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Datum úprav: 10. leden 2024

Unable to customize what you want to earn point by customer.
After several enquiries, they only provide you an unfeasible solutions, and do not want to optimize the common features.

Par-Tee Golf
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Vývojář odpověděl 6. leden 2024

Hi there,

Thank you for taking the time to share with us your concerns. I will follow up directly with you over email to understand exactly what you want to do and explore other possible solutions.

- Sarah and the Smile team

30. říjen 2023

Useless unless you pay, you cant even edit your programs without paying. cancelled

Jihoafrická republika
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Vývojář odpověděl 1. listopad 2023

We are so sorry to hear that your experience wasn't up to our usual standards. A member of our support team has reached out via email to learn more about your experience.

13. listopad 2023

I've been a paid customer for several months, and I am facing a bug where a customer keeps referring themselves and generating discount coupons. The backend shows that their coupon was blocked but in reality it isn't. I brought the issue to the support team and they simply replied "you can block the customer" and they didn't provide me with any answer in regard to why it was happening in the first place. No accountability in the loss of revenue that we faced. Unsubscribing and uninstalling this app right away.

My Pahadi Dukan
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10. srpen 2023

We are only small grocery and not too much profit at here. I using the app until they send me the email.
with 600 orders/month , is not too much in rural and their palan is $199/month. Very expensive for us.
I will use another ways for that

Asia Food Stock Grocery
Doba používání aplikace: Asi 3 roky
Vývojář odpověděl 11. srpen 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. We value your opinion and reached out to you personally via email to discuss this further.

3. srpen 2023

Don’t recommend this app or this company, they charged me multiple times even after uninstalling and cancelling them. Which forced me not to be able to pay my overall bill. I was forced to pay them for a month service I didn’t use and they also charged me for August as well. Thieves

Spojené státy
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Vývojář odpověděl 5. srpen 2023

Thank you for the feedback! We've sent an email your way with some additional information to clarify.

Datum úprav: 11. březen 2022

I had to downgrade my review because they no longer offer any sort of support. We've been loyal to them for 4+ years and I think we're going to have to look elsewhere

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Doba používání aplikace: Asi 7 roky
Datum úprav: 2. leden 2019

Customer service sucks. Sat on chat for 22 minutes before giving up. App isn't integrating with Shopify sales when customers try to use their reward codes. They can see that they have a reward and they get a code, but I have to issue a refund for them to get the discount. Not cool.

Cedar Hill Farm Company
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Doba používání aplikace: Téměř 7 roky
Datum úprav: 7. listopad 2016

Old Review: Very user friendly and customizable!

New Review: Completely disappointed with the downgrading of our current plan based on a Notice and Warning without any reason. Following message appears:
"This is our mistake and we completely accept responsibility. These advanced Sweet Tooth features need to be switched to use the coupon upload tool before Friday November 11th."

We have been using the app seamlessly for the sole purpose that it was touted as easy to use, set it forget it, but now with the necessity of manually uploading coupons it defeats the purpose. May have to Remove it. Will not recommend.

Unjaded Clothing
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Datum úprav: 7. říjen 2020

Update: After weeks of working with Katrina, who's been excellent with her attention to our concern, we've decided to uninstall the app. The bug in the app is a no-no, given the cost of the app which is pretty high, too. I think apps should really test all possible scenarios to avoid bugs and become transparent about what they can and cannot do, especially for apps like this which reward customers. It's a design flaw that should have been captured in the very beginning--we've had this app for years! We don't want to be shortchanging our customers; we've already manually corrected from our end (but we can't continue manually correcting or adjusting our point-system for all future rewards--defeats the purpose of having an app). It's also a lesson for us, too: to test the accuracy of the calculation of such apps, especially because there are more app choices out there and it's a responsibility that shouldn't be taken lightly. -----------------
I think I have given enough time to wait for a decent reply. The issue is affecting a big part of the feature, which is the calculation of the points, and I think other stores should really look into this as well (it is problematic). Currently you're double deducting the VAT that's included in the shipping cost. I've sent a reply to the answer I got more than a week ago; and that was even also after waiting for days on end. It's a big thing that I had to stop the app. I don't know if there's less care that is given to the legacy subscribers just because we're paying less than what it is priced now? I'm in the middle of testing a new app, which offers the same features as you guys have for much less cost. And, I have waited sooo long to really give this an objective review/trial by trying to work with you on a solution but your support is just soo bad that it looks like I will just have to let go of this app that we've had for years. And there we go; another week passes with my chat messages being ignored (and yes, I know you've got a lot of inquiries now but more than a week of no reply whatsoever is just not acceptable.

Art Nebula
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Vývojář odpověděl 21. srpen 2020

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review! We're really sorry for the long wait time that you've experienced, and for this issue that you've experienced. We're sending over an email to help out more with this issue.

22. srpen 2022

Customer service is absolutely the worst! They told us to upgrade to 200$ plan to get the features we wanted, then after the upgrade, it turned out the features were only available on the 600$ plan, tried to downgrade literary 3 days later, been back and foward with customer service to get a refund for almost 2 weeks now, they still didn't refund!!! It is not the first time they are being super shady with billing!!!

iLevel Lab
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Doba používání aplikace: Asi 4 roky
Vývojář odpověděl 22. srpen 2022

We appreciate you taking the time to write in and leave feedback. I sent you a private message so that we can get this all sorted out for you ASAP.

I also took a look over your account and can see that you were automatically credited the difference between the plan you were on before and the plan you downgraded to. This credit will be applied to future invoices of your new plan automatically. I also sent a message to our Billing department so that they can see about getting you a refund instead of a credit if that is your preferred method.

As for the features, I reached out with further clarification on the features and plans, and a little gift on us, for any confusion.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else.

💛 The Smile Team