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29 de novembro de 2022

had bought a plan for $4.99 unlimited monthly instead of grandfathering me in he completely disabled app so i couldn't use it but still charged me. for how long i will never know, because its meant to be on autopilot, he then changed the pricing which is why he shut off my app its criminal. I left and will never come back because of that.

Photohack Lovers
Estados Unidos
Quase 2 anos usando o app
Sherpas Design deixou uma resposta 30 de novembro de 2022

Hi Charlotte,

This is Milen from Smart SEO. I am not sure what happened and what you mean by disabling the app. I checked at the time we got this review and we did not have any outages or anything that might be related to the issue on your end. But whatever the problem is I am sure we can fix it in a matter of minutes. Unfortunately we were not able to get in touch with you. If you are reading this please get in touch with us and we will get everything up and running and much more to compensate you for any frustration you might have had with the app. Issues do arise sometimes and I am sorry that you had one but if you give us a chance to resolve it and to compensate you I can assure you will have a much better website in terms of SEO.

I hope to hear from you!

2 de agosto de 2020

The target keyword dissapeared in all my products without sudden explanation, and the broken links section never worked. Costly and non effective.

Ambiente Mexicano
3 meses usando o app
Data de edição: 15 de maio de 2022

No SEO results, No Website speed results. They asked for a second chance, we believed them and we gave it to them, it’s a pity that they didn't live up to our expectations. Conclusion: they are not professionals in this field.

Scandinavian Goods
Aproximadamente 1 mês usando o app
Sherpas Design deixou uma resposta 17 de maio de 2022

Hi Dzimitry,

We did debug your homepage, theme and apps and got your homepage speed from a sad 47 on mobile to 87 and 99 on desktop in just two days. Obviously you have been working on your website and your score is now 81, as I can see a few new errors, but 81 is still almost double 47. On top of that we did send you a message on Friday that we will get your page speed above 90 just that we need some more time. And you left your review on Sunday, obviously frustrated that we haven't done this over the weekend. Let me mention to all readers, that the work we did and were going to do was for free.

So to answer your review: We are professionals, and we are one of the best in our field. But most importantly we try to help merchants even when we are not going to make a penny out of it. We do it for our good name and the reviews here are a testimony to this.

Data de edição: 18 de maio de 2022

I started to use this app for a month now and nothing shows any results or how it is helping my website, when contacting customer service they took a LONG time to reply to my questions and didn't even reply to one of my questions about a overpayment and I had to go the shopify for the answer who then contacted the customer service team to get a reply and customer service team didn't even reply to me at all. Find a better app that will help you and reply to you. Now getting harrast by Milen about me not contacting them when they are aware of why I deleted their app.
I was actually charged twice and it was more than the .46c you say it is , as I was on the one of your plans.. and there was no reply from your company for 4 days so I went to shopify. 2 months on since I have had this app and they were still messaging me, Most companies message you once or twice and then give up- not this company still continued for 2 months, no wonder I didnt reply.

26 dias usando o app
Sherpas Design deixou uma resposta 18 de maio de 2022

Hi Ingrid,

Your support messages were received during the night because you are in Australia and we are in Europe. Our support staff replied first thing in the morning to your questions. Nowhere you mentioned an overpayment, you just said that you do not understand what the app is doing and that you want a refund. In any case an overpayment is not possible because all billing goes through Shopify. So our support replied that you will be refunded and then took the matter to Shopify because it was only $0.46 that we had to refund and for some reason we could not do it from our dashboard. I guess because it was less than a $1. And while the discussion with Shopify was unfolding you left us a 1-star review. Since then I have sent you several messages and tried to call you to explain that these $0.46 will be refunded. I did also mention that we can help with anything you do not understand about SEO, and for free. But you just ignored my messages. I believe this is highly unprofessional and that it's not us who deserve the bad review in this situation.

Anyway, bottom line is your $0.46 has been refunded and now that we are 100% certain that you are just ignoring us, rather than us not being able to get in touch with you, you will not be "harassed" by our team anymore.

Good luck with your business!

9 de agosto de 2019

Very disappointed, I install this app and then uninstalled, but there was left code, when I ask them for help, I need to install again and pay one monthly fee. Sent them emails, no reply.

PLENO Massager
Estados Unidos
Aproximadamente 5 horas usando o app
Sherpas Design deixou uma resposta 14 de agosto de 2019

Hi James,

Please note that the best way to uninstall the app is to go to the Setup page and press the Remove Integration button. This is what we advised you do when you asked us for help. You would not have been charged $4.99 because you have already gone into a billing cycle. And in the unlikely situation that this billing cycle ended the minuted you installed the app again we would have refunded the charge.

Still you went on to manually delete the app and broke your website. Now we would have fixed that was it not for the weekend. Your tickets arrived late Friday night. Please note that we sometimes provide support over the weekends but in general cannot afford to do so for an app which is generating less than a developer's salary. And this support case was indeed answered by us.

Given all this I believe you review is completely unjustified, first of all because it wasn't us who broke your website obviously, second because we gave you a solution and third because in the prospect of paying $4.99 which would not have happened with 100% certainty you chose to risk your sales over the weekend and then blame us for this.

I am sorry I have to be so direct but given all the hard work we have put into this app and the fact that we have been answering more than 30 support requests every day for the past two years I feel that this review is doing us great injustice!

27 de maio de 2020

Why there so much manual work no need for that... You need to be able to automate everything with tokens...

Cartel De Amore
Estados Unidos
10 minutos usando o app
Sherpas Design deixou uma resposta 17 de junho de 2020

The original review was as follows:

"Crap! Why there so much crap, no need for that bulshit... You need to be able to automate everything with tokens..."

But what Shopify did is to remove the profanity from the review to make it more legit in other words protect and legitimize an otherwise dodgy merchant.

To Shopify I would like to say:

Way to go Shopify! You are the ones that deserve a bad review here and I would have given you one but we are your partners and unlike you we will act as one. Next time please take into account that your partners are as valuable as your merchants, if not more valuable and do support them.

To the merchant I would like to say:

The profanity in your review speaks about a person who is unfit to do business and therefore I believe that people visiting your website should know this. And we as an SEO company will make sure that they do.