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Product page tabs. Fully customizable free tabs.


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Hygie Paris

Après la mise à jour l'appli a littéralement cassé mon site, N'INSTALLEZ PAS!

App litteraly f*cked up my website, DO NOT INSTALL

Developer reply

March 21, 2019

DO NOT BE like these people. We no longer add anything to the theme Itself, our tab loads using javascript. Also Smart Tabs has a preview option so before activating, you can always check how It will look.

Also If for some reason our app messed up anything or something does not work, before posting a bad review, contact us and we will sort everything out and you will be able to use this awesome app!


I agree with one of the reviews below. The APP was free, worked well. However, I had an issue with duplicate tabs showing up for collections that shouldn't show up. Been back and forth with the team, customer support isn't that great. Never got resolved.

They just started charging for the app and pushed some type of update that basically hid all my tabs. They looked into it and advised to deactivate and reactivate. I also uninstalled and re-installed. I was getting no where with support so I just removed the tab app. I tried other apps, they weren't that great either because it depends on your theme. Currently I am just updating the tabs product by product, I edited the code to add a static tab across certain products, now i'll just edit per product as I upload. Its more of a headache, yes, but you're in complete control this way.

Investor Crate

Was fine until the new update. Basically, this was free with no caveat. The new update added their branding and they want $$ to remove it. Additionally, it broke condition blocks. If you have it, do not update it!

Disappointed. This has turned my work day into a long one! Shopify needs to add a bit more functionality, such as a clean description display to avoid using third party apps!


Same issue as others. I installed the app, never activated, but a promo link that directs users back to this app's page is now attached to my product pages. I have no idea how to get rid of the link and frustrated that I have to contact support to figure out how to get rid of it. See printscreen of the issue here >>

Old Mill Steel

Broke theme do not get.

Developer reply

March 19, 2019

Sorry to hear that. Good news!
Today we released an update which should not brake your theme when you uninstall app without deactivation app itself.

We also added dozens of new theme support along with the most popular review apps


Great app. Does everything I need it to.
I am however a little upset that I now have to pay a fee in order to use this app that was completely free when I downloaded it. Will likely be shifting to a new app that does not come with a monthly or yearly charge..

Developer reply

March 19, 2019

Sorry to loose you! Unfortunately we had to ask you for a small contribution so to save app and not shut it down.

Workout Clothes Shop

I haven't even activated the options inside the app because I read it can mess up the content of your theme after you remove it. So I removed the app without activating any option and it still messed up my theme and left code that shows up on my product page!! Never use this app if you don't want your Shopify store ruined by messing up your theme code.

*After your reply edit*

You are not saying the truth:
- first of all I didn't activated any options because after I installed the app I went to read the 1 star reviews just to be sure. After I read that other people had this problem and it messed up their themes, I decided to delete the app without activating the options.
-second of all after I uninstalled the app it didnt removed the bs-tabs.liquid file that it created when i installed it. And that file is messing up my product page, even after doing what you said in your support video

Developer reply

March 16, 2019

Update 19.03.2019
We just released a new update which should support your theme. We added dozens of new themes and new review apps.

Sorry to hear that.

App does not include our code into theme unless you click button activate inside app.

App also automatically removes code when merchant clicks button deactivate. So there should not be any issues.

We also strongly suggest to spend 1 minute and create backup version before doing any actions.

We are happy to assist you if you still need us.

LOLO Boutique

So I installed this app, but did not like it, because it just did not work for me. Of course I have uninstalled it without deactivation. Then the problems started... I wrote to the support team and they just sent me the video with the instructions how to fix the product page. I followed the instructions and then more problems appeared. Only editing the code did not help. Spent 30 hours and finally fixed it, but needed to delete other useful apps. After sending a 3d email to the support team they just resent the same video.. Thank you but NO! Why do you create something that so many people complained about it? Why not editing some codes or smth? SUPPORT - 1/5, APP -1/5. I WANT TO SWEAR BUT I WON'T. Good luck.

Developer reply

March 14, 2019

Update 19.03.2019
We just released a new update which should support your theme. We added dozens of new themes and new review apps.

Hi there, thanks for a feedback. Its a shame that you had to spent so much time fixing it :(

We normally strongly suggest to spend 1 minute and few clicks to create a backup theme version so to avoid such issues.

Unfortunatelly we can't support all themes available, there are many custom themes which we can't handle automatically. Thats why we always suggest to have backup and also prepared a short video which explains how to fix issues manually in few seconds.

We also just installed Intercom Chat plugin which will help to reach out our support faster and more efficient.

If you stil need our help please ping us and we will sort it out for you.


after deleting the app it leaves you spam in the description of the products
I do not know what to do..

Developer reply

March 14, 2019

Update 19.03.2019
We just released a new update which should support your theme. We added dozens of new themes and new review apps.

Hi there,
You had to deactivate app first so system restore your old settings and only then uninstall your app.

Please send a request to with your store url and we will assign developer who will help you to fix it asap

4 the Love of Bubbles

Broke my site. Followed the directions and my descriptions disappeared. Followed the directions to remove snippet, completely messed up the format of my product pages. I saved a back up copy, but somehow the code is there as well. So even with me getting my product pages to show up legibily, it still has in the code this company's branding link even though no tabs are on the page.

Developer reply

March 13, 2019

Update 19.03.2019
We just released a new update which should support your theme. We added dozens of new themes and new review apps.

Sorry to hear that. Appreciate for your feedback.

I would suggest to reach out our support so we could help you to fix your issue.

I will send you request to access temporary your store so our devs will check whats going on.