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  • Boost customer confidence, increase purchase conversions!
  • Decrease returns from customers unsatisfied with the fit of their purchase
  • Learn more about your customer preferences in relation to other brands

The Problem

Every day, online retailers lose an enormous chunk of potential online revenue, because many customers do not know what size will fit them. This is especially the case for first-time customers. This problem is made worse by inconsistent sizing across various brands, so knowledge of a perfect fit in one brand does not translate into a perfect fit in the same size of another brand. Currently, retailers solve this problem by publishing size charts, which provide customers with recommended sizes for different body measurements. While helpful for experienced online shoppers, these sizing charts are completely useless for the majority of shoppers, who do not know their body measurements. However, even if these shoppers do end up making a purchase, many will return the clothing after finding that it does not fit. Once the clothing is returned, many retailers incur shipping costs and will no longer put the items back on the rack for sale. As a result, the retail industry loses billions of dollars per year in revenue from returns.

The Solution

SizeRec is here to help! SizeRec is a button that is inserted into your product page, when a customer is viewing a particular product, right before clicking the Add to Cart button. After clicking the SizeRec button, your customer will be asked to provide information about their sizes in their favorite brands. Using our propriety algorithm, we then use your customer's data to recommend them the most appropriate size!

This recommended size boosts your customer's confidence and significantly increases the likelihood that they purchase the product! Once they purchase the article of clothing, they are then less likely to return the product. No need to worry so much anymore about shipping costs or damaged clothing!


Design customization

As SizeRec is a button that is inserted into your store, we want you to be happy with the appearance and placement of it. Thus you’ll have the option to select your preferred button position and style! If you have a special request, we will be happy to accommodate your wishes.

Button customization

If you only want to use SizeRec for your Men’s T-Shirts, or for your Women's Jeans, for instance, you have the option to only use the SizeRec button for certain product types!

Quick set-up and teardown

Activate and deactivate your SizeRec button with just a few lines of code! We're also here to help if things get tricky.

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Free – $400.00 / month

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For all other inquiries, you can reach the SizeRec team at chris@sizerec.com.

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