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Skinfo Ingredient Widget

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Ingredient list explained in cosmetics & skincare

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Ingredients Explained

A clickable and easy-to-understand ingredient list with fact based information including function, vitamins, source, acids and more


Shoppers can add personal ingredient preferences to make better decisions. Their settings will be remembered when revisiting your shop.

Increase Store Trust

Become a leader in product transparency and build trust with ingredient transparency.

Über Skinfo Ingredient Widget

Skinfo helps shoppers to instantly understand ingredients in your skincare, haircare, and cosmetic products sold online. All information is based on scientific data that helps to provide transparency and trust, with Skinfo as an objective third-party actor. Both retailers and smaller brands can use Skinfo on their e-commerce site, to help shoppers make better choices for their skin health.

Let your customers understand ingredients instantly

The normal way of presenting ingredients is often too advanced for a consumer to understand or too time-consuming to gather correct data. With Skinfo, you can showcase all ingredients based on scientific data, but simplified for your customer. Knowing they can trust and learn more about ingredients in your shop, influences the purchase decision and is a way to affirm their spending power.

Keep shoppers on your site

Shoppers usually search for ingredient information elsewhere, but with Skinfo you can keep them on your site and serve them answers.

Your ingredients will be enriched with:

• Function • Vitamin highlights • Botanical names (fruits, vegetables, flowers) • Acids (AHA, BHA, PHA) • Ingredient source icons (mineral, synthetic, plant, etc.)

Technical Skills

The Skinfo Ingredient Widget is easy and simple to integrate and doesn't require any special technical skills.


The app provides customized styling options to make the widget blend well with your shop and brand colors.

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  • Ingredient function
  • Ingredient source icons
  • Botanical names
  • Vitamins & acids

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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

VEBEAUT | Vegan Beauty and Clean Skin Care

Skinfo is the best app for ingredients transparency! I want to say a huge thanks to Lena and Victor, they have been so patience with my brand since day 1! This app is perfect for beauty and skincare brands that are looking to be more clear with their ingredients and display curated information for their consumers. Thanks so much, truly happy!!


We use the Skinfo app to show full ingredient transparency. It's a great tool to display the INCI (ingredients list) in an understandable way.