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12 de octubre de 2021

This app optimized my site in a matter of seconds and the team was very helpful in making sure my needs were met.

Sweet Drips Handmade
Estados Unidos
33 minutos usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 12 de octubre de 2020

Great app, ran a scan and optimised images in under 1 minute (50 images) increased site speed score from 72 to 89, Would definitely recommend

Proper Pasty Company
Reino Unido
33 minutos usando la aplicación
3 de diciembre de 2020

This app is a must have for stores with large inventories. I had over 3700 pictures on my site, which the app optimized in less than 30mins, with instant results. Straight away I was able to see the benefits, with a visible increase in speed, with no...NO loss of quality of my images. Really impresses, thanks so much

The Continent Clothing
Reino Unido
31 minutos usando la aplicación
19 de enero de 2021

Superb app. Really worked well and so simple. Was recommended to me and no problem doing same for others.

Atlantic Kayaks & Leisure
Reino Unido
31 minutos usando la aplicación
4 de diciembre de 2020

Very good app, i have a problem but the customer service resolved as fast as possible. Thank you so much.

30 minutos usando la aplicación
20 de marzo de 2023

I had a perfect experience with Shopify app support. The agents were very responsive and available to help me resolve my issues. They were very professional and knowledgeable, which helped me quickly resolve any issues I had. I highly recommend

30 minutos usando la aplicación
18 de mayo de 2021

This app is super quick and easy to use. The pay as you go option is a little hard to see, which is probably why there is one bad review, but if you find it it's a super cheap and simple solution. Thanks!

Buddi Limited
Reino Unido
30 minutos usando la aplicación
Fecha de modificación: 1 de marzo de 2022

I used this app to help increase load times and make my store more fluid, however the app rearranged all photos deleted the originals and the load times are not even better now. No clue why this is rated 4.9 stars. Edit: Customer support is very helpful. I will not be using the app however I must recommend the app just based on the support received.

Estados Unidos
29 minutos usando la aplicación
TinyIMG respondió 1 de marzo de 2022

We managed to get a single response from the merchant and checked the issues they mentioned in the review.

1. Checked variants we got from Shopify and checked the merchants store and all of the variants were re-assigned correctly.
2. We have all backups of the images and offered to restore all of them to the original state. When images are optimized It's only natural that they are replaced with optimized versions. We cannot have the same image as It would have no affect.
3. The loading time increased on pages where the images were optimized. 112 MB reduced from 133 images which is almost 1MB per image and It's an amazing result! It should reflect on the page speed insights in 24-48 hours.

We tried to help the merchant, offered to change all images back to original, offered additional help to further speed up their store as there is quite a few things to improve that would increase speed and sales alongside that.

It's quite sad to see that such cool looking stores with great products leave reviews without contacting us first when It's a 10 minute thing to restore all images and we would provide a lot more that would help the merchant out a lot.

Also to answer why It's a 4.9 star - It should be a 5* average. Our bad reviews are only from customers who are not willing to accept our help. Everyone else is really happy with our product and customer support we provide!

We help people not only increase their site speed and SEO, but provide tips on how to increase sales too!

Edit: Thank you so much for the updated feedback! I hope our tips will help you with increasing your speed a lot more!

15 de abril de 2020

Totally worth the small cost, my website loads instantaneously now. My website displays my artwork so image quality is very important and I was pleased to see that this optimization retained the same quality for my images.

LA Smith Art
Estados Unidos
28 minutos usando la aplicación
22 de mayo de 2020

simple and effective app for optimizing my webpage. The chat function means i could ask for additional help if need be

UPVC Warehouse
Reino Unido
28 minutos usando la aplicación