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SMS Marketing and Automation by SMSBump

SMS Marketing and Automation by SMSBump

Developed by iSense Ltd.

31 reviews
Price: Free – $35.00 / month More info
  • Marketing messages - Send text message campaigns to your Shopify clients. Use different filters for even better targeting.
  • Text automation - Set Automated Notifications for users and admins including Abandoned Carts. Track results.
  • Improved Analytics - Real time statistics on all sent messages. Track individual campaigns. Advanced link tracking.

New features as of NOV, 10th, 2017

  • New: Nested Filters. Combine filters for even more narrow targeting.

  • New: Track Abandoned Carts and Text Marketing campaigns via Google Analytics

  • New: Send a test automation
  • New: Clients can opt out of messages by replying with STOP

  • New: Edit the text clients receive when subscribing via the subscription form/subscription button

  • New: Text Automations to Canada our now outputted via a dedicated direct route
  • What is SMSBump?

    SMSBump is the only text marketing app you would ever need:

  • Text marketing using high quality direct routes

  • Text automation

  • Subscription form creator

  • Detailed Analytics so you can see which messages sent out

  • Campaign Scheduling

  • Home-built link shortener and link tracking

  • Affordable pricing

  • Premium support

  • For detailed overview of all awesome features please read below
  • SMSBump Features

    Marketing Features

    We are sending all of our text marketing traffic through direct routes and high quality sources to guarantee optimal delivery. We are using a special dedicated number for the US, which guarantees that our clients can send up to 1,500,000 messages per day.

    Marketing Texts The Way You Want Them: Sending marketing texts with SMSBump takes just a few clicks. You can text your Shopify customers and make use of the powerful Shopify filters such as: Money Spent, Placed an Order, Number of Orders, Date Created, Account Status, Tagged with or Located In. You can also text specific phone numbers or your form subscribers*. You can segment and create the perfect campaign.
    *SMSBump comes with an opt-in form that you can place on your site and use to collect subscribers.

    Built for Marketers in Mind: Text marketing requires preparation and planning. This is why you are free to either send your campaign now or schedule it for a future date. Once a campaign gets scheduled, it goes in our Active Campaigns tab. Last minute change? No worries, you can reschedule or stop your campaign with a single click.

    Make Campaigns Personal: Marketing is powerful when it's personal. We have added multiple short-codes that include client's first name, last name or a link to your site. Just insert the short-codes when you need them to spice things up.

    Track Results: What would a campaign be without measuring the results? We have integrated campaign analytics that tell you exactly how much you spent, how many messages were received as well as how many clients clicked your link. Thats' right, SMSBump comes with a link shortener that allows us to track who and when clicks your links.

    Easy Unsubscribe: In accordance to local regulations in different countries, clients can OPT-OUT from text marketing messages by just sending STOP or Opt-out to you. This way you don't have to worry about keeping track of unsubscribed customers. We take care of this for you.

    Automation Features

    Automation for Orders. Shipment, Customers and Products:
    Set your event and SMSBump will fire a text message whenever you apply changes in your store administration. You just need to set it and we will take care of everything else. We support: Abandoned Checkouts, Order Confirmation, Order Cancellation, Order Refund, Shipping Confirmation, Shipping Update, New Customer Registration, Customer Deletion, Product Created and Product Added Events.

    Smart Notifications: SMSBump makes it super easy to set up an automated notification event. Just fill in the event name, setup the event and whether you want to notify the store admin (you) or a client and type in the message. That's it, your event is now set up. Want to make a change or stop the event? No worries, just click Pause and the event will be paused.

    Abandoned Carts and Events Delay: One of the best features of SMSBump is that you can target clients who abandoned their carts and send them a text message to remind them for completing their orders. Here, the message delay comes to help. Let's say you want to wait at least 30 minutes before you text your client, because they might still thinking for instance. Well, now you can set up delay of 30 minutes and you are all set. You can create multiple events (30 min, another reminder after 8 hours, another reminder in 2 days, etc).

    Make Automation Personal: Automation is awesome when they are personal. We have added multiple short codes that fetch info dynamically from your Shopify shop and insert that info into the message. Just click any of the short codes and you are all set.

    Track Results: What would be an automation without measuring its performance? We have integrated event tracking analytics that tell you exactly how much you spent and how many messages got received. In other words, you get individual statistics for each event you set up.

    Analytics and more

    Dashboard that has it all:
    SMSBump comes with a dashboard which includes your info for your current usage, pricing by country, your daily sent messages as well as a quick history of the sent messages.

    Beautiful Charts That Speak a Ton: A chart is worth a thousand words. This is why we have combined different type of charts which allow you to track and see how your campaigns performed with just a peak. We have also added a ton of time frame filtrations so you can track performance by days, weeks, months or a period that you set up.

    Every Text Message Shows Its Origin: To make full use of SMSBump we recommend you to use it both for Text Marketing and Automation. In the general Analytics tab you will find an overview of all your messages. Unlike other apps which only allow notifications or text marketing SMSBump has got it all. To make use of the full arsenal of the app, you will be able to find the campaign or automation that each messages was part of. Want more info? Just click on the link and you will be redirected to view how the campaign is performing. It is that simple.

