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SMS Marketing and Automation by SMSBump

SMS Marketing and Automation by SMSBump

Developed by iSense Ltd.

39 reviews
Price: Free – $35.00 / month More info
  • Marketing messages - Send text message campaigns to your Shopify clients. Use different filters for even better targeting.
  • Text automation - Set Automated Notifications for users and admins including Abandoned Carts. Track results.
  • Improved Analytics - Real time statistics on all sent messages. Track individual campaigns. Advanced link tracking.

New features as of JAN, 9th, 2018

  • Analytics Optimisations. Calculate click through rate for campaigns

  • New subscription Automation. Greet subscription form subscribers with a special offer (after confirming their subscription)

  • Target clients by specific date - Want to thank all clients for their purchases recently. Now you can do that with a single option

  • Do Not Disturb register - Input no-send range which would guarantee that your clients would not be woken up in the middle of the night by a text message

  • Integrated Shopify Orders - Now you can text clients based on Order Fulfilment and Order Payment Status

  • Added new button positions - You can now place your scrollable subscription form on top of the header as well as the bottom of the footer.
  • What is SMSBump?

    SMSBump is the only text marketing app you would ever need. It allows you to set up text automations which toggle on certain events in your store. Create marketing campaigns in seconds and track results. Schedule campaigns and make last minute changes. You can also design and add your own subscription form to your Shopify store and collect client phone numbers.

    More features:

  • Text marketing using high quality direct routes

  • Text automation featuring Abandoned Carts

  • Subscription form creator

  • Detailed Analytics so you can see which messages were sent out

  • Campaign Scheduling

  • Home-built link shortener and link tracking

  • Nested Filters. Combine Shopify filters for even more narrow targeting.

  • Track Abandoned Carts and Text Marketing campaigns via Google Analytics

  • Dynamic sender id (you can use your business name as a from) supported in certain countries (United Kingdom and Spain)
  • Emojis - Spice up your campaigns by using Emojis

  • Opt out lists - View and export opt-out clients

  • Opt out lists+ - Manually unsubscribe a client

  • Shopify lists integration - Save time with our new Lists Importer. Export your Shopify clients list and import it in SMSBump. Create your next campaign in a minute.
  • Additional info:

  • US Clients: We will overwrite your phone number with a carrier approved short code, so clients will not see the phone you register with

  • We are a cloud service so using text messaging will not increase your standard phone bill

  • Clients can opt out by replying to messages with STOP
  • Terms of service:

  • We can track results only if you are using our link shortener and have connected your store to Google Analytics

  • We credit back all messages that were not delivered

  • A text message is 160 symbols so if you go above that you would be charged for more than 1 messages

  • We have applied for a short code in Canada and expect to support large marketing campaigns after new year

  • We need your phone number only to verify that you are a real person. If you are planning to sending messages outside of the US and don't want your phone we can change it for you. Just get in touch with us either by messenger or by mail
  • Tips for successful campaigns:

  • Always include "To unsubscribe reply STOP" in your messages

  • Make sure that it is not too early or too late when you are texting especially when texting countries with multiple timezones (USA)

  • Just like a tweet, try to be succinct and straight to the point.

  • If you are offering a discount code write it in the message

  • Campaigns that lead customers to a specially designed page convert better

  • For best conversions, pair your marketing campaigns with abandoned cart automation reminders
  • SMS Marketing and Automation by SMSBump reviews

    39 reviews
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    This app is extremely affective in getting peoples attention. I've had customers come into my store ( I use shopify POS) minutes after I send out a text message. It's easy to use and they are very responsive to improvements and issues.


    You'd be very foolish not to use their services. If you add just the abandoned cart feature you should see a pretty big uptick in your recovery rate. Also you can text out a number of other things such as sales and delivery confirmation. I think it's essential in this day and age. Very quality app that works well.


    Best of the best. Great platform, convenient and customer service is the best!


    Great app, simple and functional. The support team is awesome! Mike listens to customer feedback and has built in some features we suggested which help us greatly! Big thanks! Looking forward to seeing more features and wish the guys all the best with the app.


    Great Support. The app is simple and seems to work great for our needs.


    I am very happy with the customer service.


    This is a great app! We tried to use about 8 months ago April of 2017 and had a lot of issues, but they got ti right now, for black friday we sent out 41,000 sms messages and had a 8-10x ROI, it was great, there was a slight problem that it took alittle longer to send out but Mike and the team worked on everything and we had a great Cyber Monday Morning Campaign. Defiantly Kick ass!


    best app ever! I have been looking for an sms app since forever and the others I found where rubbish except this one. Love the fact you can top up also so its not a monthly commitment! The minute I used it I got 3 sales in a matter of minutes so this is definitely an effective form of marketing!!


    What an amazing app!!!

    If you're not using SMS to recover abandoned carts you're dumb. I really didn't think the results will be that good and I did it just for the sake of trying it... (after all, it's 2017 who the hell uses SMS anymore right?)

    Bottom line: 17.89% Conversion Rate from traffic originated in SMS.
    I don't care who you are or what Shopify store you're running but this number is INSANE!!!

    I don't use it for anything else yet but I might use it in the future for flash sales.
    The support team is fast and helpful.

    Highly recommended!


    There are a few Shopify issues with the filtering customers options, that complicate things a bit if you need to segment your lists, but Mike from their support team spent a significant amount of time walking me through some workarounds and importing a CSV list to override the Shopify issue and made sure that we were ready to send our SMS campaigns out for Black Friday.

    Thank you SO much!

    Free – $35.00 / month

    SMSBump comes in a Pay as you go plan or Premium Plan which is $25 per month.

    US and Canada Pricing as low as $0.0149 per text message. You can view the full pricing at http://smsbump.com/pages/pricing

    Support & Sales

    iSense Ltd.
    +1 617 600 6661
    Get Support


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