Combo Wise ‑ Bundle & discount

Combo Wise ‑ Bundle & discount

von Charanpahariapp

SEO enabled Bundle & discounts to Boost sales

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Increase SEO traffic

you can start building bundles in no time at all with a super quick installation process and a 24/7 support team.

Boost sales & discounts

Increase your average order value by offering your customers a discount when they buy a bundle.

Choose verity of bundles

Boost your sales quickly and see happy customers faces by creating an extensive product bundle.

Über Combo Wise ‑ Bundle & discount

Does your store offer Services or Sales as One Combined Product or Service Package or Package Deal? Then this is the perfect app for you.

The customer always expects a product that fits his or her imagination. Suppose you are going to buy a t-shirt meanwhile your attention goes on the model's shoes. You are intending to purchase both but you need to find those shoes outside the other product page and you leave the site without purchasing anything. Combo product generator is a full-fledged bundling app that allows you to link multiple products in a single product which helps in customer retention, bulk product selling, increase site traffic and many more...

This app allows you to link multiple products into a single product, auto adds images of child products, create a link title to child products, auto-calculate product price and combo delusion to child products during purchase.

App Benefits

  • Smart title builder
  • Auto image generator
  • Auto product replacement
  • Auto price calculator
  • Auto combo catalog generator
  • Theme independent design

Creating a combo product is easy:

From the app in your store, you can select the option to create a combo and save it by adding a title. From the admin you can also choose various options like auto-create title, auto-calculate price, auto product diffusion and auto add images.

The customer can purchase the combo as a regular product or could remove a particular product from the combo.

Install this app in a single click without needing a developer and start Boosting your Sells Today!

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5.0 von 5 Sternen

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Aktuellste Rezensionen

Mels Crafty Mojo LLC

Great app for bundles with different configurations (single-product discount bundles, multi-product split in cart, etc.).
Support is awesome. Had a slight issue that was unique to our theme and Vicky worked with us to come up with a solution that worked perfectly for us. Definitely recommend!

Apnée Santé

Great app! Works well if you have either a simple bundle of products (e.g. forks, knives and plates) or if you have a bundle of products where the user needs to choose an option (socks - red, yellow green... shirt - blue, white...etc)

Support for this app is also amazing. They replied to my emails quickly and were extremely helpful