Skydropx: eCommerce shipping

Skydropx: eCommerce shipping


Logistics platform with national and international shipments

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Centralize your shipments

Synchronize and manage all your shipments in one place DHL, FedEx, Estafeta, PaqueteExpress and more.

The best shipping agents

Chose the best logistics ally for your company depending on your needs; price, efectiveness or delivery time.

Track and notify

Notify your customers about their order through email and What's App alerts. Automating shipment status.

Skydropx: eCommerce shipping 정보

We are the most complete logistics platform on the market, wich will allow you:

  1. Synchronize your orders and shipments from any eCommerce, ERP or marketplace.
  2. Make national, international and LTL shipments.
  3. Quote your shipments with different packages and choose wich is the best option depending on price, effectiveness or delivery time.
  4. Manage shipments and recollections from the same place and in a few steps.
  5. Track and notify about your shipments
  6. Generate multi-guides.

Skydropx is recognized as the #1 logistics software company in Mexico. Whitin the platform you will find diverse functionalites that will allow you to create your shipments quickly and safely. We have different solutions that will allow you to streamline and automate your logistics processes:

RADAR: Provides an incredible experience in your shipments.

  1. Track your shipments from one place.
  2. Automatically notified the different status of your shipments.
  3. Personalize all messages and alerts with your brand.

ControlX: Centralize all your logistics in one place

  1. Connect your direct accounts of any service logistics.
  2. Allows you to keep your costs negotiated directly with the parcel.
  3. Manage all your shipments from a single console.

Availables Countries


Integration with:

*Shopify *Woocommerce *PrestaShop *KOMETIA *Spincommerce *Magento *Mercado Libre *Tienda Nube

  • Only Mexico origin addresses available on syncing orders feature
  • Only Mexico and United States destination addresses available on syncing orders feature

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무료 설치

Users are responsible for shipping costs

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SkydropX ha sido clave para ayudarnos en la logística de nuestros envíos (generación de guías con distintas paqueterías, precio competitivo, notificaciones a clientes, atención al cliente). La sincronización funciona excelente.


Excelente aplicación, gran servicio. Me ha ayudado mucho para sincronizar mis envíos, y poder ofrecer distintas variantes a mis clientes.


Skydropx nos ha ayudado mucho a gestionar los envíos de nuestra tienda en línea, además tienen una atención al cliente excelente!

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