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May 17, 2017

We have used several order manager systems in the past. StoneEdge, ShipHero and currently Skubana. It's fair to say switching systems is not an easy task and requires alot of game planning in advance. Going through this process, I would say we have extensive knowledge in setting up the flow.
Getting into Skubana, I would have to say it is the one of the best systems we have used thus far. That being said, all systems need a plan of action before launching and Skubana while easy to set up, the hardest part is knowing how you are going to use this software and tailor it to your business needs. If you batch ship thousands of orders a week and ship from your own warehouse, using this system correctly with barcoders software and setting up your orderbots properly, you can literally have a zero % ship error rate, save tons on shipping and run an efficient warehouse with less staff.
Skubana reports showing listing profitability, you can now see where you are losing money after 3rd party fees and shipping. (only flaw if you collect sales tax, Skubana does not recognize this yet and it is added to your order profit, but I think they are working on a fix) If you want to dig even deeper you can load in your bulk overhead costs (exclude shipping and platform fees as Skubana already calculates these numbers) and truly see after rent, salaries, ect. if you are profitable.
The only major flaw is the Returns process which does not allow you to process a return easily. The system is not set up to allow returned "new" items to be added back into inventory without and extra step. In addition we cannot process a return without generating and RMA 1st. Many times we just receive returns back, so this creates a flow hiccup. We have to handle returns as 3 step process. We process the return by adding notes in Skubana about the return, go to the platform to process the refund and then add the item back to inventory if new. This also creates a false report on profit as returns are not calculated in the way we do them. However we rely on Quickbooks for financials, so this is a minor oversight for the moment. If addressed by Skubana team, this would be a complete system.
If you are considering making the switch and have questions, feel free to ask Skubana to email me.

United States
Time spent using app: 8 months
April 20, 2017

Powerful software that helps us manage our re-order points, inventory levels and multiple channels in a single pane of glass. Highly recommend their service which has been proactive and responsive as we got on-boarded and expanded into multiple warehouses.

United States
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years
April 10, 2017

As a jewelry company, we need to take special care of inventory tracking and management. We have plenty of moving pieces, some no larger than a pair of earrings, that must be accounted for at all times. Skubana helps us ensure we always know where our inventory is, which pieces sell the best across multiple channels, and when it's time to reorder so that we never run out of stock. The customer support at Skubana is fantastic. Our account manager is super helpful and quick to respond when we need her. One feature we can’t wait for is the listing tool to centralize our catalog management but it is currently being worked on by the Skubana team.

United States
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years
March 6, 2017

Smart, Simple and Affordable. The perfect "AI" for Orders, Inventory and Analytics.

As a lean, frugal, and fast growing startup that sells products direct to consumer via multiple online channels, we needed a platform to manage complex orders, control inventory from different vendors, and provide useful analytics to help us focus on what matters to us: grow our business.

Skubana does that. It's smart, simple and affordable. It's the "AI" for Orders, Inventory and Analytics. And the onboarding and support team is responsive, knowledgeable, and customer oriented.

If you are looking for a comprehensive, still affordable platform, I strongly recommended you consider Skubana.

United States
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
March 2, 2017

Great customer support, application and the one stop shop for all e-commerce. It runs fluently with the multi channel functions it is the best program on the market. Tried 6 different applications leading to this one because they would be missing a features that were not integrated. This has everything integrated inventory/shipping/Analytics/POs/Multi User log ins. Best program on the market that is always improving.

Hydro House And Garden
United States
Time spent using app: Over 3 years
December 20, 2016

We have been using Skubana for about a year now and it has really fixed our inventory issues. The best part - the staff. Emily walked through onboarding with us every step of the way and is still available to jump on a call or respond to us with questions. We have about 30,000 SKU's with inventory in our own warehouse and amazon.com - so we needed a software that worked well with both. We tried 5 different programs before Skubana, so we did our homework. We also used different shipping programs before, but Skubana eliminates those and really works well as an all-in-one solution. So, bottom line is If you are looking for an all in one solution to keeping track of inventory on all your platforms, issuing PO's, shipping, don't look any further. Skubana is the the best.

Goal Kick Soccer
United States
Time spent using app: Almost 7 years
October 17, 2016

After trying out many other well regarded solutions (Stitch Labs etc) we finally found our way to Skubana. It was recommended to us by several other high volume ($1M+) eComm shops, and so with a bit of trepidation we gave them a try. Best. Decision. Ever. We were on-boarded in a week, and fine tuned within our first month. We even were able to ditch our other shipping tool, ShipStation. The support team there has been top notch, and very responsive. Great work guys. You've earned our loyalty.

Ktm Twins
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 year
October 5, 2016

We have tried over 12 different platforms for order management software and by far Skubana has exceed our expectations and met 100% of our needs

Their shipping component is area where we were a little skeptical however with the proper training we have mastered it.

By far, the launch process was the smoothest, and most knowledgable I have experienced since I have been selling online since 1998. I think NASA should look to Skubana for their next Rocket Ship launch.

Athlete Packs 2
United States
Time spent using app: About 1 year
July 29, 2016

Skubana was brought on board to gain complete control over our inventory. Not only do we deal with 3 warehouses at HQ, but we have a 3rd party supplier and a 3PL, that all have our investment under their roofs. We quickly gained a bird's eye view of all of our warehouses, all of our e-commerce stores, and all of our Purchase Orders. Also, the oversell protection is unfathomably useful.

United States
Time spent using app: Almost 6 years
July 19, 2016

We switched to Skubana in the context of opening up our own 10k sqft warehouse. Skubana powers our entire warehouse, inventory and fulfillment functions and we could not be happier. The system was designed and developed by a team of successful ecommerce entrepreneurs, e.g., the founder and CEO Chad is a top 100 Amazon seller. This experience really shows in how they architected Skubana from a workflow and productivity perspective. Skubana fully supports a multi-channel sales approach through various pre-built integrations (incl. Manual pick orders, Shopify, Shopify POS, Amazon and various other listing sites). Beyond that, the team is taking a very smart approach to customization, via a well documented API and app store. We process thousands of orders every week and could not be happier with our experience.

The product is early stage, so every once in a while we run into small bugs or missing features. That said, I have never seen a product team respond and act upon customer feedback as quickly as the Skubana team. Bugs are fixed within hours, new features rolled out within days.

United States
Time spent using app: Almost 2 years