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I always look for the best prices so that I can offer better deals for my customers. But as a Canadian I cannot justify the cost of these products to my customers. I know of other POD services with much better rates.
However, the designing software and mockup are by far the best I have seen so far. Thank you


I sort of have a love-hate relationship with this app. I'll break it down, it's been a very weird experience. In summary, it provides the best quality clothing with insanely versatile customization, way more than any other app on this platform. The creation tool is an awesome concept with mediocre execution, but still awesome. However, it is plagued with questionable software, bad integration, slow shipping and manufacturing, and a bad mockup generator (in my opinion). Ok, if you're thinking of getting this app, or you're interested, I recommend you read what I have.

When I started using the app, I first had to get used to the creation tool. Took me a while, but once you get it, you really start to understand just how powerful this is. This isn't print on demand, this is full on custom. You can change everything from the patterns on the cuffs to the inside of the hoods, making infinite combos of patterns and colors.

Printful and Printify is child's play compared to this. It was so versatile that I actually had to rethink my products, since I envisioned them with a print-on-demand scope, this was much more. No Gildan tags on here, with this you have a legitimate brand.

I created over 120 products on here. The product mockups, in my opinion, are bad. If you have a product that isn't white, there will be huge gray spots of unrendered stuff right in the image. Seriously, you'll need to make custom mockups using this site, which luckily I knew how to do. I published them to the store and realized I had to install custom code on the site for the products to even show properly.

I tried installing it myself, no dice. They can install it for $100, alright. I realized their installed software didn't let me change the mockups, so they installed additional custom code for more money. Seriously, all the other apps don't even need anything done, just install the app and it works. I'm not a programmer, but that is miles better than what they have. I edited some of the code myself to meet my needs, and it was starting to look like a store I could actually show to people.

During that, I encountered more problems. The tool to create the products was very buggy, with errors happening in the middle of creation, and almost every time I edit products. You publish a product, and you need to make a major change, better to just remake it. But the 3d representation was a huge lifesaver because you actually know what your products will look like on a person, and the 3d model is hella accurate. I don't think any of this is nearly as user friendly as other options, but it seems to be a smaller company, and the products make up for it.

I ordered a sample and it arrived in 3 weeks. Not exactly impressive considering Tesla creates and delivers a whole car in 4-8 weeks. SKYOU needs to sophisticate their manufacturing heavily.

I'll dedicate a section to the mockups really quick. Every mockup has unrendered gray spots in them, hard to really explain it. I'm just saying I can't put up a store with product images looking like that, the reason I'm giving this 4 stars is so they can get more customers, so they can invest in better mockups. Nobody said this is going to be easy.

Now let me say some positives. The customization on this is absolutely insane, this isn't print on demand. They make their own products, which are surprisingly high quality, better than any t-shirt Printful or Printify can provide. It is so vast, you can put designs on parts of the inside, meaning you can create your own custom inside labels.
Need designs on hoodie pouches? No problem. Want them on the hood? No problem. Want them on the sleeves? No problem. Want them on the cuffs? No problem. They stitch it piece by piece, allowing me to put designs, patterns, and different colors on each individual part. When I mean everything separated by stitching, I mean it. The zipped hoodies have hoods that are split into 3 parts, 5 cuff parts, the sleeves, the back, and the 2 front panels, and more. All to change, which is amazing.

Even the thread color, zipper color, and drawstrings have color option. And unlike Printful, you don't have a small square area to put your designs. With SKYOU you can put your designs anywhere, like sublimation but without the trashy creation tools and dead spots.

This is the ONLY place on Shopify where you can make a legitimate fashion or clothing brand. No BS, no need to visit Chinese factories and order in bulk.

I never imagined something like this would be available on an app for Shopify, let alone them have software and a tool at all. For this, I am thankful, and despite the many problems, they are still the best option. You'll just need to put in a hundred hours to even get the store to look presentable. I'm doing that work, and writing this review, so SKYOU can clean up their act, because boy do they need a lot of work.

This could easily have been a 3-star review. Hell, even a 2-star review. But when you take a step back and look at what SKYOU really is, it is miles ahead of everybody, yet miles behind at the same time. I hope SKYOU improves and becomes a big player, they just can't with the state it is in right now. If you are willing to put in the work, you will have something really special at your fingertips. Or, you could go to Printful, and have Gildan tags on your clothing, a vinegar smell, and questionable quality. I'll continue to use this since I have managed to adapt to their bad software and integration by putting in hours per day. Try it out for a week, not a day, because the learning curve is quite high and you won't like it at first. But hey, it's SKYOU, and they're the best on Shopify right now.

Received my sample. I'm happy to say it exceeded my expectations. It arrived with no smell, each garment in individual plastic bags, with everything neatly folded. The shirts are perfect - soft and stretchy but not to the point where it is basically pajamas. The zip up hoodie I ordered has an athletic build and is lightweight (I ordered the 260gsm option). The designs are dead on accurate from the creation tool, and made well. Colors are vibrant, as expected. Miles ahead of Printful and Printify once again. Everything here feels premium, like proper Nike gear. I have the thinnest hoodie options, 260 gsm, because the thicker option has an absurd price of $50. I do think 260 gsm is pretty thin, but I'm not putting $50 hoodies on my site.

