Smart Inventory

Smart Inventory

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Inventory Management, Demand Forecasting, Prevent Stock Out

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Demand Forecasting

Visualise how fast your products are selling. See trends of multiple product sale speed at a glance. Find products sell slower or faster

Prevent Stock Out

Suggest reorder quantity of products in real time. Never get your best sellers run out. No profit loss due to stock out

Auto Promote Overstock

Find your overstock directly with app followed by promoting them seamlessly. You can even schedule flash sale for them

Smart Inventoryの詳細情報

Tell me what to act with my inventory, not just hundreds of useless reports. Inventory management is critical for a successful business.

Yes, Smart Inventory tells you what to reorder in priority by money value not just by quantity. Also it tells you what should be promoted and let you promote them immediately!

  • It shows you what are running out based on forecast not fixed threshold numbers. It's all dynamic based on your products' performance

  • It suggests you how many to reorder today based on your preferred safety stock days which means how many days you want to keep products on hand

  • Find out products need to reorder in priority by money value, not just by quantity. For example, you need to reorder 5 iphones, it's much more important than reordering 100 screen protectors as 5 iphones generate thousands $ revenue but 100 screen protectors just do a few hundreds. Running out iPhones means more potential sale losses.

  • See history selling velocity of all products at a glance. So you not just know how fast your products are selling but also if their sale velocity are accelerating or slowing down.

  • It suggests you overstocked products by value in priority.

  • More importantly, it allows you promote your slow products with most overstocked value (counted in money not quantity) seamlessly.

  • Define you promotion start and end time for products.

  • It shows timer on your product page for promoted products.

  • You can auto tag promoted products, so you can group them into a smart collection by Tags and maybe put on your home page as daily sale to attract your customers to return to your shop to look around.

How it works

  • App collects and analyses history inventory changes
  • App forecasts the trend based on AI analysis and machine learning
  • App calculates reorder quantity of each product
  • Sort by "Reorder Quantity" in DESCENDING order to see what products if run out will incur most sale loss.
  • Sort by "Reorder Quantity" in ASCENDING order to see what products are mostly overstocked in money value not just in quantity.

7 days free trial. Try now, you deserve to save your time for dealing with things really matter. Also, the app tells you what are truly important to your inventory in a simple and easy way.



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  • Shops with 0 - 100 monthly orders



  • Shops with 101 - 500 monthly orders



  • Shops with 501 - 1000 monthly orders



  • Shops with 1000+ monthly orders

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Brooklyn Textiles

They worked with me to customize the pluing and made it exactly what is needed. I think ALL shops should have this pluing and I don't understand why they don't have it.



Thanks, glad to hear the new feature fits your needs :)


I love the app and its ability to project inventory so that I can focus on keeping just the right amount of inventory in stock.
The graphs that they use to represent each product movement provides a nice clear picture of individual product sales.


This is the only inventory app I found to show me detailed trending of the all products. I can easily spot which products are performing and need to be reordered with correct suggested reorder quantity. Also I can see which products are not moving well so we can plan to promote.

These are the main needs for an inventory app. Though at the moment the app looks simple and developers may be working on new features, it is good enough for us to keep our inventory healthy. Actually they hit our real pain points as our products are very hard to predict their demand which comes and goes quickly all the time.

Andy is very helpful too and this is a bit shout out for him.