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8 maart 2023

Cant use the app as it Just flashes the screen when trying to view the app , unusable as i cant get past the opening screen

Classic Gent
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App gebruikt gedurende 6 minuten heeft geantwoord 8 maart 2023

Hey, thank you for your review. I'm really sorry to see you are having difficulties I have reached out via email to help you resolve this and get you up and running.

8 februari 2023

It's been impossible to get a real human to chat with in real time when trying to go through the setup process. My chat requests generally go directly to an email response that I receive several hours later, and the response doesn't even answer my questions well.

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2 november 2022

I am leaving a 1-star review due to the extremely poor level of customer support that Smile offers. Unlike other apps, the Smile support team will try to help with the least possible effort, and will never actually be willing to login to a Shopify store to assist with the app's implementation or code (i.e. through a collaborator link or staff account login).
All the support team will do is send you one of their trained reply templates to provide a help article. We wanted to show the Smile launcher on only one page of our website, but were told that this was not possible. We would have to 'exclude' every single page on our website to be able to do this. There is no option in the app to only 'include' certain URLs to display the launcher. This is not helpful at all. Additionally, we found through the support team that certain features of the Smile app are only available to people depending on when the account was created. For example, they currently offer different ways the launcher can be displayed on mobile - but only for new accounts. Because we have an older account, the team refuses to give this option to us. This is extremely bizarre and not logical at all. Seriously Smile - for the amount that you charge merchants to use your program, you really need to improve your customer support and allow more customization for merchants.

Welham & Co
App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan een jaar heeft geantwoord 2 november 2022

Thank you for taking the time to leave us a review. We really appreciate your feedback.

I truly understand the frustration these issues caused. I'm going to carefully look into the problems you highlighted and reach out privately to try and resolve these concerns.

Customer service is incredibly important to us and we always try and offer the best advice and support that we possibly can. Some things are outside our control but we will always try and offer workarounds and solutions. We will never refuse to offer a feature if it is available and we are currently looking at ways to offer the visibility option to you we are just waiting to see how we can add you to the control group.

Again, thank you for your review and I look forward to connecting with you to resolve these issues.

David Wyatt
Merchant Experience Manager

22 september 2022

Ik heb deze app getest, echter deze app beschikt niet over de mogelijkheid om de Nederlandse taal te gebruiken in de communicatie naar klanten. Dus niet bruikbaar voor ons. Technisch / functioneel prima app overigens

Tango Shoes
App gebruikt gedurende 12 maanden heeft geantwoord 22 september 2022

Hey Marteen! Thanks for taking the time to leave us your honest feedback!

Joana from Smile here 👋 Regarding languages, we currently offer Smile in 5 languages (English, Spanish, French, German, and Portuguese) but full translations for Dutch are not currently offered.

However, I have sent you an email with a few examples of Dutch merchants using the semi-translated version of Smile!

Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

Met vriendelijk groet,
Joana 🙏

22 augustus 2022

Customer service is absolutely the worst! They told us to upgrade to 200$ plan to get the features we wanted, then after the upgrade, it turned out the features were only available on the 600$ plan, tried to downgrade literary 3 days later, been back and foward with customer service to get a refund for almost 2 weeks now, they still didn't refund!!! It is not the first time they are being super shady with billing!!!

iLevel Lab
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App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 4 jaar heeft geantwoord 22 augustus 2022

We appreciate you taking the time to write in and leave feedback. I sent you a private message so that we can get this all sorted out for you ASAP.

I also took a look over your account and can see that you were automatically credited the difference between the plan you were on before and the plan you downgraded to. This credit will be applied to future invoices of your new plan automatically. I also sent a message to our Billing department so that they can see about getting you a refund instead of a credit if that is your preferred method.

As for the features, I reached out with further clarification on the features and plans, and a little gift on us, for any confusion.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can do. Don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything else.

💛 The Smile Team

27 juni 2022

I try to open the app to view info and it says that the app has an nothing even comes up. Deleting...unfortunately now all my customer's points will also be deleted...

Wanderlust Folk Candle Co.
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App gebruikt gedurende 6 maanden heeft geantwoord 28 juni 2022

Thank you for taking the time to reach out to us and leave your feedback! We are sorry to hear of the issues you are experiencing and dove into things on our end. 🔦 I just sent you an email regarding my findings. 🤓

Your program and dashboard are functioning as normal, but you have disabled points and referrals, which will pause your program. In order to relaunch the program simply hit "activate" for both points and referrals. 😸

If you deleted the app please re-install it as all your customers data will be deleted within 48 hours in compliance with internet privacy laws. If you experience any further difficulty just reply to me via email, or email, or you can always pop into the Live Chat via the app itself or our website, 😺

We hope to help get you sorted asap! Thank you so much! ☀️

Joshua - Smile Team 🧙‍♂️

Bewerkt 31 maart 2022

Smile wants to force us to disable HTML emails in order to allow guest purchasers to earn points. In fact, they are discontinuing HTML emails altogether, and instead, they want brands to use the ugly and barebone default emails from the interface. Not only that, Smile doesn't send us all the required activities to Klaviyo in the event a brand wants to trigger the emails that way. This is sad and is the reason we're considering switching to Yotpo (which comes with their own set of issues).

Diamond Art Club
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App gebruikt gedurende Meer dan 3 jaar heeft geantwoord 31 maart 2022

Thank you so much for taking the time to leave us your feedback - we're really sorry that your experience with our product is not meeting your expectations 😔 - and we'll be sure our product team is made aware of your circumstance 🙏
It would be really cool if our Klaviyo integration included event-activities! Right now because of limitations in our integration we're not able to do that; but we'll be sure to let you know if this becomes available!

15 maart 2022

Does not work with Paypal: if you place an order with Paypal, the user doesn not receive any points. And it's not specified anywhere that it doesn't work with Paypal...

App gebruikt gedurende 7 maanden heeft geantwoord 15 maart 2022

Hey there, Thank you for your honest feedback we really appreciate it.

I'm sorry you've had this experience. We've double-checked and Paypal purchases will earn points for customers. I've passed this to our technical team for them to look at urgently to see why this isn't happening for you. Thank you again and we look forward to fixing this for you.

13 februari 2022

Doesn't work for customers without an email .... so this is useless for a POS where most of my customers don't have an email registered.
And poor support ... says "Hi", then no answers after more than 30min. Could at least say that it is not possible to import points for client without an email instead of wasting my time.

La Baie des Anges
App gebruikt gedurende Ongeveer 8 uur heeft geantwoord 14 februari 2022

Thank you so much for letting us know about the experience you had! This is FAR from our standard level of service that our merchants have come to expect from us, and we will be taking steps internally to ensure this sort of interaction remains an isolated incident. We aim to be as transparent as possible, and we're truly sorry that our live chat team's response about CSV import capabilities didn't address your concern directly 😞

I will be reaching out very soon to address this with you personally. Looking forward to connecting with you to re-establish the service-level we take pride in offering our merchants!

Brandon - Merchant Experience Manager

4 november 2021

Too expensive. Does anyone know a cheaper app? Too expensive for a small business. It's just the service they offer does not correlate to the price.

Dr Party
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App gebruikt gedurende 3 maanden heeft geantwoord 4 november 2021

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your honest feedback with us.

Supporting small business is what we love doing the most. So we'd love the opportunity to connect with you and figure out a viable and affordable option to use Smile on your store.

If you could email or jump on our live chat, we'll see what we can do to help :)