Smart Woo Product Import

Smart Woo Product Import


Quick product migration from woocommerce to shopify.

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Easy product migration

Import & migration products from woocommerce to shopify.

Smart features

Import products with variants, multiple images & assign proper collection

One click migration

Time saving & one click product migration process.

Acerca de Smart Woo Product Import

Smart Product Import

Smart Woo Import – App that provides the hassle free migration of products from your existing WooCommerce store to Shopify store.

What can Smart Product Import app do for you?

  • Have ability to migrate Products from WooCommerce to Shopify store.
  • All WooCommerce images will be exported and App will import all the images into the Shopify system.
  • App will assign WooCommerce Feature image to migrated products onto the Shopify.
  • The Smart Product Import will create all your product variations, including assigning them with prices, stock, tax & much more.
  • The Smart Product Import creates relevant Shopify Collections(categories) as per the WooCommerce store and assign the products within the same Collections at Shopify. App will create child category as Tags at Shopify.
  • The Smart Product Import will help you to populate your Tags & Type for your Migrated products.
  • The Smart Product Import will setup WooCommerce’s Retail Price into the Shopify’s Compare Price.


  • To run this process, you need an API key of your WooCommerce site. You can generate an API key by following the instructions in the
  • Connect your WooCommerce store with your new Shopify store using API credentials and then click on start process. The app starts fetching data automatically.

Smart Product Import Process

  • Install the Smart Product Import App within your Shopify Store.
  • Get the WooCommerce API Consumer Key & API Consumer Secret from your WordPress admin.
  • By entering the API details, you will get total numbers of products onto the APP from the WooCommerce store.
  • Click on the "START IMPORT" to start the process.
  • Smart Product Import will download the products from your WooCommerce website and start importing products into your Shopify store.
  • After completed product migration process, Click on "view log" button for download log file. A log file will display all imported products with product imported status.

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  • +1877 536 3789


cargo único de $8

$8 per 200 products, $20 per 500 products, $30 per 1000 products, $50 per 2000 products, $100 up to 8000 products

* Todos los cargos se facturan en USD.

2.0 con 5 estrellas

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Good support but bad app.
Doesn't upload variations with attributes other than color and size.

DO NOT buy this app if you have a complex inventory of items. The best it can do is simple products.

Paid for the app just to find out my products cant be imported. Contacted support and they asked me to pay $100 for a manual import. bullocks