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3. Juli 2023

I am not even a week in, your count for the session isn't the same as GA. I know I don't get 20k visits a week. I didn't expect to blow through 20k impressions in just a few days. I will not be purchasing a bit disappointed. If you get around 1k session a week you will blow through the credits really fast. I don't think it is worth it.

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6 tage mit der App
SmashPops hat geantwortet 4. Juli 2023


We're sorry to hear that you've had a bad experience.

In general, differences between Google Analytics traffic and SmashPops displays may be due to:
- Display rules causing the popup to appear several times per session.
- Visitors using privacy tools that prevent Google Analytics from capturing data.

However, in your case, our engineering team suspects that the additional traffic may be attributed to bot activity on your website and a mitigation strategy has been deployed today.

Our policy is to exclude all bot interactions from the display count to ensure that you're not billed for non-human activity, while simultaneously ensuring to respect the activity of search engine bots.

We would be glad to be able to confirm our diagnostic if you decide to work with us again. Of course, we would offer our service for free and refund any bill while we confirm that this was indeed the root cause of your issue.

Best regards.