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23. Juli 2024

I've been using the Smart SEO app on the Business Plan for about a month now, and I must say, it doesn't live up to its name or the $10/month price tag. Here are some of the reasons why I find it underwhelming:

Meta Tags

The app's approach to meta tags is overly simplistic. It only scores tags based on character count, not on the content's relevance to SEO or the page's focus keywords. This "trigger-based" method misses the mark in providing meaningful insights.

Alt Image Attributes

The alt image feature is as basic as it gets. It doesn't provide any advanced tools or suggestions for optimizing image descriptions to enhance SEO, making it feel more like a checklist than a smart solution.

Page Speed

One of the critical aspects of SEO is page speed, but this app doesn’t seem to make any noticeable difference. Despite following its recommendations, we haven't observed any improvement in our site's loading times.

JSON-LD and Structured Data

The JSON-LD function isn't working well. Errors frequently appear in Google Search Console, indicating issues with how the structured data is being implemented. This problem can potentially harm our site's visibility in search results.

Broken Links

The broken links feature is another letdown. Despite the app's supposed capabilities, we still see thousands of broken links reported in Google Search Console, which the app fails to detect or address properly.

Sitemap Functionality

The sitemap function is essentially non-functional. It doesn't submit to Google Search Console, making it practically useless. We had to manually submit our sitemap, defeating the purpose of this feature altogether.

Overall Assessment

Overall, Smart SEO feels like a very basic tool that's not worth the $10 monthly fee. Given its limited functionality, even $2 per month seems too much. I expected more from this app, and unfortunately, it hasn't delivered.

Before deleting the app, I would like to see their reply.


Spice-Land Wholesale
17. März 2019

I have had this Plugin for a couple of months now. I cannot figure out if I have it filled in properly and fully. I notice when I click to preview I am confused because it doesn't show what I filled in. Also, when I then go and click on the actual title and type it exactly into google, it's not showing the meta tag that I want, that I filled in with this app. It's showing my product description which, may be a little more personal and less SEO constructed. It's hard to get in touch with someone as well for help.

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Sherpas Design hat geantwortet 18. März 2019

Hi Ebony,

First of all thank you for installing our app and I am sorry that you are having this frustration with it!

Please note that we have tried to reach you two times already explaining that we can setup the app for you and make sure that it is working properly. So far we have no received a reply from you and I am starting to suspect that you are not receiving our emails.

Hopefully we can get in touch through the conversation here and sort this out.

Milen Kovachev

5. Januar 2018

not quite understand it, seem kind of technical beyond my knowledge

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24. September 2021

That will ruin your code source and create new code files, slow your website, try a manual change to your pages, img by adding titles, meta, keywords, H1,H2,H3,Alt, read more about SEO best practices, txt vs image %,..
Good luck for the team behind, you're doing a good job, but this is not for who need to own his website, lazy people or who don't have time to read SEO may need to try such apps, my rating is due of the app is not fitting my requirements and not for the SEO test result, the app may can do a good impact on your website ranking and pages SERPs.

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Sherpas Design hat geantwortet 29. September 2021

Adding snippet integration to your theme which is removed upon uninstall is standard for all SEO apps, otherwise they cannot function. This will not "ruin your code" especially when you have an easy way of removing them by just clicking a button.

13K merchants are using Smart SEO and this would not have been the case if their code was ruined or their website was slowed down.

But I am wondering, why are you going around and leaving the exact same review for certain SEO apps? I found exactly the same review for Plugin SEO for example. Seems a bit suspicious to say the least.

26. April 2019

Can't really say anything about it. After an hour trying to setup the app I gave up. It keeps giving me an error.

Hair Crown Beauty Supply
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Sherpas Design hat geantwortet 27. April 2019

Hi Daniel,

We did notice that you could not setup your app and this is why we immediately sent two email to you from our Zendesk letting you know that we can set the app for you. Unfortunately you do not seem to be receiving these emails. Please check your spam folder and do contact us on so that we can resolve this for you.



Bearbeitet am 23. Februar 2019

I used the app but I never knew if it actually did anything, It doesn’t say show or tell you what changed. I think the app should show a preview of what it came up with so you can decide if you want to make the changes, modify the proposed changes or not to allow the changes.
This review is the same way really, I take the time to do it, hit submit review and right away it asks me to delete my review. I don’t know if my review is going to show up but I will be checking

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