Custom Size & Price Calculator

Custom Size & Price Calculator

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Add price calculator for custom size | Show resized product


Add Custom Price calculator

Add a price calculator on product pages. Customers can put the height & width to visualize the product and calculate the price

Freedom In Price Settings

Select your default unit, price per unit and minimum price. Set one price for all products or product wise pricing as you need.

Show Product In Custom Size

When selling murals, wallpapers, fabric, carpet or similar items, showing the product in custom size wooes your customer.

有關 Custom Size & Price Calculator

If you are selling wallpaper, murals, fabric, carpet, poster or any other product which can be brought in custom sizes, you must have this custom price calculator cum product visualizer on your store.

What do your customers get?

  • Customers can visualize the custom product resized with the height and width they add.
  • They see the price based on the dimension they input and the price per unit you have set.
  • Can add the custom product in cart to checkout.

What control do you have?

  • You can set the pricing unit and price per unit.
  • You can set a default price for all products or different prices for each of the products.
  • You can set a minimum price for the products.
  • You can also show the default size of the products.

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  • Show product in custom size
  • Show custom pricing
  • Select unit and custom pricing
  • Priority email support

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