Smile: Rewards & Loyalty

Smile: Rewards & Loyalty


Boost sales & retention with points, referrals, and pop ups

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Paulie Clothing

Does anybody know if the points can expire? I haven't tried it yet because we need this feature before we make any decision. Can anybody help me?


I believe this is the first negative review I have ever left on a Shopify app, but I would like to hope that this review will help other merchants from wasting so much time and money as we have on this program.

The sales team will promise the world before signing up, then once you're signed up, you get nothing.
We started on the enterprise plan for a number of months before realising we should have been put on the 'professional plan' from the beginning and saving $400 USD a month in wasted costs.
The sales team gave us the impression we would need to be on the enterprise plan in order to get the full features, which was not true.
We have not been impressed by the level of support at all.
There is literally no support with anything.

The sales team will bend over backwards to call and promise what you will receive after signing up. Yet once you're onboard and have any issues, either in regards to the software itself or billing related, you'll only receive canned responses with no accountability for problems on their end.

The software is ridiculously overpriced for what it is and the price does not justify the resulting revenue from the program.
You'll be better off setting up a number of customer win-back/loyalty campaigns using marketing automation software which is the direction we'll be heading.

The software has a good looking UI, but the support is non-existent, there is zero accountability for problems and the price is not justified.
I would give zero stars if possible.


We were immediately interested by features that could be part of the paying plan and wanted to upgrade, but they don't show anywhere what these features exactly are and how they look like.
We contacted them to ask for a few days of free trial to only see what the features actually are before purchasing them, which seems common business sense.
The support frankly abruptly rejected this demand, telling us that since there is no long term commitment, we can very well pay $50 to see what their paying features are.
I find this approach disrespectful.

Nautical Kart

SCAM...Just observed lot of spurious sign ups, just checked the paid app, it is based on the sign-ups..Biggest SCAM in shopify apps...Reporting this app, right away and uninstalling.

Whitemountainpuzzles Com

Never had a chance to launch it. Was told I could offer a Points per Product program before I signed up but after signing up and downloading app I was informed I could only do a Points per Dollar model. Sorry. Not Smiling


THIS APP DOES NOT WORK FOR IN-STORE REDEMPTIONS. If you are a Shopify store owner and want to find an omni-channel solution for loyalty points, do NOT use Smile. It's become a huge hassle for our team as the customer points show up as "error" when trying to redeem.


This is a scam.

The app claims that it will reward your customers for sharing your shop on Facebook and Twitter. However the app does not track any sharing and just gives free points to customers for NOTHING. I reached out to their support team and they do not respond.

Business relationship is all about trust and if they are able to be misleading on such important information then from my point of view they cannot be trusted.

I am sorry but goodbye Smile.


is not in spanish, please add fielsd so i can translate is manualy to spanish

Ample Foods

Basic referral functionality doesn't limit to first-time customers. Referrals can't be offered as point values, and aren't fully integrated with the point earning/spending experience. Their support team misunderstands issues right and left, leaving me with 9+ email chains to troubleshoot simple problems.

All Mamas Children

we are a small store (10-15000 visits per month, a few thousand customers). The launcher, without an intent page has murdered my conversion rate. The points don't show on my customer account page, so I cannot promote the service to customers, without losing them via the terrible UX and limited positioning of the launcher. My only alternative to provide proper is to pay 600 a month, which I'll get no return on and cannot afford to invest in with a customer list only in the 1000s. It feels like a honey trap / bait and switch tactic. Fundamental user experience requirements should absolutely be a prerequisite for a paid app.

There's a lot of great functionality in there, but not one I'm willing to take a 40% conversion drop on new business, especially with Shopify itself being so limited in its design flexibility out of the box. I'm not willing to plough dev resources into solving problems that ae solvable out of the box. As a consequence, I've decided to accept any reputational damage from halting the programme while I try to find a suitable alternative.

Take a look by contrast at the flexibility of positioning of surveys and polls etc on a solution like Hotjar - it manages to be both visible and unobtrusive. (it's a different type of ap, but the launcher is near perfect and still carries their branding on the lower plans, which is fine)

It's a shame, because otherwise I was 100% bought in to your journey and the functions you offer, but the pricing plan vs feature set doesn't feel like advantages when moving through the plans, it feels like blackmail, leveraged against my own promotion to customers and desire to provide a good service offering to my customers.

I wish I'd read more before I committed - the sales patter doesn't match the experience of using this properly. I'm sure it's fine if you're fishing around with a free plan and not on top of your user stats. I am on top of mine and unfortunately, an otherwise excellent app is destroyed by the simplest oversight in UX - classic case of a developer thinking of themselves without considering an end user.