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  • Barcode scanning, inventory locations, and human error prevention
  • Kitting & bundling and Quality Control to prevent mis-ships
  • Share inventory via integrations to other sales channels to prevent out of stocks

Utilize SkuVault and Shopify to prevent out of stocks, improve warehouse efficiency, and reduce human error

Reduce inventory errors with SkuVault.

Acquiring and maintaining accurate inventory quantities is a problem common to most all eCommerce retailers – from overselling (aka out of stocks, aka stockouts), mis-picks, and mis-ships, to forgotten stock sitting on a shelf, not even listed for sale. Our system, SkuVault, helps to greatly reduce those inventory issues, and many other problems online retailers face.

Unlock the potential of your inventory.

SkuVault is a cloud-based inventory and warehouse management system that integrates with Shopify, ChannelAdvisor, Amazon, eBay, ShipWorks, ShipStation, and more, and is complete with barcoding and jam packed with other cool features to help eCommerce retailers prevent out of stocks, improve warehouse efficiency, and reduce human error. SkuVault deals with your actual, physical inventory, scanned into and out of your warehouse, and then uses this real time data to sync to Shopify, and your other online marketplaces.

How the SkuVault and Shopify integration works.

The SkuVault & Shopify integration ensures that the product in your warehouse is reflected in listings on all your marketplaces. Any time an available quantity is changed, it's automatically updated on your Shopify site to prevent oversells and undersells. This quantity syncing for Shopify is one of our favorite features, because out of stocks can be so dangerous for your eCommerce business; unhappy customers, negative feedback, lower rankings, and lost sales, just to name a few reasons why we hate oversells and undersells. So, quantity syncing: pretty amazing. Several things can happen to affect the available quantity and prompt an update: The actual on-hand quantity changes due to an inventory add or remove transaction. Returns, employee sales, wholesale orders, and the dreaded physical counts are a few reasons your inventory could change not due to online orders. Another action that affects available quantity is, of course, when Shopify orders come in. As soon as the sale comes into Shopify, SkuVault categorizes the associated quantity as pending. To calculate your total available quantity, we take: (on-hand quantity) - (pending quantity) - (any holds you have set in SkuVault, like exchanges or daily deals) = available quantity. This available quantity is what we update to Shopify and any other channels you have that we integrate with such as Amazon, eBay, etc.

Benefits of SkuVault.

The benefits of our SkuVault & Shopify integration are far-reaching, and its effects can be seen in lower out of stock percentage, increased rankings and therefore greater visibility on your online channels, more positive customer feedback, lower customer service costs, increased warehouse efficiency and saved man hours, and fewer mis-ships and undersells. SkuVault’s efficient pick lists, which utilize locations, means that you’ll always have a pick list that takes you around your warehouse to pick in a sensible manner, which helps you to pick faster. Full quality control features can be employed to ensure fewer mis-ships or shipping of damaged product, resulting in fewer returns and negative feedback. Advanced reporting of our quality control allows you to see just who approved the sending out of a defective or incorrect item, allowing you to easily identify the cause of difficult customer service issues.

There’s loads to love about SkuVault:

SkuVault also supports a ton of other features to help out eCommerce retailers. A small sampling:

  • Our product kitting feature helps you to easily sell product bundles without worrying about bundle components’ quantities. Alternates help you to sell kits when kit components stock out.

  • SkuVault’s inventory audit, streamlined for fast-paced barcode scanning, makes cycle counts and physical counts easier than ever.

  • SkuVault’s hold feature turns daily deals from an arduous process, involving tedious physical reallocation of product, to as easy as selecting the SKUs to hold, and stipulating the dates to set aside the product.

  • Send out purchase orders and receive product from vendors with our POs & Receiving feature.

… and more!

If you’d like to learn more, visit our website, or fill out our form to request a free demo. Let SkuVault unlock the potential of your inventory.

SkuVault reviews (6)


Skuvault is awesome. With multi-channel online retail, separate warehouses, brick and mortar, and wholesale business to manage skuvault helps us handle it all. It took a few years of trial and error before finding skuvault. Wish it happened sooner. Definitely one of the few apps/integrations that's worth every penny.


Good app. We started using Skuvault to push live inventory for our Ebay and Amazon stores. Since all the features that integrate with Ebay and Amazon also work with Shopify we are now looking to redo our website and push all our inventory to our Shopify store. Been using Skuvault for 4 years without issues. We also integrate with Shipworks which makes everything easy. Skuvault is currently our most used software and we have built everything else around it.


SkuVault has been instrumental in getting a handle on my inventory, keeping it straight, and being able to sell multi-channel - without the concern of out of stocks. The many functions within the program make daily tasks easier, and work a little less stressful.


Launched SkuVault in our 80,000 square foot distribution facility. This cloud based warehouse management system which integrates with Shopify wonderfully puts your business in the 21st century. Easy interface and wonderful customer service. Now I have more time to grow my business without the headaches of an on-site hosted warehouse management system which constantly failed. Very impressive built in functionality that integrates with Shopify, Amazon, Ebay and other marketing channels seamlessly.


SkuVault has really changed our business around from being left out in the cold. We went from old school inventory to a simple inventory system that even my grandma can use. I highly recommend skuvault to those who want to cut back on time and focus on areas that are making money. The team at skuvault has been great in the set up and even customer service questions. A+++


The SkuVault Shopify app integrates seamlessly with the SkuVault inventory system. It maps the correct inventory levels based on what is shown in the SkuVault inventory system. I have yet to have a single oversell from my Shopify site despite selling on many different channels. SkuVault adjusts the inventory levels in real-time as sales occur. It's simple to set up and does exactly what it's suppose to do. This app is crucial if you are running a Shopify website and using the SkuVault inventory system!

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