    Customizable Subscription Form: SMSBump comes with an editable opt-in form that you can include in your Shopify store and start collecting even more phone numbers. We know that there might be people or bots who enter a lot of numbers, and so in order to keep your list clean we have added a number verification text message.

    Have an improvement idea?: Loving the app but we don't have just that small feature that you need? Reach out to us at sales@smsbump.com or at mike@smsbump.com and we would be happy to talk about your needs.

    We are US carrier approved

    All marketing messages sent to the USA are sent via a carrier-approved marketing shortcode. This means we will override (not display) the number you register with.

    All US text notifications are sent via an approved Toll-Free number. This means we will override (not display) the number you register with.

    If Clients want to unsubscribe they need to text STOP or OPTOUT. If they want to subscribe again, they need to text OPTIN. For more options they can reply with HELP.

    For the US all recipient messages are part of the recipient bundle and are not charged additionally.

    UK market approved

    We are UK carrier approved sender, which means that you can use an Alphanumeric Sender ID. This means that instead of your number you can use your business name as a FROM. This is great for marketing purposes and brand establishment.

    Please mind that there is a limit as to how many symbols you can use in the FROM field.

    The Custom FROM works only if you subscribe to Subscription plans.

    Indian market approved

    We have registered with Indian authorities as a registered Sender and fully comply with Indian Do not call register. All messages will come from our approved Sender ID, which means that we will override your phone number to ensure delivery.

    Global market reach

    With the exception of two countries (North Korea and Somalia), we provide a truly global reach. We have the best routes for sending your text messages and in this way we guarantee the highest delivery rates.

    Every country has specific regulations so some countries will use the phone number you register with for sending the text messages.

    Some countries may override your Sender ID in order to guarantee that the message gets delivered

    Other countries allow you to put your business name as Sender/From (only works on paid plans)

    If you have question about specific countries' regulations please email us at support@smsbump.com

    Our promise

  • We want to help you grow your business using text marketing and text automations.

  • We want to help you install and set up the app

  • We want to listen to your feedback. If you have a great feature we would be happy to implement it

  • We don't charge you for messages we can't deliver

  • We don't charge you for messages sent to landlines

  • We don't charge you if we can't reach a phone number (the person is out of coverage and not connected to a network)

  • We don't charge for installation

  • We don't charge for subscription form placement
  • Hey, thanks for reaching here. We also have a FREE plan so why don't you give us a try?

    SMS Marketing and Automation by SMSBump reviews

    31 reviews
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    What an amazing app!!!

    If you're not using SMS to recover abandoned carts you're dumb. I really didn't think the results will be that good and I did it just for the sake of trying it... (after all, it's 2017 who the hell uses SMS anymore right?)

    Bottom line: 17.89% Conversion Rate from traffic originated in SMS.
    I don't care who you are or what Shopify store you're running but this number is INSANE!!!

    I don't use it for anything else yet but I might use it in the future for flash sales.
    The support team is fast and helpful.

    Highly recommended!


    There are a few Shopify issues with the filtering customers options, that complicate things a bit if you need to segment your lists, but Mike from their support team spent a significant amount of time walking me through some workarounds and importing a CSV list to override the Shopify issue and made sure that we were ready to send our SMS campaigns out for Black Friday.

    Thank you SO much!


    Excellent product with extremely competitive SMS rates. AND you get unmatched customer service. Would definitely recommend this app to anyone who has a phone number list to work from!


    Insanely good customer services allowing us to set up an SMS marketing campaign within 10minutes of our query. Can't recommend highly enough. Looking forward to seeing the Google Analytics results!


    Great App! Works great and the customer service is fantastic. I made a suggestion to Mike about adding a feature where we could test the messages - he took at and in a week it was up and running. Questions and concerns are addressed promptly and the app works perfectly! Couldn't ask for more, highly, highly recommend this app!


    This is the APP we have been looking for!!! Easy to set up and use. And they have excellent customer service. My questions were answered so quickly and they couldn't be any nicer. This is an APP all shops should have!!!


    I am really excited about this APP texting is so much faster and accurate way of marketing than email! I did not have any issues with installation but I did have a request and these guys fixed it right up! I am pleased and excited for this!


    I am very happy with the customer service they have been terrific with the set up and available on messenger to chat at any time. Really looking forward to using this app.


    Great app, I wanted to re-engage past customers having stored their mobile numbers, we got sales in our bricks and mortar store almost immediately and then online sales started to come through.

    Mike is very helpful when setting up the app.

    Highly recommend!


    Their customer service is excellent! I wanted my sign up form to look a certain way on my site, and they corresponded with me back and forth until it was perfect. I didn't have to do anything except allow them access to edit the back-end and they fixed it all for me.

    Free – $35.00 / month

    SMSBump comes in a Pay as you go plan or Premium Plan which is $25 per month.

    US and Canada Pricing as low as $0.0149 per text message. You can view the full pricing at http://smsbump.com/pages/pricing

    Support & Sales

    iSense Ltd.
    +1 617 600 6661
    Get Support


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