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TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

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SEO image & site speed optimizer. Compression, ALT, PNG to JPG

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Drive More Organic SEO Traffic

Rank higher on relevant keywords to get more organic traffic. Drive returning, high-converting traffic to your store.

Boosts your page load speed

This app compresses website images without reducing their quality, helping you increase your page store design load speed and SEO.

SEO & speed on autopilot

No prior knowledge of SEO required! We help you master SEO to continuously improve your Shopify store and bring new organic users every day.

Om TinyIMG SEO & Image Optimizer

High quality images are designed to make your Shopify store design visually appealing, but if they’re not optimized correctly, they can negatively impact on your page load time (site speed), and in turn, harm your marketing efforts.

Slow-loading websites lead to higher bounce rates, lower conversions and a lower ranking in search engines. Not to mention a poor experience for your online visitors.

That’s where Image Optimizer can help! This intelligent app transforms your page loading time by compressing your images, without reducing their quality. Additionally, Image Optimizer increases organic traffic to your online store by improving your site’s SEO structure and speed.

How Image Optimizer works

Image Optimizer automatically optimizes images and uploads the optimized version to your Shopify store (image resize available). You can restore your images to their original state at any time, and you can also optimize images manually too.


Instead of manually optimizing images, you can select the Image Optimizer auto-optimization service. This allows you to optimize images automatically, so you can focus on other important aspects of your business, like increasing your sales.

As soon as new images are uploaded to your store, they will be optimized automatically. High quality photo resize is a must for all high-end stores.

SEO & page speed store audit (New)

TinyIMG generates reports on the store’s page speed and smart SEO alongside actionable suggestions to fix any found issues. The tool prioritizes critical issues (such as empty title tags) that should be fixed immediately, while at the same time providing a full breakdown of all the tiny things that can be easily improved.

SEO Metadata optimization

Metadata is a piece of HTML code that helps search engine crawlers to understand what the webpage is about. Optimizing your metadata is crucial to improve search engine rankings. TinyIMG pinpoints all the issues with your store’s metadata and guides you toward better meta titles and descriptions that help not only search engines, but also your customers.

JSON LD metadata with one click

JSON-LD offers a simpler means to create machine-readable data from websites to promote search results. In simpler terms, it delivers more easily indexable content to search crawlers like Googlebot.

Broken link detection and redirection

Automatically detect and redirect users from broken links to working pages.

Key features at a glance

  • Image optimization
  • Image resizing
  • Edit Alt tags (Alt texts) and filenames
  • Fix technical SEO & speed issues
  • Optimize metadata
  • Broken links
  • Automatic SEO booster
  • Live support
  • Automatic PageFly, LayoutHub images optimization (manual for Shogun, GemPages, icons, badges, pics)

Kan integreres med

  • image optimisation,
  • SEO,
  • image compression,
  • site speed,
  • speed,
  • pagefly

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Pay as you go

Gratis at installere

Billed for extra optimizations

  • 50 Free images per month
  • Extra optimization price 3¢/image
  • Automatic optimizations
  • SEO ALT & filename optimization
  • Back-up for 30 days

24 months


Billed every 24 months

  • 3000 Free images per 2 years
  • Extra optimization price 1¢/image
  • Page audit
  • Metadata edit
  • SEO ALT & filename optimization
  • JSON LD (metadata)

Special OFFER


Billed every month

  • 1500 Free images per month
  • Extra optimization price 1¢/image
  • Page audit
  • Metadata edit
  • SEO ALT & filename optimization
  • JSON LD (metadata)



Billed every month

  • 300 Free images per month
  • Extra optimization price 2¢/image
  • Automatic optimizations
  • SEO ALT & filename optimization
  • JSON LD (metadata)

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4.9 af 5 stjerner

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Seneste anmeldelser

Pearl Heart

When I started optimizing images on my site I noticed some products images disappeared, however I contacted their support team and they promptly found the issue which turned out to be Shopify's API. they were able to resume upload of the missing images and even helped me to make sure the images were displaying at the best resolution possible. Great support team and great app!

Udviklerens svar

26. september 2021

Thanks for the feedback and your patience! We Love customers like you!

Sabre Galactique

J'ai contacté plusieurs applications pouvant compresser des images car je voulais être certain qu'aucune ne peut compresser celles directement hébergées par Shopify et c'est bien le cas. Néanmoins, Tiny a le meilleur service client, c'est celui qui m'a répondu le plus rapidement (même le dimanche). Aussi, il faut savoir pour ceux qui font du SEO que si vous ne changez pas le nom des images via leur application, et que vous les compressez juste, les images auront malgré tout comme nom de fichier "ancien nom de fichier + une série de numéros". C'est embêtant mais on ne peut pas passer outre, quelle que soit l'application. C'est ce dernier point qui m'a fait supprimer l'application car je suis probablement un peu exigeant et il est important de le savoir d'installer l'application. Même si je ne ferai pas un bout de chemin avec cette application, elle reste la meilleure à mon goût pour la compression d'images et les seuls défauts qu'elle a sont aussi à retrouver dans les applications concurrentes. Un 5/5 mérité.

Udviklerens svar

26. september 2021

Merci pour votre retour! J'apprécie beaucoup!


I thought I would have to always run each image through Tiny Png the app. This saves me so much time!