violation. Ad Account Disabled for Policy Violation.. stay away from this I am also reporting this to Shopify.

Udviklerens svar

17. november 2021

Hi, sorry to hear your account got restricted. However, it is important to note, that our app does not have any impact on Facebook's decisions to block accounts, what mainly matters here is your store quality and credibility.
In your particular case I can see multiple issues with your store that could have led to Facebook to block your ad account: 1. It's a dropshipping store 2. aggregated product reviews that 3. you are promoting non existing discounts with count down timers 4. no company address or phone number 5. broken links
Thus my friendly suggestion is to fix these and other issues as regardless what app you are going to use your account will certainly get restricted both on Facebook as well as Google.

Romas Juskevicius
CEO and founder of Sixads