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Fast Checkout, avoid Cart & Buy Now App,Custom Checkout Button

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Increase sales Easily & Fast

Avoid cart page and send your buyers directly to Checkout. Increase sales and reduce abandoned carts. save critical time at purchase funnel

FREE-Custom Skip to Checkout

NEW! Choose which product will avoid cart to checkout. Easily pick if the "Add to Cart" or "Buy Now" is needed for your fast checkout.

FREE Guide-Update Buy Now Text

Update the "ADD TO CART" text to "BUY NOW" or any other CTA. Push your buyers to fast checkout. Avoid cart & reduce your abandoned carts!

Skip To Checkout 정보

Get FREE Guide! Easy Way to Change the Text to Buy Now

We have created a unique tutorial that explains in a few easy steps on how to change the text on the "Add to Cart" button. You can change it to “Buy Now” “Instant Checkout” or any other idea you have. Skip to Checkout Team will send you the tutorial for free to your mailbox after the installation.

NEW FEATURE - Customize your Skip to Checkout

Now there is an easy way to Choose on which EXACT pages you want to Skip directly to Checkout, transfer it into “Buy Now” button, and which you want your customers to pass through the Cart page.

Buy Now “Skip to Checkout” (Avoid Cart) and Stop abandoned carts.

The easiest way to get your shoppers from the product page directly to checkout. Shorten the funnel and increase your revenue. Skip To Checkout allows you to save critical time on purchase funnel, and send your shopper to buy now!

Why Skip to Checkout by Koala-Apps?

Skip to checkout app is a must-have instant app in every store. our fast checkout app helps to increase sales and decrease abandoned cart in your store. Skip to checkout app help you to provide your emotional customers the product they want in a fast way without going through the Cart page. You can use our NEW feature and decide which “Add To Cart” button will send your shoppers straight to checkout and which will go through the cart page.

Skip to Checkout Benefits?

  • Easy to use - no code needed
  • No need to modify your theme
  • The cart page will not be removed, it will be skipped.
  • The cart will still be available from the checkout page
  • Tailor Fit - customize pages you want to skip.
  • Tailor Fit - Customize “Add to Cart” text button into “Buy Now” or any other text.
  • Mobile-friendly App

Skip to Checkout Support, Fast Checkout & Fast support!

We are always willing to help, you can always write us on our chat in your Skip to Checkout App Shopify dashboard, or email us on

How it works

The app bypasses the cart stage of the funnel and skips directly to the Checkout page. When a shopper clicks on the Add to Cart button (“buy now”) the app automatically adds the product to the cart and redirects the shopper to the Checkout page. All that your customers have to do, is to pick the product they like, and checkout immediately and buy now!

Skip to Checkout by Koala-Apps, Who Are We?

Skip To Checkout is the second app by Koala App. Our main business purpose is to share our rich knowledge, and help you get better results, and provide you with high value at a low price Try Skip to Checkout App today!

Your Feedback is Always Important to Us

Skip to Checkout Team are here to improve, help and support you with any kind of difficulties. Please don't hesitate to contact us through in-app messenger or our e-mail

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Tough Light

Customer service is amazing, they were able to help us do exactly what we were looking to do. Super simple and affordable. 10/10

Eco Basics Online

We recommend the App, it helped us to improve our conversion rate. Great Support from the team, who helped us with troubleshooting


Amazing app , work easy and simple. Very quick & easy installation process. Customer service is also on point! Very nice! 10/10 would recommend!