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Data modifica: 13 gennaio 2022

I have a question. I am planning on buying a new Shopify template called Symmetry to change my product page style by adding specific tabs per product. The developpers suggested using your app however they don't know if your app would work. Can you tell me if your app can be used on the OS2 theme Symmetry? *I ask you this question by writing a review because I could not find another way to contact you.

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TK Digital ha risposto 13 gennaio 2022

Hi there,

We're sorry that support form was not easy to find on the listing page, it's in the Support tab (next to About the app tab), below the screenshots.

Anyway our support team already sent you reply to your email. Our app works with any Shopify theme, in the most cases it works out of the box. But if not, our support team will be happy to configure the app for you.

If you have any further questions, feel free to reply the email our support team sent you, or just drop us a line to

TK Digital team

Data modifica: 6 agosto 2019

WARNING! This up will mess up your product descriptions layout and even after you deactivate and delete app, the product descriptions are still messed up. SO FRUSTRATING! There should be a test done on these apps before they are able to be released on Shopify! Use at your own risk.

EDIT: After deleting the app, the product descriptions has now gone back to normal. The app would have been great and I would probably have continued to use it had it not messed up my product description layout.

Magic Beauty Box
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TK Digital ha risposto 6 agosto 2019


Really sorry for the inconvenience we caused you. Our team checked your shop and don't see tabs anywhere. Can you please clear your browser cache?

Data modifica: 17 maggio 2019

As others have already said, this was fine until the update. Now it runs slowly and displays "Smart Tabs" branding. Bullet points in our descriptions also no longer display. The developer did respond to our support inquiry (thanks for that) but does not have a fix for the delay.
UPDATE: Developer is looking a little deeper to see if bullet points and speed can be fixed. Upgraded to 3 stars on that basis alone. If they can fix things, we might just stick with it.

HomeSeer Store
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TK Digital ha risposto 16 maggio 2019

Thanks for the review, but It was either closing the app or taking a small contribution.

About the script loading speed. We use javascript to load our app, so It has a slight delay. The loading speed does not depend on us, but on the Shopify theme loading our scripts. :)

16 aprile 2019

Setting up was easy and tabs look good.Had some issues with the tab.
Would definitely recommend it to other merchants wanting to add more product details in their store

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15 aprile 2019

me gustaria saber si es gratis o de pago si me podrias contactar gracias un saludo desde españa

verde porvenir
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29 marzo 2019

I would say this app is convenient and works as it said. the only thin is it doesn't not work for mobile users. and you only have 2 tabs (Including original tab) for free users.

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Tempo di utilizzo dell’app: 7 mesi
27 marzo 2019

Not sure yet. Worked for a bit then stopped working. Gonna give it another shot and will update soon.

Kenley Kids
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Data modifica: 19 marzo 2019

Was Perfect, until the app updates and is no longer free. Im now having to re-do all my tabs as they've reset !!

Flory's Online
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TK Digital ha risposto 19 marzo 2019

Sorry to hear that. We sent an email about this update. We had to take hard decision to turn off app support or ask merchants for a small contribution.

27 gennaio 2019

Looks good on desktop but has odd behavior on mobile with how things expand out. Developer wasn't helpful upon contacting.

Meowy Janes
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10 gennaio 2019

saw i havta post review for it to be free have not used and it got a mininum number of review list so he try it
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