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SmartStreet - Address Verification

SmartStreet - Address Verification

Developed by Shopinet

Price: Free – $999.00 / month Free Trial: 7 days More info
  • Make sure U.S. addresses are valid and complete before sending orders
  • Auto complete & convert addresses into USPS-preferred format
  • Reduces returns and avoids double shipping costs

What is SmartStreet?

SmartStreet is a smart app that is used to validate and standardize U.S. shipping addresses to ensure that deliveries are made and to the right place.

Confusion in goods that need to be delivered and mistakes in addresses normally lead to returns. The use of SmartStreet avoids such situations. When you run the app over orders, it picks up the shipping address and automatically cross-checks it with a daily updated database of addresses. If there is an error, it would notify the persons handling the deliveries so that they can correct it.

Live Demo

You can challenge our verification system by entering any U.S. address to our site: smartstreet.shopinet.xyz.

It is a great tool for online shop owners

Online shop owners frequently handle large quantities of deliveries every day that is marked for so many destinations. As an online store owner, maintaining your clients is your number one priority. You would need to ensure that their parcels arrive in time at their doorsteps and that they are not switched, confused, returned, or delivered to the wrong address. SmartStreet provides you with a service that is a faster and more efficient way of dodging such mistakes.

A great validation tool

SmartStreet makes sure that U.S addresses are valid and complete before sending orders. Sometimes clients of delivery services make errors in recording and noting down addresses. It is an enviable occurrence. It should be the responsibility of the delivery company to make sure that these addresses are correct. If an address cannot be validated, you would have to contact the respective sender so that they can correct it. This informs the clients that their chosen online store is keen and cares for their deliveries hence trust between your business and your clients is improved.

Automatic and accurate

SmartStreet automatically suggest up to 10 addresses while customers are typing to make entry easier. Then it converts addresses into the proper USPS-preferred format. This saves the time and workforce that would be needed to perform the same task. The conversion is accurate because it is not subject to the likelihood of human error. Online stores that use the right format of USPS address for all their deliveries find it easier to store the details in an organized and simple database. This level of simplicity and organization improves your productivity while minimizing confusion.

Reduces returns and avoids double shipping costs

As an online shipping store, your goal is to make deliveries to as many destinations as you possibly can by the fastest means. Efficient delivery increases your customer base which in turn maximizes your profit. More returned deliveries due to errors in addresses affect the number of complete orders you make on a daily basis. You would also need to resend these parcels to the right destinations which keep clients waiting longer as you incur double shipping costs. SmartStreet helps you to avoid all these inconveniences that would affect your business negatively.

The use of SmartStreet would guarantee customer satisfaction and save on your shipping budget. Take care of your clients’ delivery with this smart app. Improve the consistency and credibility of your shipping process and allow your business to thrive.

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SmartStreet - Address Verification reviews (2)


OMG We LOVE this app! It saves us a lot of time. In the past we would manually verify addresses at the USPS website to avoid an incorrect shipment, now it is done for us automatically! Saves a lot of time and error. It is very good at adding the extra 4 digit zips, standardizing format (ie. Lane to Ln, Road to Rd, etc.) and if the address is not found - then it will display an message and send an email to let us know! Then we can contact the customer for address verification. Best of all it is seemless in the eyes of the customer, it all happens on our end not theirs so there is nothing they have to click or choose or review - it just happens. Thank you SmartStreet!!! Oh yeah - I would also mention, we have a LOT of apps, some of them very complex in Liquid Coding changes and I am VERY hesitant to download anything for a fear of it not working with other coding that we have (as the last thing I would want is for coding to be messed up!) We have not had any issues with this app interfering with any other coding. A++++++


Works great and reasonably priced- has definitely saved us money on returns from USPS on bad address as it's always better to get the correct address from the customer at the time of sale instead of relying on a shipping program. So 5 stars from YourCandyShop.com

Free – $999.00 / month

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0 - 100: FREE
101 - 250: $9
251 - 500: $19
501 - 1,000: $29
1,001 - 5,000: $49
5,001 - 10,000: $79
10,001 - 25,000: $199
25,001 - 50,000: $299
50,001 - 100,000: $499
Above 100,000: $999

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