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31 juillet 2023

I started using smartSEO application for my website, and I must say it has been an absolute game-changer! Not only is the application itself fantastic, but the support provided by Rado was nothing short of amazing.
At first, I was hesitant about using a new application for my site, but Rado's dedication and enthusiasm put me at ease right away. He went above and beyond his job description to help me with everything I needed. Even though it wasn't strictly his responsibility, he provided invaluable advice and assistance that truly made a difference.
Thanks to Rado's expert guidance, my website's performance improved significantly. I couldn't believe the results I achieved with smartSEO! Rado's support was a game-changer and took my website to new heights.
I must say that the level of support I received from Rado is unparalleled. It's rare to find such responsive and knowledgeable customer service these days. They genuinely care about their customers and go the extra mile to ensure their success.
I wish every application out there had at least 50% of the support that smartSEO provides. If that were the case, I'm sure many other website owners would have an equally fantastic experience.
In conclusion, if you're looking for an outstanding SEO application with exceptional customer support, look no further than smartSEO. Rado and the team behind this application are true professionals, and they have made a loyal customer out of me. Thank you, smartSEO, for helping me take my website to the next level! I can't recommend them enough!

Environ un an d’utilisation de l’application
15 février 2024

very efficient tech support! like it very much!

Presque 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
2 juillet 2024


10 jours d’utilisation de l’application
7 décembre 2023

Amazing customer service! The app is easy to use and looks good doing it. I've tried other SEO apps and this is my favourite. It's also well priced. I recommend this to my friends and anyone else reading this review.

Pomp & Sass
11 mois d’utilisation de l’application
10 novembre 2023

Hey, sorry for the late review. Smart SEO takes the crown for functionality, support, and price. The results are way beyond the cost! I've tried a few SEO apps, but Smart SEO is the only one that's spot-on and crystal clear. Lina's detailed and super helpful support even cleaned up the unnecessary debris on our server. Really appreciate it! Will definitely keep relying on it moving forward!

Nipponeer Records
8 mois d’utilisation de l’application
8 août 2023

Smart SEO has outstanding customer service, and they are always ready and willing to help you with any challenges you happen to face. All it takes is a bit of courage to send them a message ;) Also, the app is easy to use and improves the speed of our site ⭐️

Soil of Beauty
Plus de 2 ans d’utilisation de l’application
22 décembre 2023

As an SEO professional, I can say that Smart SEO is a terrific app to have in your search optimization toolkit! Makes it simple to stay on top of meta tags, alt tags, and site load times - all key ranking factors. App customer service is exceptional and fast too! They reached out so that certain issues could be proactively tackled.

Highly recommended!

Fragrance Familia LLC
3 mois d’utilisation de l’application
24 novembre 2023

First of all, I would like to thank Smart SEO customer service once again. When you contact them with any issue or any topic you don't understand, they quickly find a solution, and you get an amazing result. We would like to thank Rado, one of the customer representatives, as well.

Urology Health Store
2 mois d’utilisation de l’application
23 juillet 2023

Brilliant customer service, these guys jumped in and helped fix some problems we were having, made valuable suggestions, and improved our site speed. They also saved us money on other SEO apps that were recommended to us by our digi marketing company that we didn't need (because this app does so much).
Highly recommend this app.

Surf Society
9 mois d’utilisation de l’application
1 septembre 2023

I I recently started using the "Smart SEO" app for Shopify, and I couldn't be more impressed. As a business owner, optimizing my online store for search engines is paramount, and this app has proven to be a game-changer.

First and foremost, I have to mention the exceptional support team behind this app. In particular, Mr. Rado has been instrumental in helping me navigate the intricacies of on-site search engine optimization. His dedication to ensuring that I fully understand the app's features and its impact on my store's SEO is truly commendable. His prompt and detailed responses to my queries have been invaluable.

But it's not just the support team that makes this app shine. The features it offers for SEO optimization are comprehensive and user-friendly. From meta tags and alt text optimization to automatic sitemap generation, "Smart SEO" streamlines the process, making it accessible even for those new to SEO.

I'm particularly excited about the upcoming results. After applying the recommended optimizations to my store, I can't wait to see how my SEO scores will improve. The app provides a clear path to enhancing my store's visibility in search engine rankings, and I'm confident that it will deliver on its promises.

In conclusion, "Smart SEO" is an outstanding Shopify app for on-site SEO, and its support team, with a special mention to Mr. Rado, sets the bar high in terms of assistance and guidance. If you're serious about improving your online store's search engine visibility, I wholeheartedly recommend giving this app a try. I'm looking forward to seeing my store's SEO soar to new heights!

Happy optimizing!


10 mois d’utilisation de l’application