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Bewerkt 19 augustus 2020

Simple and convenient............................................................................... yeah

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TinyIMG heeft geantwoord 20 augustus 2020

Thanks for the review!

We reached out to you through email and Instagram and want to help you increase your speed more!

Waiting for your response!

16 september 2020

Very nice product, my web site is very fast now.
easy to click easy to speed.
thanks for this app

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TinyIMG heeft geantwoord 17 september 2020

Hi there,

Thanks for the review! As It's a 4* review, could you tell us how we could improve ?

We messaged you through our customer support chat and are waiting for your reply!

13 juli 2021

It's pretty easy to use. However, I believe the developer should allow us (clients) to configure the app so that when the the credits are finished, it won't keep optimising files any further. Otherwise, it seams to me that clients satisfaction and safety (economically speaking) is not paramount. Thank you very much for the great app.
Mandarina Beach

Mandarina Beach
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TinyIMG heeft geantwoord 14 juli 2021


Thanks for the feedback! This functionality of stopping optimization once you run out of credit is available on TinyIMG. Currently It's only available when messaging our support team and they enable It for you (we have this information in our billing FAQ). This way you will not be re-charged once you run out of credit.

Also our team is working hard on making this available for everyone and It should be implemented really soon.

P.s. I went ahead and disabled optimization when you run out of credit on your store. If you want to re-enable It, just shoot us a message and we will do that!

Bewerkt 10 augustus 2020

First of all, for sure, their service attitude is very good. Although image compression is just one of the optimization methods, I still hope that this software can be more powerful in image compression.

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TinyIMG heeft geantwoord 1 augustus 2020

Thanks for the review.

As you might know there is alot more to page speed than image optimization. As your images were already optimized, we could not improve that statistic alot.

We sent you a message through our customer support, if you replied, we could help you increase your speed!

5 september 2021

estoy muy agradecido muy buena app, pude aumentar la velocidad de mi pagina con el plan gratis, la recomiendo

DalTiz Perú
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TinyIMG heeft geantwoord 6 september 2021

Thank you for the feedback!

1 november 2020

This app works pretty good and it is easy to use. The translation to german could be better but if you can speak english this point isn't so bad.

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16 augustus 2020

Dies ist eine gute App. Sie tut was sie soll! minimiert die Bildgrösse auf eine optimale Web grösse.

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TinyIMG heeft geantwoord 17 augustus 2020

Vielen Dank für die Bewertung! Können Sie uns sagen, was uns fehlt, da es sich nicht um eine 5-Sterne-Bewertung handelt?

30 april 2022

Nice necessary app. Helped with site load times and image compression. SEO was a great help for the photos.

No Live Bait Needed
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TinyIMG heeft geantwoord 2 mei 2022

Thanks for the feedback! Is there anything missing from our app ?

We contacted you through our in-app customer support chat!

3 juni 2023

I haven't given 5 stars (yet) as I am waiting on some changes I have made at the suggestion of the customer care team to have an impact. However, I will say the team answered all my questions and concerns quickly and with alot of knowledge - which I cannot fault.

Percys Pet Products
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TinyIMG heeft geantwoord 3 juni 2023

When you fix those few issues, you will see a big jump on your score!

Non optimized apps are an issue on Shopify and slow down your store.

And we are glad to answer all of your questions. Looking forward to seeing your store in the 50+ score!

4 december 2020

The image optimizer tool was of great assistance. I immediately witness a difference within my website.

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TinyIMG heeft geantwoord 4 december 2020

Thanks for the review, glad you were really pleased with the results!

A quick question: What is our app missing as It's a 4/5 review ? You can reply us through our email and we will try help you as much as possible!