Smart Features Icons & Symbols

Smart Features Icons & Symbols

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100,000+ icons in description to highlight features & benefits

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100,000+ Icons

Attractive icon callouts capture initial focus, arouse interest and encourage shoppers to explore the rest of the product description.

Highlight Key Features

Spotlight the selling points of the product to ensure that the users do not miss out on crucial data that sways the purchase decisions.

Product Pages That Sell

Transform bland and boring product descriptions into attractive information pages that excite the shoppers.

Su Smart Features Icons & Symbols

Every single shopper relies on the product descriptions to make purchase decisions. However, many a time, the product descriptions are a missed opportunity, with users often finding them flat or uninspiring — resulting in users moving away quickly from the pages of suitable products.

With text-only descriptions, the users may miss or skip the key product features that would have otherwise sold them the product.

Icon based Feature Highlights to Elevate Descriptions

  • Adding a feature icon alongside a short description, known as feature callouts or highlights, encourage users to slow down and investigate each feature in detail.
  • They make it hard for shoppers to miss out on unique selling points that influence the buying decisions.
  • Icon highlights also help reduce strain on the spec sheet so that the users have a better chance of understanding the product’s key characteristics.
  • The icon box format improves the store UI/UX making it a pleasant shopping experience.

All top line online stores, including Amazon, make use of graphical feature highlights to drive sales and boost conversions.

The Smart Product Description App brings the ability to display icon based feature highlights on your Shopify store.

Setup & Forget

Custom design your highlight box and set up the display rules. The app will then take over to automatically show the highlights based on your conditions.

100,000+ of Built-in Icons

Pick any icon from the library without worrying about licensing. You can also insert emojis.

Customizable Design

Change color, size, border etc to stylize the highlights as per your requirements.

Powerful Rules

Setup highlight display rules based on the product, customer, and store attributes. Combine more than one condition to create unique callouts for each product.

Dynamic Data

Display real-time information such as inventory count, sale percentage, order count, metafields, countdown timer, etc as part of highlight text.

Flexible Position

Display the highlight box anywhere on the product page.


Highlights get displayed super quick without slowing the store.

Links & Tooltips

Specify extra information by showing a message on mouse hover or by redirecting to a link when the user clicks the feature highlight.


Display text in any language of your preference.


Add country restriction to display highlights based on customer location.

1-Click On/Off

Hide or display the highlights anytime using the master switch.


Call attention to special information about a product using stickers on product, collection or homepages.


Quickly add short textual summary notes to any product. Its similar to the feature bullets on Amazon.


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  • For Users on Shopify Free Trial

  • For Shopify Staff Accounts

  • All Features



  • 100,000+ Icons

  • Custom Styling

  • Own Images

  • Dynamic Data Fields

  • 20+ Display Rules

  • Schedule Visibility

  • Links & Tooltips

  • Blacklisting

  • Emojis

Pro Plan


  • All Features from Basic Plan

  • Country Restriction

  • Order Counter

  • Dynamic Metafields

  • Highlight Groups

  • Smart Badges

  • Summary Notes

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5.0 stelle su 5

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Le recensioni più recenti

Luccardo Italian Treats

Excellent app. Love the icon variety and makes product pages stand out. Great for adding tips or information. Really easy to use. Would recommend to anyone. Thanks

Risposta dello sviluppatore

28 febbraio 2021

Thank you so much for your kind words. We really appreciate you taking the time out to share your experience and look forward to working with you!

Fréolic London

It was a bumpy start - wasted some time explaining where to put the budges, but at the end it was done well. Recommend.

Holly and Hugo

I am really happy with the app. Support is excellent and app is simple but it does exactly what it mean to do. Only one thing missing is an import and export feature for multi-store support