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Redigeret 11. november 2018

Perfect! It does what it says. The design is really good and its very easy to use. Its free as well . No-brainer.

12 måneder bruger appen
16. december 2018

This helped my product pages look more professional very quickly. I really like the efficiency of the "static" pages that are applied sitewide, or to specific collections. Developer was smart to also provide the ability to add customized tabs to specific pages in an easy way. It would be nice if it had more logos embedded in the app as I had to get creative with html in order to have the fonts on the tabs match my site fonts.

11 måneder bruger appen
14. februar 2019

Brilliant APP - Means I can add so much more to my product descriptions
Easy to install and very easy to set up a tab. Thank you
Would like to see Tabs by product Tags as well as collections.

11 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 7. marts 2019

I wasn't sure at first if I was going to include tabs on my product pages. I decided to give it a try any based on the reviews. Let me tell you; this app took my product pages to a new level!! I feel like my pages now take on the look of any other site from a major company on the web. I feel SO much more confident in my site now. Thank you!! I am so grateful!!

Vita Luxxe
11 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 9. oktober 2018

Un apps vraiment pratique pour organiser les différentes idées dans la descriptions des produits! Merci !

Go Lettrage Sticker Art Online
10 måneder bruger appen
14. december 2021

J'utilise cette application pour mettre différentes catégories dans ma fiche produit cependant elle ne s'affiche pas bien sur l'écran d'un ordinateur et on ne peut pas fermer la tabulation facilement, par contre c'est ok sur le téléphone. Pouvez vous faire quelque chose peut être ?

L'Eveil du Désert, Les Huiles Merveilleuses
10 måneder bruger appen
23. april 2021

When I had an issue with the tab app, the team at TK Digital were quick to respond and helped me resolve it easily. Knowing that good quality and speedy technical support was there, gave me confidence in using the app, which has been an asset for my online shop

Julia Gash
10 måneder bruger appen
8. december 2018

Good. Seems like it does what I wanted it to do. It could be a little easier to use though but for the price of the app it's a good start.

Ancient Allure
9 måneder bruger appen
7. februar 2019

4 stars for now, will see if I manage to install everything the way I want to. But seems really promising !

Liquides Confidentiels
9 måneder bruger appen
23. oktober 2018

it works better than the other app i had use, i will recommend about this app , it provide more option

9 måneder bruger appen