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30. oktober 2023

Useless unless you pay, you cant even edit your programs without paying. cancelled

Mere end 3 år bruger appen svarede 1. november 2023

We are so sorry to hear that your experience wasn't up to our usual standards. A member of our support team has reached out via email to learn more about your experience.

20. august 2023

This app was a fantastic solution for our small business until they changed their pricing tiers out of nowhere. We have too many customers/ orders per month to now qualify for their free plan and they want to force us into the $200/month plan after we have spent the time getting all of our customers set up. We have all of our customers with points accumulated and cannot afford $200/month to continue. We are stuck scrambling to find an alternative. I know a few other businesses that are looking for an alternative now too because they dont feel comfortable knowing smile can up and change their tiers and force you into a very expensive plan after you have worked so hard to establish all of your customers on

This app is not ideal or supportive for small businesses that cannot afford $200/month just to offer points to customers. We never needed any of the extra perks of the premium plans. We only needed the point program and now we have to figure out how to explain to customers that their points will be gone September 7th.

The Plant Room
Mere end et år bruger appen svarede 22. august 2023

We're so sorry to hear about the experience you've had with some of our recent pricing changes! We've reached out to discuss some alternatives with you and are optimistic that we can find a solution that will work for you.

Looking forward to discussing this with you so we can help keep your program running!

Yours in Loyalty,

Brandon - Manager, Live Chat

13. november 2023

I've been a paid customer for several months, and I am facing a bug where a customer keeps referring themselves and generating discount coupons. The backend shows that their coupon was blocked but in reality it isn't. I brought the issue to the support team and they simply replied "you can block the customer" and they didn't provide me with any answer in regard to why it was happening in the first place. No accountability in the loss of revenue that we faced. Unsubscribing and uninstalling this app right away.

My Pahadi Dukan
6 måneder bruger appen
10. august 2023

We are only small grocery and not too much profit at here. I using the app until they send me the email.
with 600 orders/month , is not too much in rural and their palan is $199/month. Very expensive for us.
I will use another ways for that

Asia Food Stock Grocery
Cirka 3 år bruger appen svarede 11. august 2023

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. We value your opinion and reached out to you personally via email to discuss this further.

3. august 2023

Don’t recommend this app or this company, they charged me multiple times even after uninstalling and cancelling them. Which forced me not to be able to pay my overall bill. I was forced to pay them for a month service I didn’t use and they also charged me for August as well. Thieves

Næsten 2 år bruger appen svarede 5. august 2023

Thank you for the feedback! We've sent an email your way with some additional information to clarify.

21. august 2023

App gets installed and then refreshes constantly and never works. Tried reaching out to customer service and they said they couldn't see my site as installed even after sending a screenshot. The app is not functional or user friendly.

En dag bruger appen svarede 22. august 2023

We're so sorry to hear that you're having a less-than-ideal experience with your program launch! I believe our support team was able to resolve this quickly, regardless, I've reached out via that chat thread to ensure that things are operating as expected. Looking forward to hearing from you over there :)

Yours in loyalty,

Brandon - Manager, Live Chat

5. juni 2023

I cancelled this app over two months ago and I am still being charged. I reached out to customer service multiple times and have been ignored.

6 måneder bruger appen svarede 5. juni 2023

Hi there!

Our team has reached out get this resolved for you but we haven't seen a reply back yet. If you aren't getting our responses, please send an email to We'd like to get this resolved for you today if possible.


11. april 2023

Its a brilliant app, been using this loyalty app for 3 years.. However after this update they made, they removed alot of settings and features from the free plan.

Now i can't change and edit my settings, i literally have to fork out 50 usd just to change a few settings. What a bunch of greedy devs.

Cirka 3 år bruger appen svarede 11. april 2023

Thank you for your candid review! We really value and appreciate this honest feedback. We've sent an email your way with some additional information.

8. marts 2023

Cant use the app as it Just flashes the screen when trying to view the app , unusable as i cant get past the opening screen

Classic Gent
6 minutter bruger appen svarede 8. marts 2023

Hey, thank you for your review. I'm really sorry to see you are having difficulties I have reached out via email to help you resolve this and get you up and running.

Redigeret 2. januar 2019

Customer service sucks. Sat on chat for 22 minutes before giving up. App isn't integrating with Shopify sales when customers try to use their reward codes. They can see that they have a reward and they get a code, but I have to issue a refund for them to get the discount. Not cool.

Cedar Hill Farm Company
Næsten 7 år bruger appen