This could be huge, but they need to get their priorities straight by creating better mockups, having better integration, getting rid of their inconvenient "shopper tool," and expanding so they have shorter manufacturing times. Right now you can create a business miles better than anybody who is using other apps, but it still isn't very sustainable. In the end, if I become a bigger brand, I will have to switch providers because the month long shipping times will hold back my store. With this app, you lose before a customer places the order, which is a huge problem for them and you.

Another update: After 20 orders, my site is beginning to gain traction and I'm learning more. The shipping times are still almost a month long. The bugs with the shopper tool are mostly gone, so that's nice. However, the problems I stated above still remain. The design colors are great, more accurate that PoD, but still look a tiny bit faded. I'd be more surprised if it wasn't a tiny bit off, honestly, and it's still great. Also, for hoodies that have a color other than white... there is a certain look to them, sort of vintage. It's in line with what I said earlier about it being a little faded, but it kind of looks cool. Not sure how to explain it.

Good, you made it to the end. When I say I create custom mockups and deleted the shopper tool code, I meant it. My website is, I encourage you check it out to understand what I mean by that, and compare it to the demo site they have here.

Mixtape Your Life, LLC

I have tried a few different POD services so far and some leave a lot to be desired in terms of quality and customization. What I do love about Skyou is the design interface, I haven't seen any other POD services using one like it and it really is fantastic at being able to truly customize your garments. Another is that its 100% cut and sew which means no printing irregularities that you generally get with dye sublimation on blank garments. The pricing for cut and sew tanks and teeshirts here is really not any more expensive than what you would get for dye sub on blank garments elsewhere. I love that I can truly customize every single garment. The mockup generator is fantastic, I love that its 3D mockups and you can see the garment in every single direction. The design tool has FAR FAR more options for customizing than any other that I've tried.

The disadvantages is the time it takes to get things. I have mostly ordered samples for myself so far but I have had about a half dozen customers buy tees/tanks from me as well. The turnaround time for customers to get their products tends to be about 30 days, which for a cut and sew garment is somewhat justifiable but at the same time, customers don't like waiting 30 days to get a teeshirt.

Customer service for me with them has been great, I've gotten the best customer service from their team more than any other POD I've used previously. I will say that it seems like much of the delay in getting items is due to some kind of production issue they found during quality control inspection, which I 100% appreciate that they take such care in making sure the garments are what they should be.

I would say if you primarily do single color teeshirts or tanks with a single design on the front or back, Skyou may not be for you, as you can get those types of garments with a faster turnaround time elsewhere. If you are looking to do completely cut/sew garments that don't look like the usual dye sub teeshirts then Skyou is great. I've been incredibly satisfied with all the samples I've gotten for myself and the teeshirts look very professional quality. The yoga pants are really great, the leggings I wasn't as satisfied overall with the density of the fabric used.

I do use another service for women's skirts and dresses and I would like to see Skyou expand its selection of women's apparel so that I can use them more exclusively (and really Skyou, a simple stretch pencil skirt/mini skirt or body con dress isn't that complicated to draft or make).

My apparel sales aren't alot at this point to where the slower fulfillment time is currently an issue but going forward, it may be easier to get a larger wholesale order made and then sell it direct from my own website instead of the make on demand option. So if you have need for very large order fulfillment and you want to have a fast turnaround time with your orders, your better option may be to just place a large wholesale order with them and sell off the inventory yourself.


Design tool is the best I've seen & used as of now! Communication and support over at Skyou is awesome. When ever I ran onto an issue with the program the staff at Skyou responded super fast to resolve my problem and kept me informed the entire time. Great program great service. I'm happy.

Black Art Shoppe

Updated Review - 11/7/2018:

I had an issue with this app, and thought for a very long time about whether or not I should remove the negative review I left because of it. Ultimately it came down to this. I had a problem. The owner of Skyou personally resolved it. And I was touched by his sincerity and passion for his business. That's a rare chain of events when doing business, and for that, a positive rating is well deserved. Nothing more needs to be said.


Updated Review - 10/5/2018:



Previous Review:

I have been a Shopify client for over 5 years, and have tried many apps. I have never left an app review — until now. This app deserves it. It is by far one of the most well-designed, flawless, most professional apps I have ever used. It is obvious the team at SKYOU has invested some SERIOUS time (and financial resources) into developing this app. The app is beyond robust, and I am truly amazed at how powerful it is. But the app itself is not the only thing that's impressive.

The products are incredible. Extremely reasonably priced and of superb quality. It has caused me to cancel nearly all my relationships with other apparel and tech accessory vendors. I only use other vendors now for products SKYOU can't supply.

There is definitely a learning curve. But it is sooo worth it. When you activate the app, you are immediately subscribed to an email campaign that breaks down how to use the app and maximize it's potential. Unlike other marketing emails, this newsletter is packed with extremely useful information and links to very well-made, easy to follow, quick and simple YouTube video tutorials.

I am just at a complete loss for all the words to describe how good this is. I only wish I'd found this app sooner, and tip my hat to everyone at SKYOU that was responsible for putting this together. Thank you and great job!