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Sky Watcher - Increase Sales With Social Proof

Sky Watcher - Increase Sales With Social Proof

Developed by Gravitate

13 reviews
Price: Free More info
  • Increase scarcity with a real-time & non-real-time product views alert
  • Show social proof to increase purchasing demand
  • Get up and running for free, in seconds

---- Click Here To View A Live Demo ----

Simply open this page a few times to see real time watchers!

Increase your sales with real-time social proof, for free!

Sky watcher gives you the power to increase purchases through social proof and scarcity.

Simply install the app, customise your design to suit your store and you'll be up and running in seconds!

The magic of Sky Watcher

Here's how it works

The app will keep an eye on your real time stats for each individual product on your site. Then, to show social proof, it will display a simple alert just beneath your add to cart button!

You might have seen this type of feature on booking.com or other big retail brands. Why? Because it works!

If 10 other people are looking at a product at the same time as you, your brain instantly connects the dots and tells you that this is a trustworthy product that you might miss out on if you take your time shopping around.


Can I customize my design?

You sure can. We give you a powerful design editor on your dashboard to give you complete control of your design.

You'll be able to edit,

  • Text Color

  • Background Color

  • Container Padding

  • Border

  • Border Color

  • Border Style

  • Alert Wording

My site doesn't get many views, will it appear when there is only one person on my website?

We give you complete control over when your message shows. Simply update the minimum viewers that will trigger your alert.

Are the stats actually real-time?

Yes they are. All stats are real time.

Is the app actually free?

Yep. Completely free, forever

What am I waiting for?

Nothing! Get started now!

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Sky Watcher - Increase Sales With Social Proof reviews

13 reviews
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  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

If you have store online, then this app is a must! Great work on developing this gem, guys! Keep up the great work. And thank you!!!


Hi, it seem that it need 2 real visitor to trigger the app. Please fix it, the app was amazign before.

Check this pic


Works great! Support is amazing and fast! 5 out of 5!


App doesn't work! No reply from support.


fast respond and help. Best app!!


Doesnt work and no one has helped


These guys are simply AMAZING!!! I had a problem with my website and shopify team was trying to fix for over 2 weeks, were constantly sending me to Shopify Expert to pay him $500 to resolve that simple issue. They told me to uninstall all my apps and then even delete my theme and start building the whole website from scratch. Ugh so frustrating!!! Jayden from Sky Watcher was able to fix this unfixable problem in a minute!!!! I couldn't believe in that. Though he is not with Shopify team he was willing to check and fix that problem for me. Amazing!! I'm so grateful to him and the whole Sky Watcher team. Highly recommend!!!


OK, there was the initial bug which I posted to support. But I re-installed it and what can I say... of all the fine (really) free apps out there, this one makes me smile the most, almost want to LOL with the non-real time function. Good job guys, make it free always, YAH??? I want to keep you in my list permanently.


Very Buggy...
- App Crashes sometimes after saving a setting.
- After saving ....the page Goes to a white page with a simple text "Saved Setting...." and i have to press the back button to go back to the setting menu.

The biggest problem is after opening a product page the "hurry 20 are watching now" refreshes repeatedly fast at 2 times a second with a random number each time. Looked at my setting and even witht the refresh rate to to max, its still doing it.

Plus the app doesn't rely on the cookies so the numbers are consistent ... like when the shopper comes back later he wont see a completely different number on each visits from a few seconds to minutes.


App doesn't appear to work. There is no guide for setup so I would have presumed it was an auto install app. If it is not, then a guide needs to be included with how to install it. If they add this and I can actually use the app then I will update my review. For now, use "social proof" by SpurIT instead. It's also free and actually works.


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