Smart Store Locator

Smart Store Locator

開發者:ENS Enterprises Private Limited

Add store locations to a map for your customers to find you !


Increase sales

Encourage customers to purchase more in your physical stores.

Bring customers to store

Create a smart store locator for customers by displaying the physical locations of your stores. It's an easy map or smart store locator.

Add multiple store locations

Add as many locations as you want, it can be your own store or your dealers store, this will help customers select from all the locations.

有關 Smart Store Locator

About Smart Store Locator App

The App installs directly within your theme and automatically creates a single page within that live theme. Set up is as easy as just a few minutes and no code or developers are required to install.

Use this app to add personalized Google maps to your website. We made it trivial to customize not only the looks of the map but also the markers. Please make sure you generate an API key (check FAQs link).

The Smart Store Locator App is great for distributors that handle multiple retailers around the country, or internationally.

Note: The Map page is created automatically to your existing Live Theme. You must have a Live Theme in place for it to be installed as a requirement.


  • No coding required - Our Store Locator uses the latest Geolocation technology to get the geographical position of a user with a click of a button.
  • Bulk import - 10 or 10,000 locations? Not a problem for our import engine. Easily import all of your locations from a CSV file.
  • Fully customizable - Everything is fully customizable. Easily change colors, map styles, and many more.


  • Google Map

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  • Up to 100 Views / Month
  • Bulk store import
  • Add unlimited stores


每月 $5.99

  • Up to 1000 Views / Month
  • Bulk store import
  • Add unlimited stores


每月 $11.99

  • Up to 5000 Views / Month
  • Bulk store import
  • Add unlimited stores


每月 $23.99

  • Up to Unlimited Views / Month
  • Bulk store import
  • Add unlimited stores

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