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Smartsupp free live chat

Smartsupp free live chat

Developed by Smartsupp

12 reviews
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  • Chat with your visitors in real-time - build relationships and loyalty
  • Increase online sales - visitors who chat by up to 5x more often (measurable in Google Analytics)
  • Watch visitor's screen with his mouse movement and clicks - just like you were peaking over his shoulder

Try a free live chat with visitor recording

Smartsupp is a combination of live chat and visitor recording, making it the only tool you’ll need to get to understand your visitors. With Smartsupp you can chat with visitors in real-time and also watch their behavior on your website.

Know everything about your visitors

The Smartsupp plugin lets you identify details of your visitors, like their name, email, or other categories you deem important. You can see all these details while chatting with that visitor so that you know who you’re chatting with (e.g., Tom Smith, who already spent $800 on your website). The visitor has to be signed in on your website for you to be able to see the info.

Chat with your visitors in real time

Smartsupp allows you to help your visitors as soon as they need assistance. You’re able to answer their questions instantly in the on-site chat box. If you notice similar situations arising, create and use canned replies and automatic messages to save time. With this fully customizable, multi-language live chat, you can increase your sales up to five times./

Record the screens of your visitors

Watch video recordings of any visitor on your website in the Smartsupp dashboard. You’ll see their screen, mouse movements, and clicks — great for understanding the behavior of your customers.

The powerful combination of live chat and visitor recordings lets you know customers’ needs even before they make a final decision. Smartsupp helps you keep them on the right track.

VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g88XoQW9V7U


  • A fully customizable chat box

  • Visitor recordings

  • Canned replies

  • Automatic messages and offline hours

  • Unlimited chat history

  • Multi-language support

  • Native mobile apps, both for Android and iOS

Smartsupp is available in following languages

  • English

  • Čeština

  • Deutsch

  • Español

  • Français

  • Italiano

  • Magyar

  • Nederlands

  • Polski

  • Português (BR)

  • Slovensky

Smartsupp free live chat reviews

12 reviews
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  2. 4 stars (1 review)
  3. 3 stars (0 reviews)
  4. 2 stars (1 review)
  5. 1 star (4 reviews)

I didn't understand nothing about how it works and also I have lost 6 euros because it's not free as shown, if you want to see the funcionality they say you have to pay.
I deactivated soon


Dashboard doesnt load. I would not recommend.


In love with this app!
Thanks for the great idea!
It works perfectly!
I recommend! :)


Great free real time customer chat app. Only thing holding it back is its reliance on a generic phone app to interface with, this app has annoying ads and times out after a set period of time meaning vendors have to be vigilant to ensure their "support" is always online.


The worst support. I wanted to use their app but it wasn't working despite the fact that is used to work, and they couldn't even resolve the issue, didn't even request for a staff account and try to resolve the issue. I will look for a different live chat app.


Good idea but not worth the hassle and IF you DO find a way to reach support as Kapp said..."Support apathetic at best." In my entire free trial it was so hit and miss as to whether it would record visitors. First half of the trial period I was able to collect and gather a history of the recordings that actually happened and then one day in the middle of the trial...they all disappeared and I was told they are only kept 1 day...I was still on the trial pro though, not the free plan.

While these guys have a great idea and are 'trying to' combine a couple of services that are highly needed, they aren't doing it very well. Currently when I open Smartsupp in myshopify...I get a page of code and there is no simple way to contact them that I've found except to come back here or via email.


In Response to KAPP STUDIO:
We still use SMART SUPP and always will.

The support is always great from the team whenever I contact them.

The Video Function has always worked perfect and is one of the best tools to analyze your customers browsing patterns.

Try using Chrome for example and if using Chrome Browser update your version.... I honestly must say I am surprised you left a poor review as I do not know how this is possible when I am speaking from an un-biased point of my experience.
Smart Supp always stays logged in which is a great feature so you can just click "ONLINE or "AWAY" or "OFFLINE".

Sure you can switch to Facebook Messenger but all you can do is chat, but you won't know any analytics. Where did your customer come from ? Who referred them, what page are they browsing so you can better support them without confusion.

Our site as 9000 product pages so having a tool that gives you direct insight and links to the customers current page is very vital. SmartSupp has incorporated so many extra features that I immediately paid for a full year which comes to under $100. Look what some heat mapping apps charge per month yet heat mapping will not allow you to watch actual videos of each customers visit and their patterns. You can see all mouse movements and how they choose to navigate.....What parts of the site are they skipping over. You have to understand how valuable this tool is.

