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29. Juni 2024

Not recommended at all. Stay away from it. After a few months of finally completing my size chart, I cannot access the dashboard. The support team does not respond to my queries. It's completely horse shit. DO NOT use it.

Hash & Posh
Etwa ein jahr mit der App
29. Mai 2024

Not recommended. I put in so much time to add all the size charts and they removed all of them after a few months and not providing any solution.

Pajama Village Australia
11 monate mit der App
28. Mai 2024

Unstable... they charts disappear and then reset all settings. you cant duplicate charts... every single one has to be done from scratch. support is HORRIBLE. DOES NOT RECOMMEND! Stay AWAY

Howah Originals
6 monate mit der App
22. April 2024

Considering it's free, the app has pretty cool features.
But it slowed down 3rd part apps on our Prestige store so we had to change to another app. It took 5+ seconds to show the Size Chart widget/inline text, and it delayed other apps as well.

We have a different size chart for every product, around 50 of them, so that perhaps has affected the speed as well, but a size chart app should consider that in development.

4 monate mit der App
27. Juni 2024

nice app

6 monate mit der App
6. April 2024

Very helpful and simple

Etwa ein monat mit der App
9. April 2024


26 tage mit der App
6. März 2024

Works. All the Ads are a little annoying, but for free app , I will take it

Black Square Golf
Vereinigte Staaten
Ein tag mit der App
28. Februar 2024

Liked the app, but it already stopped working. I put it up, it worked. The next day, nothing is showing. No idea if it's because its a free app but I just went with a different one that I have to pay for.

When the size chart is up it does not scroll on mobile. I made my charts slightly smaller, but was not sure if that's supposed to be like that. Glad I didn't get to add all the charts I planned on adding, that would have been such a waste of time.

Vlixen Apparel
Vereinigte Staaten
3 tage mit der App
RoarTheme hat geantwortet 29. Februar 2024

Hi Vlixen Apparel,

First of all, I'm sorry for this inconvenience!

We have released the updated version to fix the problem. Now, it's working normally and has the scrollbar on mobile too.

Please help me to verify it again.
I hope this helps :)

Thank you so much!

21. Februar 2024

Surprisingly good app! Wasn't sure because of the reviews but it proved me wrong.

My Tee Trends
Vereinigte Staaten
26 tage mit der App