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Checkouts: Accept Apple Pay

Checkouts: Accept Apple Pay

Developed by Checkouts LLC

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  • The Fast, Safe and Preferred Way to Checkout on iPhone and iPad
  • Trusted by 4,000+ stores
  • Easy to Install and Set Up

Easily accept Apple Pay on your online store

More than half the traffic from e-commerce sites like yours comes from mobile devices, and most of that traffic comes from Apple devices. Apple Pay is the safest and easiest way to pay from an Apple Device and growing in popularity every day. It takes out the frustration of filling out checkout info on a tiny screen and makes checking out as easy as scanning a finger print.

Note on Apple Pay Availability:
Apple Pay is live in the U.S and U.K. and currently launching in Canada and Australia. Customers who visit your site from other regions or using Android devices will not see the Apple Pay button. For Desktop, we give customers who want to Apple Pay the option of texting their iPhone to complete the checkout with Apple Pay.

Your Customers will Love it:
We've found that once a customer pays with our Apple Pay solution and sees how easy it is to pay, that customer will make all their future purchases with with our product. Customers love checking out with just their finger print, and they love that they no longer have to enter any log-in details, any shipping information or any payment information at all. Our solution increases conversions because it is actually easier and safer.

Note on Pricing:
We charge a small $5 + 1% fee for ONLY Apple Pay transactions on top of your normal credit card processing fees. This fee helps support server costs and ongoing development and maintenance of the Apple Pay integration.

Some of our happy customers: ★★★★★

“Great tool to drive sales!“ - The Factory OkC

“Easy Install, Great Support“ - Heart Rate Monitor USA

“The guys who made the app are responsive and helpful. The button looks really nice, and their checkout is pretty smooth. I use Apple Pay all the time, and I'm happy to have it on my site.“ - Dog Food For Breakfast

Install and set up in just a few minutes!


Frequently Asked Questions

What are the fees and how am I billed? We charge only 1% of the amount paid for Apple Pay transactions. We bill you using Stripe, and we e-mail you an invoice every month containing each fee we've charged along with the order number of each Apple Pay transaction. If there are any issues with your billing, our customer support is happy to help get any issues resolved promptly. We also provide you with an easy way to track your Apple Pay transactions as they occur, so you always know what your bill is going to be.

What's the customer experience? For customers with Apple Pay compatible devices, our Apple Pay button will appear next to other checkout options in the shopping cart. When a customer presses this button, our iOS app opens and displays the shopping cart. The customer's payment and shipping information are automatically populated by Apple, and the customer makes the purchase simply by scanning his or her fingerprint.

For Desktop, the flow is similar. The customer texts his or herself a link to checkout with Apple Pay. Upon clicking the link, our iOS app opens and the customer can checkout by scanning a fingerprint.

*Note: Apple Pay can only be used within an App or physically in a store, so we provide a easy-to-use app for all of our integrated sites, so customers can finally pay with Apple Pay online!

How do I receive payments? We make it easy for you to receive payments. If you're using Shopify Payments, Braintree or Stripe, nothing should change in how you receive payments. If you're using another gateway, you can easily chose when to receive bank deposits. Once you install and pick your gateway, you'll receive more detailed information.

Does anything change in how I fulfill orders, refund customers or deal with chargebacks? If you're using Shopify Payments, Braintree or Stripe, nothing should change in how you receive payments, handle refunds/chargebacks or process orders. If you're using another gateway, Apple Pay orders will appear just like other orders, and we provide a clear, simple way of refunding customers and dealing with chargebacks.

How will it look on my site? Our button is an official Apple Pay Button that appears next to your normal Checkout button and Paypal button. The placement is designed to look professional.

Why can't I accept Apple Pay on my site without an iOS app? Apple Pay can only be used for physical in-store payments or within an app, and Apple has no plans of building an Apple Pay integration for websites. Checkouts lets customers check out with Apple Pay using the Checkouts iOS app. Once customers tap the Apple Pay button from the online shopping cart, the app automatically launches and loads the shopping cart for fingerprint confirmation.

How secure is Checkouts? Checkouts relies on Apple Pay for all data handling and execution of the transaction. No personal or payment info is ever seen by the Checkouts application. Apple Pay is innovative technology that is considered even more secure than most if not all online or in-store payment methods. You can read more about why Apple Pay is so secure here.

How do I install and setup Checkouts? Simply click the bright green "get" button on the top right side of this page or click here. Once you install, setup takes just a few minutes.


Product Quality:

Since we work with how your customers checkout, we take product quality very seriously. We have a dedicated quality assurance team that tests registered sites on a daily basis. We haven't had many issues so far, and all issues that do arise are caught quickly and promptly fixed. Our customer service team is very helpful and quick to respond, so don't hesitate to reach out!


Install and set up in just a few minutes!


From $5.00 / month

$5/mo + 1% of ONLY apple pay transactions

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