SmartSupp also has Online Chat to them when your using their APP Dashboard so if you have a question just open up their online chat and talk with them. They are based in CZECH so if your in the USA you have to catch them in the morning. I just finished chatting with Alex and he suggested I setup Auto-Messaging today to auto-engage with pre-set messages for first visit, second visit, and if your away. This type of system build trust with your new online visitors who may be wary your site is not active. Customers like to know their are real people behind the site working and ready to assist. SmartSupp gives you all the tools you need in one handy APP to do what would take 3 to 4 other apps to achieve.

I would never un-install SmartSupp off our site and I really do not know who would if they see all the uses.

I am not sure what is going on as far as your functionality of SmartSupp when you tried to use it, but my experience was this.
1. Installed
2. Setup
3. Been using for over 4 months.
4. Never crashed or gave me a single error once.
5. 110% very happy to be using this APP everyday.

For new Shopifiers out there I would read beyond one review and strongly consider using SmartSupp. You can read below on my original review of more details this APP can offer.


Tried 5 Chat Apps before sticking with SMARTSUPP.

Okay I am not going to name any names of the other Chap APPs but what everyone needs to know is what value they will get for the monthly price they pay.

1. SMARTSUPP Live Chat installs flawlessly. Simple click "Get" and your set.
2. SMARTSUPP Analytics. Insight on every element of your visitors.
3. SMARTSUPP visitor browsing shows current page view in dashboard as well as how many minutes, are they active, how they found your website. This is all the most valuable data required to help a visitor in online chat.
4. SMARTSUPP Vistor Recording - Watch browsing of your visitors like a Movie on your Dashboard. I LOVE THIS FEATURE ! By far this is better than any heat mapping APP because your watching a real browsing pattern on where your visitors are clicking and how they are navigating your site. This insight alone some other APPs charge $20 to $40 per month just for a Heat Map feature. Take it to the next level and watch videos right on your dashboard.... It makes you the Big Brother of your website, but don't you want to see all the activity in real video. Stop guessing, start watching and learning your visitors patterns and improve your site to make more sale ! I think that the goal of everyone who works so hard to build a great Ecommerce Site.

Oh yeah did I mention you can also incorporate this onto your Mobile Phone when away from your desktop to never miss an Online Chat ? YES you can !

The Team at SMARTSUPP was there to answer my questions and help with the setup for Mobile Phone Chat.

I gotta tip my hat off to SMARTSUPP. My trial period ended and I just paid for a years service at $8/month.....Thats such a great deal when you consider that this APP by SMARTSUPP is packaging up about 4 APPs in one simple clean interface to give you every tool needed to continue improving your site.

Because we don't want to have 20 or 30 APPs to go in and out of to manage all functionality and insights I try to find APPs that serve multiple needs in one. This APP really gives me everything needed in a clean easy to understand dashboard. I am thrilled to be using it daily and to see where my visitors come from and where they go from page to page. Engaging in Online Chats has never been easier since I can just click on the link provided in dashboard and see and discuss exactly what the visitor is looking at with zero mistakes in product discussion. Our site manages currently 9000 product pages so we always want to make sure we are discussing the correct product with our customers.

Not once has this app crashed....Never affects any other functional elements in our theme code.... Just great functionality and fast performance.

I am always reluctant to install and try new APPs cause sometimes you learn the hard way when you try new APPs.... Site errors, bad code, etc.....

I will stick with SMARTSUPP for life.... They may be newer and only have a single review so for the new guys on the block I see them becoming a front runner in ONLINE CHAT Service and easily surpassing many of the bigger well known chat apps quickly..... WHY ? The value they built into this APP.

Look around for yourself and see what $8/month will get you. In my opinion this APP is easily worth 5 to 6 times what they charge.

KUDO's to TEAM SmartSupp ! Keep the prices where you have them and you should take the Online Chat APP market by storm. I can't wait to see what you do next !

Jesse Nelson


Support apathetic at best. Documentation lacking. They say 'free' but once you finish the free trail there's a monthly charge - #scam. Difficult because you don't stay logged in. Had difficulty with the 'recording' feature - it's automatic but when I went to watch it, the message was 'tape was broken.' When I asked support about this, they said the app was installed twice and would not help (on top of that her response was snarky.) I didn't install it twice. Very long response times to support requests - it's been a few days now since I asked how to deinstall - no response and no documentation addresses this. I delted on Shopfy and just pray at this point they don't charge me and I don't need further wasted time on this. Get the FB messenger app or something that doesn't have multiple log in points and doesn't stay logged in - and this doesn't have a bot or memorized answers either. Many of the positive reviews - click on their shop name - they aren't using this app anymore. I should have stopped there and not installed. Lesson learned.


Does splendid job. Work just fine. Video recording function gives potential in analysing customer's activity patterns.


Worked beautifully with IM+ for Android



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