Smart Bundles

Smart Bundles

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Keep inventory in sync when selling bundles & editing stock

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Keep inventory in sync

Whether you're selling products or variants in a bundle or adjusting inventory manually, your bundle inventory will always stay in sync

More sales with bundles

Increase sales in your store by offering product bundles to your customers

Create bundle packing slips

Once an order is complete, you'll be able to print a bundle packing slip which lists the individual bundle items

Over Smart Bundles

Selling bundles in your store should be easy.

You shouldn’t need to have a dedicated workflow to define how bundles are created, re-synced, or edited. They should just work.

That’s why we created Smart Bundles. The easiest way to create bundle products or variants and keep them in sync, no matter how you’re using them in your store.

How does Smart Bundles work?

Setting up a bundle is super simple. All you have to do is

  • Create a bundle product or variant in your Shopify store i.e. “Shirt + Pants”
  • Create your Shirt product
  • Create your Pants product
  • In the app, tell us how your bundle is structured, and we’ll do the rest
  • After you make a sale, we'll generate a bundle specific packing slip so you don't have to guess which products are in your bundle

Once you’ve created your bundle, the app will work its magic.

Selling bundles

Bundles are sold just like any other product in your Shopify store with one big difference. Once your bundle product is sold, Smart Bundles will adjust the inventory levels of the products in your bundle so that you don’t oversell.

Selling products and variants in bundles

Sometimes a customer isn’t interested in your bundle, and that’s ok. If a customer decides they only want to buy a shirt, for instance, the inventory of your bundle product will remain in sync after the sale.

Example: Let’s say you have,

  • 3 shirts in stock
  • 3 pairs of pants in stock
  • and 3 bundles in stock.

If a customer buys just a shirt from you, the inventory of your shirts and shirt + pants bundle will drop to 2

Bundle packing slips

Once you've sold a bundle, you need to know which products to pack. That's why we allow you to generate a bundle packing slip directly from your Order Details.

Selling products that aren’t in bundles

Products that aren’t in bundles will continue to function normally in your store. Simply put, if you don’t tell our app about a product, we won’t adjust its inventory on your behalf.

Adjusting inventory manually

Sometimes you need to adjust your inventory manually in Shopify and your bundles should stay in stock when you do. By ticking the “Always in sync” checkbox in the app, your bundle will automatically adjust bundle inventory when you change its product inventory. This makes managing large stores with lots of bundles a breeze. Simply make your changes and let Smart Bundles do the rest.

Do I have to install any code?

No. All of the magic of Smart Bundles happens behind the scenes. There is no coding required

Will this app impact my store speed?

Nope. With the app working behind the scenes, it has no effect on website speed.

Missing a feature?

Let us know via the chat icon in the app. We’re always interested in learning more about your store and how we can help it run more efficiently!



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Into the Wild

Smart Bundles is amazing! The setup was really simple and now all of my bundle inventory is staying in sync without me having to manage it! I can't recommend this app enough!