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Redigeret 3. december 2018

Great app, wow i just love it. It really helps me and i recommend you it because it's a great app to explore.

weDealit Store
8 måneder bruger appen
11. oktober 2018

This app is very helpful for our website. The setup and implementation of the app is very simple. However, sometimes the design changes dont reflect on the frontend of the website. We have written to the developers and hope they can help us resolve the same.
8 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 18. november 2018

Great app. This app helped me to organised my product page - making it easier for the customer to get lots info about the product without the page being over crowded. However, it would be a better app if you could customise tabs,

8 måneder bruger appen
5. januar 2019

This app has been very helpful and I have not used all of the functionality yet. I am looking forward to using all of the ways it can help.

New Zealand
8 måneder bruger appen
11. december 2018

Good and practical app which offers basic functionality to add static tabs on your products. It’s simple and does not require coding knowledge to do so which is great

Flavour Chasers
8 måneder bruger appen
24. januar 2019

Almost perfect. Very happy with it. Had a few minor issues that I just sent a message about, hoping it will be fixed soon.

Holland (Nederlandene)
8 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 18. november 2018

Very good app. Useful to organise your website with different product page tabs. Easy to use I recommend this app

7 måneder bruger appen
28. januar 2019

It is why I searched. Simple and very efficient. So much time won

Dossard 51
7 måneder bruger appen
Redigeret 14. maj 2019

decent app. does its job.

Words We Wear
7 måneder bruger appen
8. oktober 2018

Great App, was able to exactly customize my product pages the I wanted to give the customer a more segmented understanding of what the products delivers.

Backner ApS
7 måneder bruger appen