SMS Notifications & ReOrders

SMS Notifications & ReOrders


Increase repeat sales with 2-way SMS reordering

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Turn Customers into Contacts

Automatically turn customers into SMS contacts during checkout and start sending text messages.

Automated SMS Campaigns

Activate order status and reorder SMS campaigns that are automatically sent when customers place an order.

Increase Reorders & Sales

Grow sales with automated 2-way SMS for customer reorders. Ideal for stores selling products suitable for recurring orders.

SMS Notifications & ReOrders 정보

Grow subscribers and repeat orders with 2-way SMS campaigns

Getting started with SMS marketing couldn’t be easier. Our pre-built checkout integration and message templates let you power your store with 2-way SMS reordering within minutes.

Launching a reorder campaign is simply a matter of moving the toggle. Customers are automatically added to your SMS subscribers list and we take care of fulfilling the reorders for you through our 2-way SMS functionality.

SMS subscribers are ready to reorder through SMS with high open and response rates. The odds of a positive ROI and increase in sales are strongly in your favor!

How does it work?

Maxwell’s SMS ReOrders App is the easiest way to boost repeat sales and customer retention with a highly effective marketing channel. Take advantage of the latest 2-way SMS functionality to seamlessly process reorders.

  • Our app adds SMS subscribers to your message list during checkout as soon as customers fill in their phone numbers.
  • Upon checkout, messages are triggered for the order confirmation and shipping notifications. 30 days later a reorder message is sent, enabling the customer to seamlessly reorder his last items.
  • Reorders can be confirmed through our 2-way SMS functionality with all customer details prefilled. The customer only has to confirm the payment.
  • Our app is compliant with international anti-spam laws (CAN-SPAM, CASL, and GDPR).

Maxwell’s SMS ReOrders App offers:

Subscriber Growth Tools

Our app automatically imports contacts and their order info from your Shopify store.

A native phone number input field can easily be added within minutes to optimize your checkout page and grow SMS subscribers faster. Simply follow a few easy steps when adding the app to your store.

Automated SMS Campaigns

Pre-built campaign templates are ready for you to activate and start with SMS marketing. Simple form fields allow you to tailor the copy to your brand strategy.

When a customer places an order, our system adds that person to an SMS queue and delivers an order confirmation message.

When the order is fulfilled, our system keeps track of the order status and informs your customers when the package has been dispatched and is out for delivery.

The automated reorder campaign allows you to send an activation message after 30 days to ask whether the customer wants to reorder his previously ordered items. Convert SMS recipients into repeat customers with a highly effective marketing channel.

Detailed stats are available for your campaigns: track subscribers, messages, reorders, and sales.

Available now for US-based stores. Start boosting your repeat revenue today!

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Pay as you go

무료 설치

$0.015 per SMS

  • Flexible Pricing
  • Automated SMS Campaigns
  • Unlimited 2-Way SMS ReOrders
  • Opt-In Tools
  • ROI Analytics
  • 10 DLC Number



$0.0145 per additional SMS after all SMS credits are used

  • 2.000 Outbound/Inbound SMS Credits per Month
  • Automated SMS Campaigns
  • Unlimited 2-Way SMS ReOrders
  • Opt-In Tools
  • ROI Analytics
  • 10 DLC Number



$0.0129 per additional SMS after all SMS credits are used

  • 10.000 Outbound/Inbound SMS Credits per Month
  • Everything from the Growth Plan
  • Dedicated Phone Number
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager

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So easy to set-up and to get started! We chose the 'Pay as you go' plan to remain flexible. Open rates are a lot higher than our email campaigns. May switch to a higher plan if re-orders start to pick up. You should try for yourself.

Balmain Paris Hair Couture

Great APP for returning customers! Really easy to install and set all the messages, very excited for a results! Customer support answered in a minute and helped me with all the question! Thank you !!


It is a super easy app to setup. The reorder campaigns run automatically and the app handles the SMS conversations to help customers repurchase. A major shout-out to the support team! 5 stars!