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2024년 3월 18일

I use to love this app in my store but it recently stopped working and I can’t figure out why.

MI Sew Cute Creations
앱 사용 기간 대략 4년
답글 Smile.io개 2024년 3월 20일

Thank you for your review. I'm sorry you are having technical difficulties. I have reached out via email to get them resolved for you.

Best regards


Senior Merchant Success Manager

2024년 3월 14일

Von der Funktionalität ist die App in Ordnung. Leider können nicht alle Inhalte auf Deutsch übersetzt werden, was es uns unmöglich macht die App Blöcke im Checkout oder anderen Bereichen zu nutzen. Einen Stern gibt es deshalb, dass es leider überhaupt keine Möglichkeit gibt zusammen mit dem Support eine Lösung zu finden, auch wenn wir einen Teil der Kosten für die Entwicklung übernehmen würden. Weder eine Lösungsvorschlag noch ein Angebot haben wir auf zweifache Nachfrage erhalten. Das ist sehr schade :(.

The functionality of the app is fine. Unfortunately, not all content can be translated into German, which makes it impossible for us to use the app blocks in the checkout or other areas. We give it one star because unfortunately there is no possibility at all to find a solution together with the support, even if we would bear part of the costs for the development. We have received neither a proposed solution nor an offer after two requests. That is a great pity :(.

앱 사용 기간 3개월
답글 Smile.io개 2024년 3월 15일

Hi there! I'm sorry to hear you are experiencing issues with German translations. We've sent you an email your way to help figure this out.

2024년 2월 27일

Hello!! I paid the 199.00 plan but this application has many problems and I dont receive a response... the application dont save the changes, it logs me out to the panel and it dont let me working. Please, any response let me know in

앱 사용 기간 대략 1개월
답글 Smile.io개 2024년 2월 28일

We are so sorry to hear that your experience wasn't up to our usual standards. I have reached out via email to the address above learn more about your experience.

Karen & the Smile team.

2023년 10월 30일

Useless unless you pay, you cant even edit your programs without paying. cancelled

앱 사용 기간 3년 초과
답글 Smile.io개 2023년 11월 1일

We are so sorry to hear that your experience wasn't up to our usual standards. A member of our support team has reached out via email to learn more about your experience.

2023년 11월 13일

I've been a paid customer for several months, and I am facing a bug where a customer keeps referring themselves and generating discount coupons. The backend shows that their coupon was blocked but in reality it isn't. I brought the issue to the support team and they simply replied "you can block the customer" and they didn't provide me with any answer in regard to why it was happening in the first place. No accountability in the loss of revenue that we faced. Unsubscribing and uninstalling this app right away.

My Pahadi Dukan
앱 사용 기간 6개월
2023년 8월 10일

We are only small grocery and not too much profit at here. I using the app until they send me the email.
with 600 orders/month , is not too much in rural and their palan is $199/month. Very expensive for us.
I will use another ways for that

Asia Food Stock Grocery
앱 사용 기간 대략 3년
답글 Smile.io개 2023년 8월 11일

Thank you for taking the time to leave us your feedback. We value your opinion and reached out to you personally via email to discuss this further.

2023년 8월 3일

Don’t recommend this app or this company, they charged me multiple times even after uninstalling and cancelling them. Which forced me not to be able to pay my overall bill. I was forced to pay them for a month service I didn’t use and they also charged me for August as well. Thieves

앱 사용 기간 거의 2년
답글 Smile.io개 2023년 8월 5일

Thank you for the feedback! We've sent an email your way with some additional information to clarify.

2023년 6월 5일

I cancelled this app over two months ago and I am still being charged. I reached out to customer service multiple times and have been ignored.

앱 사용 기간 6개월
답글 Smile.io개 2023년 6월 5일

Hi there!

Our team has reached out get this resolved for you but we haven't seen a reply back yet. If you aren't getting our responses, please send an email to We'd like to get this resolved for you today if possible.


2023년 8월 21일

App gets installed and then refreshes constantly and never works. Tried reaching out to customer service and they said they couldn't see my site as installed even after sending a screenshot. The app is not functional or user friendly.

앱 사용 기간 1일
답글 Smile.io개 2023년 8월 22일

We're so sorry to hear that you're having a less-than-ideal experience with your program launch! I believe our support team was able to resolve this quickly, regardless, I've reached out via that chat thread to ensure that things are operating as expected. Looking forward to hearing from you over there :)

Yours in loyalty,

Brandon - Manager, Live Chat

2022년 3월 11일에 편집됨

I had to downgrade my review because they no longer offer any sort of support. We've been loyal to them for 4+ years and I think we're going to have to look elsewhere

앱 사용 기간 대략 7년