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26 november 2023

Great concept but missed the usability train. Lots of opportunity to improve and automate redundant tasks.

Stockton Farm
2 månader användning av appen
TinyIMG svarade 27 november 2023


I messaged you on WhatsApp. Would love to know what automation you are looking for.

Can you message me back there ?

25 juni 2023

I have tried to message you yet every time it says away. you dont put times on there and i cant just sit at my laptop and wait for someone to show up. we chose the 19.99/mos yet can't get support. my shop speed score is all the way down to the 30s now. and we need help. i am not sure what this app has helped us with.

SnW Gifts
12 dagar användning av appen
TinyIMG svarade 26 juni 2023

Sorry for the inconvenience caused.

At the summer time we cover the hours from 7 AM to 1 AM UTC. During the remaining hours we get on average 2 tickets while during others we get on average 48 so we try to cover the hours where we get the most tickets.

For speed - I sent you a message and we can help you improve It. If you responded to us on email, we would help you identify the issues and offer solutions.

Looking forward to hearing from you!

21 november 2022

Not very easy to use and I wasn't able to get a support person. And I kind of expect some results quickly especially since I am paying you money I don't have.

Ungefär 5 timmar användning av appen
TinyIMG svarade 21 november 2022


Sorry for not being able to catch our support person. One of our team members has the seasonal flu. Once I saw your message, I replied asap on customer support chat.

If you log-in back to our app, I can help you with every question you have and help improve the store speed.


Redigerat 16 maj 2020

Just tried it.
Desktop: Page load is like on = 1sec in general. I give 4**** as just starting. But App Interface is fantastic! :)
Mobile: is slow --- like 2-3 secs load page + blurry images

44 minuter användning av appen
TinyIMG svarade 17 maj 2020


Thanks for the review! We checked your store and It's fast!

I checked your mobile store and the images do not seem blurry.

If you responded to our message through email or customer support chat, we could help you improve the speed even more and help you with blurry images. Our app does not reduce image quality, so the issue is somewhere else.