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June 30, 2018

my company got a class action lawsuit from using this app. And now they dont respond to my emails.

Jersey Champs
United States
Time spent using app: 7 months
Edited June 8, 2018

Useless. No tracking. No UTM tag. No way to know if the SMS is actually being sent. Can't even have an idea about the conversion rate of this app. Don't know how many clicks it brought etc.......

Time spent using app: 3 months
June 1, 2018

want to change my sender id , need to change it as soon as possible , revert at support@hemsters.com

The Trio House
Time spent using app: Over 1 year
May 1, 2018

I have emailed support with ZERO help in getting customers removed from the listing. I have spent close to $500 with his company and nothing. They respond in chopping English and are not willing to help.

United States
Time spent using app: About 4 years
Edited March 26, 2018

My initial review was:
It works. I mostly use it for delivery notifications, not the abandoned cart. notifications are easily edible. Love the app, though country rates are a bit high.

After a couple of weeks I found out that some of the messages to my customers would not be delivered. I contacted the app support to find out if they had a back log of the SMS that were sent and delivered. The only answer from the support called Vikas was that SMS were not delivered to the numbers starting with an 8 digit, which was not correct as I found out later.
Okay, my fault was not to pay attention to the notification on the left side of the notifications page in the app settings as per the number of symbols and Unicode symbols in an SMS. My fault, I got it, anyways the support never got back to me, and it's been two weeks now since my initial inquiry.
When I found out that my notifications 'weighed' 3-5 SMS on average I decided to pay more attention to where my deposit is going. I converted all my notifications in Latin and reduced to under 160 symbols with shortened links, so that there would be no variation in an SMS length. And I checkmarked cc' admin telephone number and placed a couple of test orders. None of the notifications went through, I mean literally none, and I have "order placed", "order partially fulfilled" and "order fulfilled" notifications turned on. Now, this was when I got super confused and mad. If it didn't work twice, how could I be sure it ever worked with 5 long SMS in Unicode symbols that cost me 37.5 cents. Are you kidding me? And the support never returned my questions about the back log.
I decided to turn on the previously inactive 'order cancelled' notification just to double check and i cancelled my own test order and the SMS did go though. This was when I figured out that updates to the text of the notifications apparently take some time to sync to the app servers or something. Anyways, this literally made me mad, I fired a couple of furtious emails at the supports, they didn't care, they still don't care.
Next day SMS delivery got back on track, but I prefer to double check with admin delivery and I am just moving towards the end of my budget with this app developer. If they did not deliver some of my SMS, how can i be 100% sure that any of them are delivered?
After some research I found out that some apps out there support automatic link shortening, symbols counter alert, SMS counter alert, SMS tracking analytics etc. All this at the same cost of your SMS budget.

I've been with shopify for 5 years, I"ve seen many apps, I've seen different support. And this is the first time I am leaving a 1-star review. In my opinion this app is a waste of time and money. That's one they have a minimum budget of $30 so that when you find that this app is useless, you've already spent your minimum and that's it. Don't rely on this app.

Time spent using app: 2 months
October 23, 2017

It does not allow your customers to opt out of receiving messages nor is there any reporting to view along with this app!

Icon Btq
United States
Time spent using app: 6 days
Edited January 18, 2019

I was using this service since many months, since last 20 days it was not working & my account had 25$ balance, customer complained regarding not receiving SMS, when i tested it was not working but deducting money continuously. I tried email him many times but he ignored to replied hence i come to the conclusion he runs away with our prepaid and all other client balance.
service is no longer available, as he collects advance money for Credit of Sms, he took all and runs away, i will open a shopify dispute now as well.
be aware this app is no longer in service, any payment you made is gone.

Time spent using app: Over 1 year