Sales Notification | Sales Pop

Sales Notification | Sales Pop


Multi Sales with Sales Notification, Unlimited Pop & more

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Multiple Announcement Preview

Setup your live sales notifications in just few clicks. Keep customers informed using real-time Sales Popup, discount coupon and many more..

Countdown Timer

Display smoothly animated products With countdown timer, Buttons, and special events to your store visitors to keep them engaged.

Grab Visitor's Attention

Announcement bar and you can modify animation, Fonts, Color, backgrounds etc. you can implement your own designs, Ideas and styles.

有關 Sales Notification | Sales Pop

Announce your newly launched, Offered, or Bestseller Product with our Notification Bar.

Display your recently Launched products in real-time to visitors to show how fast-selling they are with Sales Pop. Use these sales notifications as social proof and to create a sense of urgency around products a shopper is interested in.


Real timer preview on our app-admin pannel and customize your own ideas, Also you can update any time like Font-colors, Backgrounds, Font-size, Timer settings.

Why Announcement Bar with Products?

*Easy to setup *100% responsive and mobile-friendly *Best product Upsell App*Visitors see real-time sales on the site (real-time notifications bar) *Social proof to build customer trust *Gets your fast-selling products noticed *Helps shoppers see recent trends of products *Smart product upsell *Reduces bounce rate *Boosts customer engagement *Motivates shoppers to *Manual sales popup to display orders from other sources


  • Countdown timer (Flip-flop & Normal)
  • Auto Product Sync from your Store
  • Easily manage to Display Products
  • Different styling for Notification bar
  • 100% User-friendly Dashboard
  • Allow changing the delay time for Animation
  • Gradient Backgrounds
  • Live Switch for enabling and disable front-store Preview
  • Smooth Animations
  • Buttons with link
  • Create awareness of your current promotion
  • Increase sales by running a promotion (discount coupon, sales promo)
  • Auto Responsive
  • Any time update or make Changes
  • Auto Product sync and the set banner on One-click
  • Own title and Subtitle Customization
  • Upload images form the links
  • Custom CSS
  • Bar Style Settings
  • Auto Responsive
  • 24/7 Support

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  • 1 Product Preview
  • Custom Settings
  • Upload images form the link
  • 10 Product Async
  • Auto Responsive
  • 24/7 support


每月 $9.99

  • Unlimited Products pop ups
  • Countdown timer
  • Specific Page Target
  • Live Preview
  • Image backgrounds
  • Animated Products
  • Custom Style
  • 24/7 support

* 所有費用均以美元計收。 定期費用接按照 30 天為週期收費,包括每月收費或依據使用量收費。

5.0 5 顆星

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Pretty Cool !. The notification bar is really clean, transitions are smooth and eye-catching. easy to set up Quick response, and better design. Other than that it gets the job done.


I am using this app for a while and appreciate their work. Definitely Recommended. must use it and its also free



Thank you so much for writing such a thoughtful review. We are truly glad to know you liked the app for your customized products and our team was able to provide you effective support. Thank you once again for choosing our app and recommending the app to other Shopify merchants.
We wish you all the best with your business.