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Sherpas: Smart SEO

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I feel like this app does nothing at all, I will give it few more days until I uninstall but I would think, no, this is doing nothing at all.

North Rustic
使用應用程式 接近3年

I really haven't seen what a difference it's made. Maybe to early.

Devotions Boutique
使用應用程式 12個月

基本的なSEOを行うには良いアプリだと思います。使い方も簡単です。Meta TagやIMG ALTを一括で書きたい人にオススメします。アプリの動きが非常に遅いので、その部分が改修されるともっと良くなるかと思います。また、一度作った設定を複製できるようにしてほしい。

Charm & Ko. Doll Store
使用應用程式 6個月

This app is great and we use the paid features of it however it is significantly slow and a difficult process to edit all your meta tags. The time it takes to go through each tab and meta tags and wait for it to load and save is painfully time consuming. We cant even right-click and open a new meta in each tab to try and speed the process up... All the features are great but a timely manner would save a lot when you have a lot of products.

Gift Boxs New Zealand Ltd
使用應用程式 30天

I have not improvement in my site. So i dont know how it work but my own seo works working better than that apps.

使用應用程式 2天

I am sure this would be ok if you have made zero input in to your site's SEO already and want an easy win with marginal effect (SEO is more about doing your keyword homework than actually changing them, this won't do that for you).

Unfortunately it decided to change all of my meta titles and descriptions upon install... some of these were titles and descriptions which were already optimized and working well! So I immediately uninstalled to find a lot of code left behind which I had to manually remove to get my meta data displaying again as it did before installing. Fortunately, have managed to remove it but if you do not know what you are doing and find yourself in the same position as me, you'd probably panic!

Paws in Padstow
使用應用程式 18分鐘
Sherpas Design 已回覆 2019年6月19日

Hi there,

First of all thank you for trying our app!

There are two things that I feel I should clarify here:

1. Smart SEO does not change the meta titles and meta descriptions that you have in the Search engine listing preview section in Shopify. But Smart SEO changes your actual page meta title and description based on the SEO templates you have in the app. With the templates you have 100% control over what meta tags are being generated. If you want to use the meta tags from the Search engine listing preview section, the ones that you already had, you just have a template which uses the ${default-meta-title} and ${default-meta-description} token and apply this template to the products that you want. You can also apply it to a collection of products.

Again Smart SEO does not mess with your backend and the data that is already there. What it generates is a matter of configuration and is generated on the fly.

2. Smart SEO has an Add Integration button on the Setup page. Pressing this button will add the Smart SEO code to your theme. But you also have the Remove Integration button. Pressing this one will remove the code from your theme. You do not really have to go and manually amend your theme. It is all there and is automatic.

I hope this information is useful! And if you decided to give the app another try we will be more than happy to set it up for you in a way that meets your requirements.