Combo Wise ‑ Bundle & discount

Combo Wise ‑ Bundle & discount


All your bundling needs in a single place

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Increase SEO traffic

you can start building bundles in no time at all with a super quick installation process and a 24/7 support team.

Boost sales & discounts

Increase your average order value by offering your customers a discount when they buy a bundle.

Choose verity of bundles

Boost your sales quickly and see happy customers faces by creating an extensive product bundle.

有關 Combo Wise ‑ Bundle & discount

Does your store offer Services or Sales as One Combined Product or Service Package or Package Deal? Then this is the perfect app for you.

Story behind the app

The app was first published in 2018 with version 1.0, With the exponential enhancement, bug fixes, added features, security improvements and implementation of a lot of customer's feedback now we have entered into a world-class experience of new generation bundling solution with version 4.0.

Below are the bundle type you can create using the app

Mix & Match Bundle (New)

  • Stores might have lots of different products that might mix and match each other. For instance, you might have a top that will go perfect with a specific bottom

Basic bundle (Mostly used)

  • A basic combo can be purchased as a single product.
  • Inventory of the child product will be reduced on order creation/fulfilment (optional)
  • You can opt for the "Split in order" fulfilment type so child products will be added to the order line items.

Variant selector - With discount

  • Customer will be able to select a variant of their own choice.
  • Cart value will be defined price. Discount will be calculated automatically.
  • This is based on the draft order method and comes with a buy now button.

Thumbnail view

  • Show a thumbnail view of the child products on the product page.
  • Customer can purchase either full bundle or can select some of them

Split in cart - Without discount

  • Combo products will be automatically replaced by the child products in the cart.
  • Total cart value will be the total of the original child product price.

Variant Selector - Without discount

  • Customer will be able to select a variant of their own choice.
  • Cart value will be the total price of child products.

Box of N products (Developer's choice)

  • Customer will be able to select products from the available product options.

This app allows you to link multiple products into a single product, auto adds images of child products, create a link title to child products, auto-calculate product price and combo delusion to child products during purchase.

App Benefits

  • Smart title builder
  • Auto image generator
  • Auto product replacement
  • Auto price calculator
  • Auto combo catalogue generator
  • Theme independent design

Creating a combo product is easy:

From the app in your store, you can select the option to create a combo and save it by adding a title. From the admin you can also choose various options like auto-create title, auto-calculate price, auto product diffusion and auto add images.

Install this app in a single click without needing a developer and start Boosting your Sells Today!

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5.0 5 顆星


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If you want to create bundled products then this app is for you. There is no such second app for shopify. Very good support. Together, we develop the application based on our needs. Of course I recommend it!

Sky Sins

I needed an app to create combo products as a separate product page and this app helped me achieve that. The best part is their super fast and effective support! Highly recommend it.


Great support and a lot of features for a fair price! I asked the support several questions and they always replied within a few hours and had a solution.