AI Recommendations & PopUp

AI Recommendations & PopUp


Related Product Recommendation. Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell Popup

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Boost Order Values

Sell more recommending user-favorite products and displaying engaging popups

Display Automatic Suggestions

Our powerful algorithm finds out the popular products for you

Designed with Smarter Codes

Our minimalist tool runs faster but never slows your store down

AI Recommendations & PopUp 정보

Increase order value and sales by recommending the most desired products of your store.

'AI Recommendations & PopUp' lets you set up popups for recommended products and boost cross-sell and upsell values. Gain higher transactions by showing interesting product popups to your customers. Our app discovers the hottest products that can possibly persuade your shoppers to add an extra product to their cart.

What Features We Offer-

  • Display a list of products on the product page so that your shoppers can explore more items on one page
  • Recommend most-hyped product using a popup every time a customer adds products in their cart

Our Smart Algorithm Replaces Your Effort

AI Recommendations & PopUp runs with Artificial Intelligence (AI) & Machine Learning (ML) algorithm. Our smart algorithm analyzes your store’s order history, visitor searches, product catalogs, etc. All to detect and pick products to recommend to your shoppers. Everything gets done automatically. No need to spend time on research or analytics.

Convenient for Everyone

AI Recommendations & PopUp is compatible with all devices. On top of that, our app has the easiest options for customization. With just a few clicks, you can change the appearance and positions of the popups that match your store theme. Our app is designed to be fast loading and works with all kinds of themes. No need to play with coding; enjoy our one-click effortless installation.

How Does this help?

When you display related items on a product page on which a customer is interested, you are more likely to grab some extra sales. If your customer picks additional items from the suggested list, it adds up to their order value.

Furthermore, when customers add a product to their cart, a popup may encourage them to get one of the popular items. This also allows an increase in your order value. And all this process happens automatically through a hands-free process. Our AI-powered algorithm aids you get higher sales with less effort.

Break Your Sales Records with Us

Motivate your customers to buy more from you. Meanwhile, enhance their shopping experience by recommending the right products. Use our popup tool to easily determine the product suggestions and display good-looking popups.

About Incubate & Our Customer Service

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  • Unlimited PopUp views
  • Unlimited Number of Products, Orders and Traffic
  • No Hidden Fees
  • Swift, efficient, knowledgeable support 24/7

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Postcards Market

Later edit - one month after (3rd August, 2021) - I really like the application and how it works. Somehow ( ;) is taking the customer activity and how they click, and they are suggesting what else to "take a look" ! I just love it!
First impression (July 1st, 2021) : I find about this interesting widget looking for something else :) I Just installed it, and also because I see no other reviews for the app, I say: Ok, let it be me the first one! :D I am curious how this good looking and good promising app will increase the sales, yet I feel that everything will be just great! :D P.S - Also I liked the very fast response received from the team (Mr, Lengemann and Mr Oller) so I said to give it a try! never say never :D

개발자 회신

2021년 7월 6일

Thank you so much for your feedback and for trusting us. I have passed your nice comments to Carlos and Larry. We work hard to provide you with the best service, and getting such positive comments means the world to us. Thanks for helping us grow!🙌

All the best,
Blanca and the Incubate Team