SmartBill Connector

SmartBill Connector

開發者:Mr. Alien

Generate SmartBill Invoices On The Fly

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Generate Smartbill invoices

This feature allows you to connect your store to SmartBill through API and generate invoices on the fly.

Manage SmartBill Stock

Update and synchronize stock while issuing invoices.

Time saving

Save time while issuing invoices and keep SmartBill Connector options set to your preferences.

有關 SmartBill Connector

Generate SmartBill invoices and update inventory with most used billing and management software in Romania with a few clicks.

Each time an order is created, an invoice can be created from the order details page or the Smartbill Connector app dashboard and the invoice is automatically sent generated on the fly then sent back to your store. No need to login to Smartbill website to issue invoices anymore.


  • Generate Smartbill invoices in the fly through

  • Generate Smartbill stornated invoices

  • Ability to update Smartbill inventory once an invoice has been generated

  • Include shipping fees on the invoice

  • Include discounts on the invoicne.

  • Allow to enable/Disable taxes from the app dashboard

  • Allow to choose which invoice series to use to generate invoices


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5.0 5 顆星


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I used this app for generating invoices
It is very good for new users to set up.
Very good app, 100% recommend for new sellers.


I used this app to help me generate smartbill invoices on the fly. I really like how it saves my time a lot. It would be better if you create similar apps for other services

Eliza Shop

I used this app to help me to generate smartbill invoices on the fly. I really like how it works and save my time. Thank you