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8. April 2018

Some customers would sign up and not be rewarded the bonus automatically.

The Banger Store
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20. Januar 2021

I think too little is offered in the free plan because it is not worth paying for the plans if it is difficult to get persons to sign up. Customization of rewards still has its limits.
will rate again at a later date
Fast 2 jahre mit der App hat geantwortet 20. Januar 2021

Hi there,

Thanks for sharing your feedback. I've checked your loyalty program's configuration and can see lots of opportunities where we can help you optimise, particularly around how quickly your customers can earn their first reward, and the value of their points.

Additionally, Smile can only be as successful as your store. So ensuring you have a healthy customer presence before enabling your loyalty program will is important to gain traction.

I'll reach out to you shortly with more information regarding optimisation :)

29. August 2019

I just started setting up smile and already have a few hesitations. The photos are required to be such a large size 1200 x 480 that they look very unprofessional in an email because the text in a 600 pixel frame. So you have to scroll in to get the full text cutting off the photo. The argument is they just changed it to the 1200 pixel size in order to give a better quality photo. You can get a great quality photo at 300 dpi. I won't be using the photo which is extremely disappointing!

Also, one of the reasons I choose to go with the Growth program was the ability to have control over the collections the customer can use the rewards on. But we have multiple collections. I want customers to be able to use their rewards on more than one collection, however, I can only choose one or all. I want to be able to restrict one. Why? This is not control, no one has just a couple of collections.

I'm going to try it out, but very skeptical at this point.

Watts Premier
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Fast 2 jahre mit der App hat geantwortet 3. September 2019

Thanks for reaching out! We're sending an email your way for further guidance. 🙂

22. September 2019

No complaints about functionality...its is a good app that works well. However, SMILE changes their pricing and packages so often that you always feel like you are being jerked around. Case in point: when they last adjusted their pricing they included VIP Tiers for what was then a reasonable monthly fee. Now, if you want to continue to offer your customer's VIP tiers, the price has been jumped to $599 a month! Talks about price gouging...

Without the more advanced features that are now only available in the upper tier, this app really doesn't have much over the others. If you are doing a million-plus a year, then maybe $7,200 a year just for your rewards program is an acceptable expense. Otherwise, it's a ridiculous amount and a shame that SMILE has resorted to greed pricing and pushed out their previous customers. So much for "Loyalty."

Anubis Labz
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Thank you for reaching out, and for the feedback! We'll be in touch via email to chat more!

Bearbeitet am 29. Januar 2019

I have set up to pay out rewards in levels $5, $10 & $25 but it will only pay $5 at a time and only one per purchase. Also, lately it won't connect to my POS so I end up giving the customer a $5 discount to keep them happy. Support isn't available before I go into work and I'm a small business owner with little availability during the day. There's no email address where I can send my concerns.

Harps & Thistles Yarn Emporium
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17. April 2020

It's very very basic and they want you to pay $50 a month for a "starter" plan - too bad it had potential. They also need to learn to incorporate social media into this - I cannot believe they don't. Email is old school

Tank Life Plus
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Thank you for you review and your feedback on our pricing! We'll absolutely take that into account.
We do incorporate social media in our points and referral program - I've sent you an email with additional information :)

Bearbeitet am 2. August 2020

*Update on previous 4 star review

So it seems Smile has decided to pull back what they offer on the free plan and has pushed some of the basic features things to $199USD (not even the $49USD plan) which is dissapointing. I think pulling features back on a "sticky" product is a bit of a sneaky trick because business owners are unwilling to change an app that has lots of their customer data integrated into it. Adding new features to entice people to upgrade or pay is a much nicer way of doing things. My initial annoyance with the app still hasn't been fixed 6 months later and I still have customers wanting to include freebies on the order they just placed, which causes us issues and upsets customers, they need to fix it so that rewards get emailed to the customer after the order has been fulfilled. I'm going to start looking at a new rewards program, this one just isn't working well for us and causes me annoyance on a weekly basis.

Great app. would give 5 stars however, please please please can you reinstate reward customers when the financial status is shipped for shopify customers, instead of paid. It is causing lots of admin headaches in our company and upsetting customers. The issue is a customer makes a purchase then gets a reward email immediately then wants to bundle / redeem the reward with the order they just placed, we use a 3PL and don't get always get a chance to change the order and really its not generating return business, instead just costing us money and upsetting customers when we cant combine the order.

Next FPV
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Thank you for your review and feedback! We understand that this is an important feature for you - and we'll be sure to pass this along to our product team! 💪

Bearbeitet am 12. Dezember 2017

Great concept - easy to install
great way to entice our customers if it actually worked....our codes that get sent to customers with rewards dont actually work!

Star Style Homewares Accessories
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20. November 2021

Does not integrate well with POS and other channels like ebay. Can't merge accounts or delete them either. I have some customers that have as many as 7 different entries as customers all with accumulated points because they used a different method of payment. It works fine with the online store but then I'll get people messaging me on ebay saying they received an email about points, signed up and the points aren't there...because they now have two customer profiles in the system. One as a member and one as a guest and the guest account has the points. I thought by adding them as a customer at check out in store on my POS that the points would be awarded to them but nope I have to manually adjust their points. Like I said it works fine if using online store only but if you have multiple channels, good luck because it's a flawed system.

Duke's Card Shop
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Etwa ein jahr mit der App hat geantwortet 22. November 2021

Hey there! Thanks so much for taking the time to leave us your review & feedback - we really appreciate it!

Regarding the duplicate customer issue that you're experiencing - I can definitely see how that can be a pain.
Currently - Smile gets all customer data directly synced over from Shopify - so if Shopify creates duplicate customers based on payment method; we're unfortunately also going to be getting those duplicate customers in Smile. What I would recommend in your POS store would be to always start by collecting your customers' email addresses to associate to the order; instead of having the customer be added to the order based on payment method. This way - the points will always be tied to the customer's email address.
Regarding the existing duplicated customer profiles - I found a discussion on Shopify's community that might be helpful to you:

I hope this helps! Please don't hesitate to reach out to if we can help with anything else 🙏 Take care!

Bearbeitet am 15. Januar 2022

The loyalty and referral programs are great, and their support is fantastic! Mackenzie was really prompt in answering all our queries. EDIT: 2022-01-14
After using Smile for a few months, I've reduced our ratings to 2 stars. Two of our biggest complaints are: 1. Terrible UX for discount code redemption: The user "applies" a discount code on the cart page via the Smile nudge, but there is no user visible feedback whatsoever that the code has been applied. About 75% of our customers that create discount codes don't actually end up redeeming them because of this, and we think our conversion rates have actually *reduced*. Our tech team spent significant amount of time trying to fix this on our end, but because Smile runs within an "iframe" there is absolutely nothing you can do. Be prepared for customer complaints that their points redemption isn't working. 2. Mediocre functionality to handle customer refund abuse: A customer can place an order, redeem their earned points and then return their original order. Effectively, they've gotten "free" points. There's nothing you can do to address this, other than manually inspect the points dashboard in Smile and address these cases. Not at all feasible if you deal with a large quantity of orders and operate on thin margins. There are easy tech solutions to this (e.g. Smile could let us delay awarding points by x days), but Smile doesn't support them. Unfortunately we can't really disable the program once we've launched it without aggravating our loyal customers. So we're stuck dealing with these issues while we look for an alternate program to migrate to. Regardless of the app issues, their support team is stellar in their responsiveness.

Shop The Arena
Etwa ein jahr mit der App hat geantwortet 26. Oktober 2021

I'm glad to hear you are happy with the loyalty and referral programs. It was great to work with you and get your business what it needed 😁
- Mackenzie