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Datum úprav: 5. květen 2020

I can't really give this App the full stars, as I have had the program live on my store for over 6 months now, and I still don't feel confident in FULLY sharing with my customers, as I still don't understand how they earn the points, get the rewards, etc. **I just read the 2* review by "Wicked Wigs".. MY POINT EXACTLY!!!
I've asked CS several times for a simple FAQ Page Template, but only get back a couple of links to OTHER stores, to use as examples to "build" my OWN FAQ Page.
I am a BASIC user, meaning I typically have to hire out projects that are not "plug-n-play" type things. So, building an entire PAGE would be over my knowledge, and right now I just cannot afford to hire another developer to create this Page...
So I've considered just canceling and removing it, but my VIP FB Group customers would be severely disappointed, as I've been telling them I'd get it figured out soon.
Some of my customers have multiple accounts on my site, which they're asking how to combine the accounts and still get all their points. No clue how or where to start with that one. I've tried searching thru the Smile help center, no luck either.
This whole thing has just been a giant MESS. If I can ever get it simplified and working properly, I would be happy to come back and edit my review, and i sure HOPE it's not gonna be another 6 whole months either!
Lastly- I have a mobile App built thru Tapcart. I was (at first) so excited to see under their "Coming Soon" integrations, SMILE was about to be offered to our Apps! *That was MONTHS AGO, and STILL NOTHING....
Speaking of Tapcart, there is a perfect example of GOOD, QUALITY CS & implementation! They simply gathered the information they needed, and came back with the entire iphone app BUILT, DONE. I did not have to jump thru any hoops, learn this or that coding, etc etc etc...
Another reviewer mentioned SEZZLE... even a better example of how Smile NEEDS to have all of the much-needed/ MUST-HAVE templates, etc, for their merchants to be able to use!
Now for the crazy expense... Omg. I can't even stomach the fact of allll the lost $$ I've waisted over these last months. Not even the high monthly fee we pay for Smile, but the hundreds++ of bucks we're losing monthly, due to my own ignorance of not fully understanding how this program works (and does NOT work) in my favor. I have hundreds, more like thousands of customers who have grown tired of my constant procrastinating in fully explaining HOW this "rewards program" WORKS!

Dream Leggings
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Vývojář odpověděl 5. květen 2020

Thank you so much for your candid feedback - this is really appreciated! It'll be helpful for us to implement better features to help businesses like you grow. We'll be in touch shortly to help out with the issues mentioned here!

15. březen 2022

Does not work with Paypal: if you place an order with Paypal, the user doesn not receive any points. And it's not specified anywhere that it doesn't work with Paypal...

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Vývojář odpověděl 15. březen 2022

Hey there, Thank you for your honest feedback we really appreciate it.

I'm sorry you've had this experience. We've double-checked and Paypal purchases will earn points for customers. I've passed this to our technical team for them to look at urgently to see why this isn't happening for you. Thank you again and we look forward to fixing this for you.

Datum úprav: 7. červenec 2021

Honestly disappointing. It tries to do too much and it fails miserably. They are quick to raise the price for basic functionality but are slow to help when it comes time to make their product a success. One of the problems is once you have it installed, migrating away from it is a complete nightmare. We like the idea of this product but the execution is just poor.

Tropical Fruit Box
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Vývojář odpověděl 2. červen 2020

Thank you so much for your review and feedback! 💖

12. srpen 2019

Too expensive. Requires educating customers over and over again. Not easy to understand how to use code. Most customers place it in the "Notes" box during checkout requiring website owner to manually apply the discount. Will most likely delete this app within the next week.

BirDelicious! Origins Wild Diet®
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Vývojář odpověděl 14. srpen 2019

Thank you for the feedback! We've sent an email your way for more information. :)

Datum úprav: 12. září 2018

We have not used their app in months live on our site and they're still charging us! Want refunds.



TOTAL refusal to refund or make this right with us. They say they could not find any emails from us so it's our fault. Maggie does not seem to care about the reputation of the app at all and would rather not help us.

They are not trying to work with us at all for an end result. At this point, money would be there only goal and I would not recommend working with them. They are a very pricey app to be this unhelpful.

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22. červenec 2018

THIS APP DOES NOT WORK FOR IN-STORE REDEMPTIONS. If you are a Shopify store owner and want to find an omni-channel solution for loyalty points, do NOT use Smile. It's become a huge hassle for our team as the customer points show up as "error" when trying to redeem.

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14. duben 2017

Seems to be a lot of bugs. Coupon not working after points activate coupon.

Live Famous
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2. listopad 2022

I am leaving a 1-star review due to the extremely poor level of customer support that Smile offers. Unlike other apps, the Smile support team will try to help with the least possible effort, and will never actually be willing to login to a Shopify store to assist with the app's implementation or code (i.e. through a collaborator link or staff account login).
All the support team will do is send you one of their trained reply templates to provide a help article. We wanted to show the Smile launcher on only one page of our website, but were told that this was not possible. We would have to 'exclude' every single page on our website to be able to do this. There is no option in the app to only 'include' certain URLs to display the launcher. This is not helpful at all. Additionally, we found through the support team that certain features of the Smile app are only available to people depending on when the account was created. For example, they currently offer different ways the launcher can be displayed on mobile - but only for new accounts. Because we have an older account, the team refuses to give this option to us. This is extremely bizarre and not logical at all. Seriously Smile - for the amount that you charge merchants to use your program, you really need to improve your customer support and allow more customization for merchants.

Welham & Co
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Vývojář odpověděl 2. listopad 2022

***UPDATE 07/2023:
Thank you for your patience, I'm happy to let you know we have been able to add you to the beta group for this feature. We have been trying to contact you to confirm and see how else we can ensure your program is working optimally and we look forward to connecting with you soon. ***

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We really appreciate your feedback.

I truly understand the frustration these issues caused. I'm going to carefully look into the problems you highlighted and reach out privately to try and resolve these concerns.

Customer service is incredibly important to us and we always try and offer the best advice and support that we possibly can. Some things are outside our control but we will always try and offer workarounds and solutions. We will never refuse to offer a feature if it is available and we are currently looking at ways to offer the visibility option to you we are just waiting to see how we can add you to the control group.

Again, thank you for your review and I look forward to connecting with you to resolve these issues.

David Wyatt
Merchant Experience Manager

24. leden 2017

Will be deleting the app, harrasses shop owners if youre not using it at that moment.

Definitely not recommended. Who in their right mind wants three emails every single day reminding you to use the app. Not a chance.

Vinyl Lady Decals
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3. únor 2019

I installed this app earlier today. Set up was easy and quick. We were excited to release it.

Since releasing it we’ve noticed it’s only working for some customers. Half the customers are receiving their points for singing up and the other half aren’t.

I’m hoping this can be resolved or we will ha s to remove the app. I will update if the issue is resolved.

Ari's Essentials
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Vývojář odpověděl 27. březen 2019

Hey there, we're really sorry to hear that you're experiencing an issue using our app. We'll be reaching out via email to get this resolved for you!