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2022년 11월 2일

I am leaving a 1-star review due to the extremely poor level of customer support that Smile offers. Unlike other apps, the Smile support team will try to help with the least possible effort, and will never actually be willing to login to a Shopify store to assist with the app's implementation or code (i.e. through a collaborator link or staff account login).
All the support team will do is send you one of their trained reply templates to provide a help article. We wanted to show the Smile launcher on only one page of our website, but were told that this was not possible. We would have to 'exclude' every single page on our website to be able to do this. There is no option in the app to only 'include' certain URLs to display the launcher. This is not helpful at all. Additionally, we found through the support team that certain features of the Smile app are only available to people depending on when the account was created. For example, they currently offer different ways the launcher can be displayed on mobile - but only for new accounts. Because we have an older account, the team refuses to give this option to us. This is extremely bizarre and not logical at all. Seriously Smile - for the amount that you charge merchants to use your program, you really need to improve your customer support and allow more customization for merchants.

Welham & Co
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답글 Smile.io개 2022년 11월 2일

***UPDATE 07/2023:
Thank you for your patience, I'm happy to let you know we have been able to add you to the beta group for this feature. We have been trying to contact you to confirm and see how else we can ensure your program is working optimally and we look forward to connecting with you soon. ***

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We really appreciate your feedback.

I truly understand the frustration these issues caused. I'm going to carefully look into the problems you highlighted and reach out privately to try and resolve these concerns.

Customer service is incredibly important to us and we always try and offer the best advice and support that we possibly can. Some things are outside our control but we will always try and offer workarounds and solutions. We will never refuse to offer a feature if it is available and we are currently looking at ways to offer the visibility option to you we are just waiting to see how we can add you to the control group.

Again, thank you for your review and I look forward to connecting with you to resolve these issues.

David Wyatt
Merchant Experience Manager

2023년 8월 20일

This app was a fantastic solution for our small business until they changed their pricing tiers out of nowhere. We have too many customers/ orders per month to now qualify for their free plan and they want to force us into the $200/month plan after we have spent the time getting all of our customers set up. We have all of our customers with points accumulated and cannot afford $200/month to continue. We are stuck scrambling to find an alternative. I know a few other businesses that are looking for an alternative now too because they dont feel comfortable knowing smile can up and change their tiers and force you into a very expensive plan after you have worked so hard to establish all of your customers on

This app is not ideal or supportive for small businesses that cannot afford $200/month just to offer points to customers. We never needed any of the extra perks of the premium plans. We only needed the point program and now we have to figure out how to explain to customers that their points will be gone September 7th.

The Plant Room
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답글 Smile.io개 2023년 8월 22일

We're so sorry to hear about the experience you've had with some of our recent pricing changes! We've reached out to discuss some alternatives with you and are optimistic that we can find a solution that will work for you.

Looking forward to discussing this with you so we can help keep your program running!

Yours in Loyalty,

Brandon - Manager, Live Chat

2023년 9월 29일

I am in agreement with a lot of other reviewers regarding the drastic change in pricing out of nowhere. I have used this app since 2019. It was ideal until the price gouging. $200 a month is ridiculous for an app of this nature. I mean, we are already giving a rewards discount to customers on their purchases. How is expected to absorb $200 on top of the monthly discounts? I don't think the developers thought this through very well. I am also looking for an alternative. Very disappointing. These developers should not be allowed to change their billing practices once they have an established agreement with a business. Shopify should put a stop to this.

Del Bello's Designs
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답글 Smile.io개 2023년 9월 30일

Thank you for your feedback. We do appreciate it and take it onboard. I've emailed to see if there is anything we can do to fix this situation and offer some alternative ideas.

We look forward to speaking with you.

Merchant Success team lead

2023년 8월 21일

App gets installed and then refreshes constantly and never works. Tried reaching out to customer service and they said they couldn't see my site as installed even after sending a screenshot. The app is not functional or user friendly.

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답글 Smile.io개 2023년 8월 22일

We're so sorry to hear that you're having a less-than-ideal experience with your program launch! I believe our support team was able to resolve this quickly, regardless, I've reached out via that chat thread to ensure that things are operating as expected. Looking forward to hearing from you over there :)

Yours in loyalty,

Brandon - Manager, Live Chat

2023년 8월 10일

We are only small grocery and not too much profit at here. I using the app until they send me the email.
with 600 orders/month , is not too much in rural and their palan is $199/month. Very expensive for us.
I will use another ways for that

Asia Food Stock Grocery
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답글 Smile.io개 2023년 8월 11일

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. We value your opinion and reached out to you personally via email to discuss this further.

2023년 4월 11일

Its a brilliant app, been using this loyalty app for 3 years.. However after this update they made, they removed alot of settings and features from the free plan.

Now i can't change and edit my settings, i literally have to fork out 50 usd just to change a few settings. What a bunch of greedy devs.

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답글 Smile.io개 2023년 4월 11일

Thank you for your candid review! We really value and appreciate this honest feedback. We've sent an email your way with some additional information.

2023년 8월 3일

Don’t recommend this app or this company, they charged me multiple times even after uninstalling and cancelling them. Which forced me not to be able to pay my overall bill. I was forced to pay them for a month service I didn’t use and they also charged me for August as well. Thieves

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답글 Smile.io개 2023년 8월 5일

Thank you for the feedback! We've sent an email your way with some additional information to clarify.

2023년 6월 5일

I cancelled this app over two months ago and I am still being charged. I reached out to customer service multiple times and have been ignored.

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답글 Smile.io개 2023년 6월 5일

Hi there!

Our team has reached out get this resolved for you but we haven't seen a reply back yet. If you aren't getting our responses, please send an email to We'd like to get this resolved for you today if possible.


2023년 3월 8일

Cant use the app as it Just flashes the screen when trying to view the app , unusable as i cant get past the opening screen

Classic Gent
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답글 Smile.io개 2023년 3월 8일

Hey, thank you for your review. I'm really sorry to see you are having difficulties I have reached out via email to help you resolve this and get you up and running.

2022년 8월 22일

Customer service is absolutely the worst! They told us to upgrade to 200$ plan to get the features we wanted, then after the upgrade, it turned out the features were only available on the 600$ plan, tried to downgrade literary 3 days later, been back and foward with customer service to get a refund for almost 2 weeks now, they still didn't refund!!! It is not the first time they are being super shady with billing!!!

iLevel Lab
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답글 Smile.io개 2022년 8월 22일

We appreciate you taking the time to write in and leave feedback. I sent you a private message so that we can get this all sorted out for you ASAP.

I also took a look over your account and can see that you were automatically credited the difference between the plan you were on before and the plan you downgraded to. This credit will be applied to future invoices of your new plan automatically. I also sent a message to our Billing department so that they can see about getting you a refund instead of a credit if that is your preferred method.

As for the features, I reached out with further clarification on the features and plans, and a little gift on us, for any confusion.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else.

💛 The Smile Team