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Smartsupp free live chat

by Smartsupp

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It worked well for a while and now the dashboard won't load. Tried to get in touch with customer service and they've said it's my firewall, which it's not. They've said there's nothing else they can suggest. Frustrating and now looking for an alternative app.

A I Stone

Having a hard time figuring out how to get it posted onto my website


I didn't understand nothing about how it works and also I have lost 6 euros because it's not free as shown, if you want to see the funcionality they say you have to pay.
I deactivated soon


Dashboard doesnt load. I would not recommend.

Fundos Em Tecido

In love with this app!
Thanks for the great idea!
It works perfectly!
I recommend! :)

Tear Repair

Great free real time customer chat app. Only thing holding it back is its reliance on a generic phone app to interface with, this app has annoying ads and times out after a set period of time meaning vendors have to be vigilant to ensure their "support" is always online.


The worst support. I wanted to use their app but it wasn't working despite the fact that is used to work, and they couldn't even resolve the issue, didn't even request for a staff account and try to resolve the issue. I will look for a different live chat app.


Good idea but not worth the hassle and IF you DO find a way to reach support as Kapp said..."Support apathetic at best." In my entire free trial it was so hit and miss as to whether it would record visitors. First half of the trial period I was able to collect and gather a history of the recordings that actually happened and then one day in the middle of the trial...they all disappeared and I was told they are only kept 1 day...I was still on the trial pro though, not the free plan.

While these guys have a great idea and are 'trying to' combine a couple of services that are highly needed, they aren't doing it very well. Currently when I open Smartsupp in myshopify...I get a page of code and there is no simple way to contact them that I've found except to come back here or via email.

Kapp Studio

Support apathetic at best. Documentation lacking. They say 'free' but once you finish the free trail there's a monthly charge - #scam. Difficult because you don't stay logged in. Had difficulty with the 'recording' feature - it's automatic but when I went to watch it, the message was 'tape was broken.' When I asked support about this, they said the app was installed twice and would not help (on top of that her response was snarky.) I didn't install it twice. Very long response times to support requests - it's been a few days now since I asked how to deinstall - no response and no documentation addresses this. I delted on Shopfy and just pray at this point they don't charge me and I don't need further wasted time on this. Get the FB messenger app or something that doesn't have multiple log in points and doesn't stay logged in - and this doesn't have a bot or memorized answers either. Many of the positive reviews - click on their shop name - they aren't using this app anymore. I should have stopped there and not installed. Lesson learned.


Does splendid job. Work just fine. Video recording function gives potential in analysing customer's activity patterns.

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