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11. september 2018

SCAM...Just observed lot of spurious sign ups, just checked the paid app, it is based on the sign-ups..Biggest SCAM in shopify apps...Reporting this app, right away and uninstalling.

Nautical Kart
9 dage bruger appen
7. oktober 2019

So bad that such an app can not be used in another language than English. Obviously, it isn't stated anywhere before you start to setup everything.

La Bombilla
8 dage bruger appen svarede 7. oktober 2019

Thanks for the feedback! We've sent an email your way 🙂

21. februar 2018

we are a small store (10-15000 visits per month, a few thousand customers). The launcher, without an intent page has murdered my conversion rate. The points don't show on my customer account page, so I cannot promote the service to customers, without losing them via the terrible UX and limited positioning of the launcher. My only alternative to provide proper is to pay 600 a month, which I'll get no return on and cannot afford to invest in with a customer list only in the 1000s. It feels like a honey trap / bait and switch tactic. Fundamental user experience requirements should absolutely be a prerequisite for a paid app.

There's a lot of great functionality in there, but not one I'm willing to take a 40% conversion drop on new business, especially with Shopify itself being so limited in its design flexibility out of the box. I'm not willing to plough dev resources into solving problems that ae solvable out of the box. As a consequence, I've decided to accept any reputational damage from halting the programme while I try to find a suitable alternative.

Take a look by contrast at the flexibility of positioning of surveys and polls etc on a solution like Hotjar - it manages to be both visible and unobtrusive. (it's a different type of ap, but the launcher is near perfect and still carries their branding on the lower plans, which is fine)

It's a shame, because otherwise I was 100% bought in to your journey and the functions you offer, but the pricing plan vs feature set doesn't feel like advantages when moving through the plans, it feels like blackmail, leveraged against my own promotion to customers and desire to provide a good service offering to my customers.

I wish I'd read more before I committed - the sales patter doesn't match the experience of using this properly. I'm sure it's fine if you're fishing around with a free plan and not on top of your user stats. I am on top of mine and unfortunately, an otherwise excellent app is destroyed by the simplest oversight in UX - classic case of a developer thinking of themselves without considering an end user.

All Mamas Children
6 dage bruger appen
5. august 2016

Can't be an option for small businesses, since you have to pay $199 per month if you have less than 10000 customers. $400 if you have less than 25000 customers. Also like and share buttons doesn't work properly, i created thousands of points for myself without sharing anything.

5 dage bruger appen
21. august 2023

App gets installed and then refreshes constantly and never works. Tried reaching out to customer service and they said they couldn't see my site as installed even after sending a screenshot. The app is not functional or user friendly.

En dag bruger appen svarede 22. august 2023

We're so sorry to hear that you're having a less-than-ideal experience with your program launch! I believe our support team was able to resolve this quickly, regardless, I've reached out via that chat thread to ensure that things are operating as expected. Looking forward to hearing from you over there :)

Yours in loyalty,

Brandon - Manager, Live Chat

23. februar 2019

I have installed the app on my store - it says it is live, but you don't see it on my store. I contacted support on Thursday in regards to this issue, but still haven't heard from anybody. If they do contact me - I will update this review - otherwise it will be deleted.

The Wristband Man Canada
4 dage bruger appen svarede 26. marts 2019

We're sorry to hear you're experiencing issues with our app. We have attempted to get in touch but haven't heard back! We'll reach out again :)

3. januar 2017

It looked like a good app until it made my page stop playing HTML videos on Chrome. Took us forever to figure out what was the problem. Had to delete to make it work again.

3 dage bruger appen
9. februar 2017

misleading, for the free account

Regalo Style
3 dage bruger appen
23. oktober 2017

Je dois supprimer cette application car le Panneau sur lequel est Placé l'écriteau empêche mes clients de Payer
Josée Meertens

Yourbigmarket Com
3 dage bruger appen
16. august 2018

Never had a chance to launch it. Was told I could offer a Points per Product program before I signed up but after signing up and downloading app I was informed I could only do a Points per Dollar model. Sorry. Not Smiling

Whitemountainpuzzles Com
2 dage bruger appen